Disclaimer: I do not own any of Teen Titans. This story is just a work from a poor (REALLY POOR) fan of the series. I am making no money off of it, and don't plan to.

This is the beginning of Part 2 of "Two Birds and a Burning Sun". Takes place immediately after the Part 1. Despite that fact that I'm an admitted Raven/Robin fan, the first part of Part 2 will have a lot of Starfire/Robin fluff. If I'm not careful, it could end up as a Starfire/Robin fic.

Short recap: Starfire wants Robin. During Valentine's Day, Starfire tries to give a gift to Robin, but Raven beat her to it. Beast Boy fell in love with himself. The Titans then fight people working for Slade. Raven dates Robin. Starfire interferes, gets a date with Robin. Raven and Starfire's fight each other for Robin. More fights with bad guys. Slade clones the Teen Titans. Team fights Slade's clone. The clones lose. Slade gets away.

Now on to Part 2...

~Titan Tower~

Starfire and Raven are in Dreamland.

Starfire's POV "Oh Robin, I am the one you love?" Starfire looks into Robin's eyes. "You love me over that emotionless Klor-Back?"

"Yes Starfire. I always wanted to be your prince." Robin smiles at Starfire. "You make my life great. Raven, as much as I like her as a friend, her lack of emotions is not for me. I want someone who is always happy, kind, and who makes the best Glorick Spice Soup in the universe!"

"Oh Robin!" Starfire's eyes sparkle. Starfire frowns as she thought of something. "But what if my parents don't approve. I am a princess..."

"Doesn't matter. No matter what bad things happen with us, we will get through it together." Robin gets closer to Starfire. "Even if your parents are mean, I won't let that stop us being together."

"Oh Robin!" Starfire's brightens.

Raven's POV "Robin. It's so nice to see you." Raven gives a faint smile at Robin.

"Yes Raven, its nice to see you." Robin smiles at Raven.

"You're not with Starfire?" Raven looks into Robin's eyes.

"No. I like her as a friend. But her hyper happy ditzy attitude can get annoying." Robin turns to Raven. "The one I love is you Raven."

"Me? But Robin, my emotions..." Raven looks away from Robin.

Robin comes face to face with Raven. "Doesn't matter. Whatever challenge pop up, we'll do it together. I love you Raven."

"Oh Robin!"

Starfire's POV

"Oh Robin!"

Raven's POV

Raven and Robin come in to a kiss.

Starfire's POV

Starfire and Robin come into a kiss.

General POV



Starfire and Raven are on the couch kissing each other. Their eyes are still closed. Robin had gotten up and went to his room. This left Starfire and Raven sleeping on the couch.

Starfire and Raven open their eyes. Once they realize what was happening...

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Starfire and Raven scream. Starfire and Raven separated. Raven and Starfire are on the opposite side of the couch.

Raven whips her mouth with her arm.

Starfire is brushing her tongue with her hands.

Raven grabs a bottle of mouthwash, puts some in her mouth, gurgles it, and spits it out behind the couch.

Starfire is snaking around in circles on the floor. Her tongue is being dragged on the floor.

Raven downs the rest of the mouthwash, swishes it around, and spits it out behind the couch.

Starfire is at the sink, with her mouth wide open, and destroys it, causing a mini-flood in the main room.

A huge wave washes over where Raven is. As the water clears, Starfire and Raven are back on opposite sides of the couch, their arms are crossed, and they are soaking wet.

After a few moments of silence...

Starfire puts her hands on her cheeks, looks up into the air, and speaks, "My first kiss is ruined by a Klor-Back."

"You're not exactly my idea of a first kiss either Starfire." Raven frowns slightly.

Cyborg walks in. "Hey girls!" Cyborg looks around. "Whoa, what happened here?"

"Nothing." Raven and Starfire say in unison. Raven and Starfire have a disgruntled expression on their faces. More so Starfire then Raven.

