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Resurfacing of Old

Chapter 7: Odd Occurrences.

"Someone stole your weapons?" Cloud asked the next morning. After he woke he had stepped out of his tent to find the entire group discussing the apparent theft attempt.

"Yeah." Stratus confirmed. "Some kid named Sophus Xun."

"A kid?" Gale asked out of curiosity.

"Yeah, around Fifteen years old." Stratus nodded.

"No need to discuss this any further." Piper snorted behind them. "It's done with. We should concentrate on the situation at hand."

"I agree." Vincent said, taking a knowing look at Piper. I remember when I was like you.

A few minutes the later and the gang was ready, setting of once again for their destination. Rocket city. The new home of Ranish.


Hour's later, Lance was leading the group up the steep mountain side that seperated them from Rocket city. His eye's keeping check of the area, making sure no monster got too near. A scuffle to his left got his attention and with a quick snap of his wrist a small rodent like created fell dead, blood seeping from it's motionless form.

"You okay?" Stratus asked, stepping up to his friend.


"Just you seem a little edgy." Stratus added.

"I'm fine." Lance looked at Stratus, seeing he didn't believe him he gave in. "Just worried about Luna and Blain. What if they attack again, you know? Whilst were gone."

"Don't worry 'bout that." Stratus said. "Shika is there remember. And Red's kids. They'll keep 'em safe."

"Guess your right." Lance said, turning his attention back to the road ahead.

Not too far from the two, Piper Jardel followed, just in range to hear the conversation that had taken place. Attack whilst where away? he thought. Would they do that? Could I have left Mika in danger?


They reached the top of the mountain just in time to see the sun set on the horizon. Jagged rocks littered the area and the land beneath them was only partially flat, not really ideal for camping. Cloud sighed at this. They had no choice anyway, it wasn't like they could travel at night. It was far too dark and going down hill in the dark wasn't the best idea anyway. He turned to the others.

"We better stop here." He informed.

"One problem Cloud." Barret said in his usual gruff voice. "We can't set up our damn tent's here!"

"I know that but it isn't like we can do anything else." Cloud argued.

"Cloud is correct." Vincent interrupted. "We have no other options."

"Yeah." Yuffie agreed. "Or are you all afraid of the cold?"

"Why you!" Barret grumbled. "Stupid brat! Course I'm not!"

"Hey!" Yuffie complained. "Watch who your callin a Brat old man!"

"Children." Red intoned. "Let's just sit and relax a little."

"It's a wonder they ever beat that Sephiroth guy isn't it." Lance mocked, leaning over to Stratus and Gale, who had been watching the display from afar.

"Huh?" Stratus looked at Lance. "Did you just make a joke?"

"What?" Lance asked. "Can't a guy crack a joke here and there? Besides, I was being serious."

Gale just chuckled to herself and went to sit on a nearby rock, Stratus following after her.

Piper meanwhile watched the scene with disgust.



In the dark, damp cell, somewhere below Rocket City, a certain red haired girl sat curled up in a ball in the corner of her cell. Tears stained her cheeks and the only sound in the dingy cell was her chocked sobs. She just couldn't understand why they were doing this to her. She hadn't even done anything wrong. She never had.

"Why?" she sobbed, the noise barely audible in the dark and dreary room. A loud click jarred her from her despair, followed by a scratching noise as the door was opened. A small recess of light crept into the room, illuminating the dark figure before her, who was encased in the darkness, just like everything else.

"Come with me." he ordered.

"Why!" she said again, this time louder, although her voice was caked with terror.

"Because you are ordered to by your master!" he replied harshly.

"But I didn't do anything!" she pleaded as he stepped forward, grabbing her around the neck and yanking her up to his face.

His freakish blue eye's sent a chill down her spine, the edges seemingly glowing with a tint of green. His lips curled up in a smirk and he threw her roughly against the wall, causing her to hit her head sharply. He stood before her, in a blue Ranish Uniform, save the helmet, which seemed to be missing. Brown hair hung around his eye's in two bangs and was let loose, falling down and stopping short of his neck. The tag on his chest bore the name 'Commander D. Icarus'.

"Come with me or I will end your life right now!" he snarled, stepping aside to let her pass, his hand falling to the hang-gun attached to his leg.

Without another thought she nodded and stepped forward, shaking with fear as she walked past him and out the door. The light hurt her eye's, after being in the darkness so much she wasn't used to it. She felt the gun jab into her back and before long she was being pushed down the bright corridor.


A loud roar rang through the air as a group of Behemoths and Dragon's attacked our heroes atop the mountain. Rain was at the blunt of the attack, using his stick to keep the attackers at bay. The attack had come so sudden, everyone was busy either sleeping or relaxing with their eye's closed that they hadn't noticed the Dragon's air raid like arrival. The Behemoths followed shortly after. At the moment Rain was isolated from the rest, drawing closer to the edge as the ground below him grew smaller and smaller every step.

