Very short drabble, loosely based on my other fic, 'Reflections', but also a stand-alone.

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.In Pieces.

There was a look of utter shock on her face, I remember that.  Tears pouring down her cheeks in a shining, crystalline line.  And I remember thinking, god, she's so beautiful.  Even now.  I knew there was pain, but I was certain I could steal if from her heart and she would forget.

I, as worldly as I was, was so naïve.  She never forgot.  And she never forgave...

"Don't you understand," she once said to me, "I love you, but I hate you, too.  And that love makes the hate so much worse..."

But I never hated her.  Never.  Many have called me a fool for that.  Let them, I no longer care.  It's true, but not for the reasons they think.

I loved a woman, but because she would not love me in return, I destroyed her.  I thought that I would recreate her from the pieces that were left, but I never quite found them all...


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