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Beyond Measure

Chapter 1 – Baby, It's Cold Outside

The heavy clouds hung low, blanketing the sky in a dark gray, and filling the air with the fresh smell of rain. Outside the shuttered windows, droplets of rain splattered against the clear glass panes, flattening as they made contact with the smooth surface, then slowly trickling down, out of sight. It wasn't a hard rain, rather it was soothing. The soft steady cadence of the splattering droplets created a soft rhythm. Overhead, the same storm pelted the roof.

Down below, the once loose, sienna-colored soil had turned into a dark swirl of burnt copper, the occasional hint of gray streaking through the thick mixture. The constant crash of the ocean waves against the rocks far below the house drifted up along the craggy precipice, creating an eerie symphony of sound.

Although a cacophony was raging beyond the thick glass panes, inside the house, in an upper bedroom, the view was an altogether different sight.

Illuminated by the soft glow of the fire flickering in a small hearth, two bodies lay nestled together, burrowed under a heavy patchwork quilt, both radiating warmth. The echo of raindrops filled the room. It was calming, and Amelia had never felt so content in her life.

She listened raptly, in quiet wonder of the sounds surrounding her, and was once again reminded of how being here was a soothing balm to her soul.

Coming here was like finding refuge. She felt safe. No matter how hard the storms battered her physically and weathered her soul, she knew she could always seek shelter. Worries could be laid aside and, for a few brief moments, she could forget everything that weighed down upon her. She didn't have to worry. God knew Delbert worried enough for the both of them. He often worried even when there was nothing to be worried about. She sometimes thought he took secret pleasure in fretting over her, making certain things were absolutely perfect, nothing out of place, everything done exactly to her liking. It was a bit overwhelming at times.

Still, the attention, nay devotion, was wonderful, she decided as she affectionately traced the outline of one floppy ear – a gesture that didn't set well with the sleeping canid. He growled slightly and removed a hand from beneath the covers to swat at the annoyance, causing Amelia to smile. He was adorable. But the temptation to tease him was too irresistible, so she leaned closer and blew softly against the back of his ear. This earned another growl, slightly louder this time and a rapid twitching of the offended ear. A moment passed, and then another breath against his very prominent nose.

"It's in your best interest to cease this line of action," he warned, never opening his eyes.

"Mmm, should I really?" Amelia purred softly. "It is almost 10 o'clock, you realize. Well past the hour you should have been up."

"I'm not a spacer. I don't keep absurd hours like you."

Amelia sniffed, slightly offended. "Oh no, of course you don't. Staying well up into the wee hours of the morning to pore over star charts. That's not absurd at all."

There was no reply.

"Doctor?" She scooted closer and trailed her hand beneath the patchwork quilt, resting it softly against his chest and running her fingers through his dark fur. "Honestly Delbert, you should get out of bed."

"Go back to sleep, Amelia."

"I could order you out of bed."

"We're not on the Legacy, darling. Go. To. Sleep."

"You're absolutely no fun at all, Delbert Doppler."

He frowned, eyes still closed. "That's not what you last night, but – oopf!"

Amelia gave him a well-earned smack against his upper arm. "Pursue that line of thought, sir, and I shall promptly leave."

There was silence for a moment before Delbert ventured, "Would that allow me to sleep in peace?"

"Very well, Doctor. I shall see you tomorrow." A pause and then, "Perhaps. I may be too busy with the Legacy," Amelia informed him, her green eyes narrowing to small slits. She pushed the quilt aside and made to leave the bed. But just as her bare feet touched the varnished hardwood floor, Delbert snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her, rather unceremoniously, back in to the bed and up against him.

"I think not," he yawned lazily.

Amelia smiled, amused at their bedroom banter, a lovely byproduct of the wonderful relationship she shared with this exasperating man. As much as she enjoyed being in command, she took secret delight in how forceful Delbert could be at times. Polar opposites, they complemented one another beyond measure. She couldn't imagine any two people being more suited for each other.

Where she was sharp and quick-witted, he was bumbling and academic. Her steel captain's façade was tempered by his patience and willingness to see beyond the stern exterior. She required an impeccable environment. He was a self-admitted slob. But the give-and-take nature of their relationship worked. And it worked well.

"I need someone to keep me warm, and seeing as you're the only available female, I suppose I'll have to make do with you," he murmured as he pulled her closer to him and turned so that his chest was pressed against her back.