"Ooooookay." Cyborg gives nervous smiles and backs off. "I think I'll leave it at that."

-After a relatively uneventful breakfast, with Robin being squished by Raven and Starfire, Beast Boy still admiring himself with a handheld mirror, and Cyborg, being Cyborg, they go their separate ways. Robin goes off to catch up on research, Cyborg is working on his car, Beast Boy is in his room, and Starfire is somewhere in the tower. Raven is searching for Robin.

Raven looks around. 'Where's Robin? I have to go see him.' Raven goes up to Cyborg. "Cyborg?"

"Yes Raven?" Cyborg comments while working on his car.

"Have you seen Robin?" Raven asks in her monotone voice.

"I think he is with Beast Boy. Check his room to see if he is there." Cyborg continues to work on his car.

"Okay Cyborg." Raven walks off.

Starfire pops her head up next to Cyborg. Cyborg gives the thumbs up to Starfire. Starfire smiles.

~Beast Boy's Room~

"Beast Boy?" Raven asks as she enters his room.

"Yeah Raven?" Beast Boy is on his bed, looking at a poster of himself on the ceiling.

"Have you seen Robin?" Raven asks in her monotone voice.

"He just left a few minutes ago." Beast Boy moves his head so that he could see Raven.

"Oh." Raven turns around to leave. The door closes and a clicking sound is heard. 'Oh no.' Raven's eyes narrow.

~Main Room~

"I still don't know who I care more." Robin is holding on his chin. "What do you suggest Cyborg?"

"Let me think." Cyborg thinks for a little. "The only thing I can think, just continue to get to know them better." Cyborg looks out the window. "Why not take one of them out for a picnic today? Today's a nice day."

Robin looks out the window. "I guess. But which one?"

Starfire flies into the room. "Hi Robin!"

Robin looks up at Starfire. "Um. Starfire. Want to have a picnic together?"

Starfire looks at Robin. "What is a picnic?"

"It's, um, having lunch in the park." Robin tries to explain to what a picnic is to Starfire.

Starfire blinks. "Didn't we already do that?"

Robin thinks back. "Yeah we did, didn't we? But this time, how about just the two of us?"

Starfire's eyes widen. A huge smile appears on her face. "YES Robin, I accept your proposition!"

"Okay, let me get ready for the picnic." Robin goes into the kitchen to prepare for the picnic.

Cyborg smiles. 'Hope Raven doesn't get too mad...'

~Beast Boy's Room~

Raven's power is unable to break down the door. "What did Starfire do to this door?"

Beast Boy walks up to Raven. "Sorry Raven. The windows locked too."

"Just great." Raven crosses her arms.

Beast Boy looks around. "Well...I guess its just you," Beast Boy walks up to his mirror and brushes his hair and smiles. "Me," Beast Boy walks up next to Raven. Beast Boy is about to put his arm around Raven. "And m..."

"Touch me, and your REAL head will be decorating the wall." Raven says only slightly elevated from her monotone voice.

"Hehehe." Beast Boy gives a nervous laugh and backs away from Raven.


Starfire and Robin arrive at the park. Robin is carrying a basket full of food, and a blanket. Robin places the blanket on the ground. Robin sits on the ground.

"We are not sitting at the tables Robin?" Starfire asked noting that Robin is nowhere near the table like last time they had a 'picnic'.

"Not this time Starfire." Robin smiles. "Besides, this location is much more 'private'."

Starfire smile gets even bigger. "Oh Robin." Starfire hugs Robin.

Robin blushes. "Thanks Star. Um. Want to eat now?"

"Okay!" Starfire and Robin sit down and have a lunch.

"Um. Robin..." Starfire looks anxious. "How come you didn't get me when Raven locked me in the closet."

Robin panics. "Well, um. You see...um." Robin concedes. "I'm sorry Starfire. You see, Raven...you know...this whole situation..."

