This story will get very dark before it gets light.  It is also a very unusual style for me because it's told like it's a series of snapshots.  If I ever get to the end, you'll see why. ^_^

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Purity from Poison


The choices we make, great or small, effect the course of our lives and countless, nameless others.  It might help to think of time as a ribbon that knots and loops.  Steady in its design, one beginning, one end, though occasionally it will fold back in on itself.  But, while it is steady in one respect, it is unpredictable in another.  Weaker threads and frayed edges, tangles that only tighten as the ribbon twists.  It flows only one way, though its many turns can give it the illusion of doubling-back or over-lapping.

But there are ways to move against the current, to sever older threads or weave together new ones.  To do so comes at great risk.  Each step or misstep may alter the entire course.  Lives rise and fall—it is not a game.  That said, there is something you must know about me.

I am my father's child.

And I do what I want regardless of the consequences.

Should I tell you about my father?

Knowing my father will define my mother, as I knew her.  So, perhaps that is where I should start.

My father a King.  Ruler of a mighty and unjust empire.  I can speak ill of my home since I am most intimate with it.  But that is a position, and it does not explain him.  The inner workings of my father, how am I to know?  Who can piece together the unique threads of another's psyche?  I can only tell you what he has told me, and the conclusions that I bring.  Be they right or wrong.

My father loved my mother, though some would call it obsession.  And so it was, but love nonetheless.  Cruelty runs deep in my family lines—just as deep as beauty.  And the only thing worse than a cruel beauty is a lying one.  Lies and I are no stranger.  Though I will strive to speak only truth here.

My father was cruel and beautiful, and a liar as well, though he understood the machinations of love.  My mother, I think, never did.  Through no fault of her own.  You see, I speak of my father's cruelty because it is so evident early on.

Obsession.  Love.  Intense desire.

To describe the entire detail of my parent's strange courtship would be a whirlwind of confusion, passion, and despair.  Though my father knew love, he never fully understood the ways in which one should go about it.  If you can imagine, for a moment, my mother and father as two separate worlds complete and whole unto themselves.  In the event of bringing two such worlds together, the path between must be strong and carefully chosen to avoid collision.  Both must act in agreement because building a way across becomes useless if one or the other never opens its gates.

Impulsive he was, is, has always been.  Filled with delusions of his own power.  And impatient.  My mother was strong-willed, to earn my father's love she had to be.  Even when broken, she found a way to take back her own.

I do not hate my mother or my father.  They are both victims of themselves and each other.  My father destroyed my mother's life, her world...

And had it ended there, I might hate him.

But mother built another world---one that destroyed him.


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