"Someone help!" he yelled, afraid for his life at this point.

Piper heard the cry but was too busy with the five Dragon's that had seemingly targeted him. He slashed one across its belly as he ran under it's legs, spilling out it'd insides as he went. The beast crashed to the ground behind him as another Dragon swooped down. He jumped back, landing on the back of the fallen Dragon and swinging the Oblivion in an Arc, taking out the attacking Dragon and one that was creeping up behind him. Two left.

Stratus was in a similar situation, surrounded by three Behemoths, their scaled purple skin clashing with flawing white locks of hair. Stratus's Ultimate Buster was wrapped in said locks, which strangely enough where tougher than they looked. Stratus pulled and pulled but found it was useless against the hair and eventually the sword was pulled from his grip and sent spiraling into the air.

"Shit!" Stratus hissed as a huge purple foot was dropped onto him, narrowly missing as he back flipped of the way. Stratus leapt into the air, aiming a boot at the Behemoths head. He hit it square in the face but only caused it to flinch slightly. He jumped back and landed on his feet, crouching. Now what? he thought. His face brightened and he raised his hand, showing of his brand new Bangle, which to his luck contained his contain Materia. With a huge burst of flames the three Behemoths disappeared. He walked over to his sword and quickly retreated it from its slot in the ground.

Meanwhile Vincent, Lance and Barret had took up position by a nearby rock, hiding behind it and occasionally bombarding the Behemoths and Dragons with gunfire.

"Damn this to hell!" Lance grunted, firing of a round.

"This is very strange indeed." Vincent thought aloud.

"What's that?" Barret asked over the dim of his gunfire.

"These fiends." Vincent began. "They are attacking us together. As a team."

"And?" Lance filled in for Barret as he popped his head over the rock and took out another Dragon.

Suddenly a Red blur flew past, and Red stood before them, looking a little worse for wear. His fur tangled around and sticking out in odd angles.

"I couldn't help but over hear your comment Vincent." Red said after a few huffed breaths. "I came to the same conclusion. It's as if they are being told to attack us."

"Think so?" Lance asked.

"Indeed I do Lance. And that thought scares me."

Meanwhile, Yuffie and Gale had teamed up to take out the Behemoths, hurling balls of fire and icicles at the attacking beasts. Gale dodged to the left as a Behemoth fired out a beam of burning energy, which narrowly missed her. She retaliated, flinging her Boomerang into it's head, causing it to collapses to the ground, blood spurting forth from the wound as she pulled the weapon free.

Yuffie yelped, her foot getting caught in a web of hair before she felt the ground below her slip away as she was tugged of her feet and raised into the air. She grabbed at the locks of white glowing hair that had wrapped around her ankle, in an attempt to free herself. Her attempt's where futile however and soon she was flung into a nearby wall, hitting her head on the hard surface before falling forward. She clutched the back of her head, feeling the blood seeping out.

With a roar she threw up her arms and a bright light lit up the area, blinding the attacking Behemoth momentarily. When the light cleared the beast roared in return and ran forward, aiming a hard soled foot at her. She rolled out the way as the rock behind her crumbled under the pressure of the huge foot. The Behemoth turned and snarled at her, almost smirking.

"You might want to check your gut you ugly freakin' monster!" Yuffie shouted. The Behemoth's smirk turned into a frown before it finally looked down, seeing a huge gaping hole where his belly had once been. The beast cried, as the pain finally came and collapsed to the ground, dead.


Rain tried to keep the Dragon's at bay but couldn't do for much longer, his feet teetering on the edge.

"Damn!" he cursed as his feet were pushed back even further. The rock's crumbled under the pressure and caused him to tumble backwards. He screamed in horror and reached out frantically, trying to take hold of something. His hand found the horn of a Dragon and he grasped it firmly, his body hanging in mid air now as the Dragon flew around. With a 'huff' he pulled himself onto the beast back, holding it's horns so he wouldn't fall as the Dragon twisted in mid air.

Lance saw his plight and took aim with his handgun, which he kept holstered behind his back for emergencies. With a loud click the bullet flew forth and hit the creature right between the eyes, sending it crashing to the ground.

The ground tore up beneath it as it scraped across the land, jerking Rain every which way until he finally toppled forward and landed on face first in the dirt by Cloud, Tifa and Cid.

"Glad you could join us." Cloud said as he caught sight of the man, spitting out the dirt that had gotten into his mouth.

"Where you fuckin' been boy!" Cid exclaimed, helping his son up.

It didn't take long for the rest of the Dragons and Behemoths to fall and soon the group where back resting, some still pondering the odd attack that had just taken place. The night gave way to morning and soon the group began their long trek to Rocket City once again, unaware of what awaited them in the transformed city and of the dangers they would face.


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