"Aren't we a touch self confident this morning," Amelia scoffed. "You have women coming to and fro from your bed, do you?"

But she didn't mind, not really. Last night had been rather … ahem … fun, and it was exactly what she'd needed after carrying out her last tedious mission – ferrying a Draconian delegation clear across the Etherium and back. She detested being a courier service and even more so when the cargo was a handful of self-inflated, egotistical annoying bureaucrats.

Thank God for her new first mate. Lightoller was a good spacer, and though he would never be able to replace Mr. Arrow, he was efficient at a good many things. More importantly, he excelled in one particular area that Amelia held most dear – keeping pesky civilians out of her presence. He'd done a bang-up job, the best one could expect in these trying circumstances, and the Draconians were extremely trying. Nevertheless, she'd still managed to come home exasperated and exhausted – never a good combination, especially when concerning her.

Delbert, with his never-ending patience and incredible foresight, had a hot bath already drawn and waiting for her the moment she walked through his door. Although she normally hated spending any extended amount of time in water, she was grateful for the tender gesture, and more than a little amused at the mind-boggling number of candles perched on the windowsills and every available counter space.

After indulging in the quick bath, she'd slipped into the comfortable, oversized terry cloth robe he'd laid out for her and headed downstairs to find a simple, but filling, dinner awaiting her. Polite manners shelved for the moment, she dove into the meal with gusto, it having been quite a while since she'd last enjoyed home-cooked fare. Their conversation was non-existent until the last morsel of food had been eaten and they'd retired to his den, nestling close together on his overstuffed couch situated in front of a crackling fire.

He'd listened patiently as she regaled him with a detailed account of her voyage and smiled in amusement at her frustration with her passengers. Amelia was a top-notch spacer, but her patience with delegates left something to be desired, at times.

When she'd finally finished, he simply smiled and asked if she had anything else to share with him. At her puzzled no, he'd scooped her up in his arms, ignoring her laughing and squeals of protest to put her down, spiriting her away to his bedroom and locking the door behind him.

She smiled in remembrance. Delbert knew exactly how to relieve her stress. She stretched and extended her arms while arching her back. Doppler opened his eyes a bit and yawned. "Comfortable?"

"I am very content."

"Good. You of all people deserve to be." He nuzzled the back of her neck. "How long can you stay?"

"How long do you want me to stay?"

There was no hesitation in his reply. "Forever."

"Well, the Royal Navy might have a bit of problem with that, darling," she quipped.

"How long?" he prodded.

Amelia frowned. He was not going to like her reply. She'd received word shortly before returning that her services would be required upon her return to port.

"I'm not certain."

"Not certain? What exactly does that mean?"

"Well, it means exactly that. They told me they'd need me upon my return to port, but they didn't quite specify when."

"I see."

Amelia tilted her head to study his profile. "Do you?"

Delbert let his eyes fall shut again and tightened the arm around her waist.

"Sleep," he murmured.

She scoffed. "I am not going to sleep. We have things to do."

He shrugged and closed his eyes. "Fine by me. Do your things. I'll be here – sleeping – when you get done."

Amelia shook her head. He really was worse than a child. Best to nip this in the bud before he had a chance to fall back in to his peaceful slumber. But before she had a moment to plot a course of action, the silence was shattered by the deep, hollow sound of Delbert's doorbell.

The bell echoed throughout his home, bouncing off each wall as it carried through the corridor and up to his bedroom.

"Blast!" Delbert cursed softly. "Who in their right mind would disturb anyone this early and on a day such as this?"

"It's fate, darling," Amelia purred. "She knew I needed a hand in getting you out of bed."

"Ha ha. Very funny." He shivered as he retreated from his warm haven and pulled on a dark robe. "Whoever it is, they'd better have a stupendous reason for being here so early. That's all I have to say about the matter."

Amelia nodded her head smartly. "Good for you, Delbert. Take a stand," she encouraged him, all the while trying to keep a smile from tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Delbert sighed. "Where does this endless well of sarcasm spring from?"

"Oh, it's not an endless well, darling," Amelia assured him. "I subscribe to it monthly." She gave him her most dazzling smile.

"Ah I see." He laughed and then listened as the bell sounded once more. "Well, I best suppose we ought to see what they want.

"It must be important. After all, as you said, who would venture out on a day like this?" Amelia told him.

"If we must," he sighed.

Amelia laughed and took his arm, guiding him to the bedroom door. "Yes, Delbert. We must."