Starfire looks disappointed, but smiles again. "That's okay Robin. I forgive you. Besides, Raven is getting her punishment right now."

"Oh no." Robin looks at Starfire. "What did you do?"

Starfire has an innocent expression. "Nothing bad. I just locked her in with Beast Boy. Hehehe."

"Beast Boy huh?" Robin thinks a little. "Well, I guess that's okay. What harm will this do? Its just Beast Boy..."

~Beast Boy's Room~

"Well, since I'm stuck here, I guess the only thing I can do is meditate until Starfire, Robin, or Cyborg releases me from this prison." Raven gets into a meditating position. She closes her eyes and prepares to meditate. "Azerath, Metrio..." Raven stops as music is playing.

Beast Boy does a little dance. Beast Boy grabs a stick.

Raven opens her right now and stares in Beast Boy's direction.

Beast Boy is singing. "Wild thing! DadadaDA. You MAKE my heart sing! DadadaDA." Beast Boy is singing in front of a mirror.

Raven covers her ears and contorts as if she is in pain.


Starfire and Robin are eating a sandwich. "This assortment of numerous kinds of food is really good Robin!"

"Um. Yeah Star." Robin takes a bite of his sandwich. "It's called a sandwich by the way."

"Sandwich. Okay!" Starfire beams. Starfire grabs a bottle of mustard.

Robin panics. "Um. Star. Try this instead." Robin gives Starfire a soda. "It's a much better drink then mustard. Trust me." Robin smiles.

"If you say so Robin." Star drinks the soda. "Mmmmm. You're right Robin. It is better then mustard. Bubbly too."

Robin smiles. "Well, I guess we can start on the pie now."

"I guess so. I guess it is good. The small six legged beings are certainly enjoying it!" Starfire smiles.

"Six legged...oh no." Robin grabs the pie and brushes the ants away. "Guess the pie is ruined now."

"Why is it ruined?" Starfire asked confused.

"Well, you see, the ants..." Robin looks, and notices that Starfire is eating the pie. "Um."

"Taste fine to me." Starfire eats more of the pie.

Robin sweat drops.

~Beast Boy's Room~

"I'M hot TONIGHT! WhooooOOOOOO!" Beast Boy finishes another song.

Raven is shaking, her hands on her ears. Her eyes are closed. Raven drops her head. "Grrrrrreeeeeeeeeee..."

There is a moment of silence.

Raven opens one eye. "Is it over?" Raven looks around. Beast Boy is walking around. Raven waits a few more second, and there is still no music. "Finally..." Raven gets back into her meditating state. She is getting ready to start when...music starts playing. 'NO!'

"I love Myself, I want you to LOVE Me." Beast Boy is signing to the mirror. "When I'M feeling down, I want YOU above ME!" Beast Boy is doing his version of Divinyls' song, I Touch Myself. "I search myself, I want you to remind ME! I forgot MYSELF, I want you to remind mmmmmeeeeeEEEEEEEE!"

Raven is back, contorting. Her hands are back on her ears. Raven moves her hands off of her ears. Her hands are closed in a fist. Her eyes are on fire. "Grrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee."


After Robin and Starfire finish their lunch, Starfire shoots Robin with a water gun.

"Hehehe." Starfire giggles.

"Star?" Robin is all wet.

"Well, I heard that this weapon is harmless, and is actually fun to use." Starfire shoots Robin again. "I guess it is fun."

Robin has a devious smile on his face. "So, want to play this game?" Robin grabs a water gun and shoots Starfire.

Slade is in the shadows behind a tree. He is watching both Robin and Starfire chase each other with water guns.

"This is most interesting. Last time I saw Robin with someone, it was with that half-demon. Now, he is with this alien girl. This could be useful in the future." Slade rubs his chin. "In the meantime..." Slade takes out a communicator. "Terra, are you in place?"

"Not yet Slade. But I'm almost there." Terra says.


Robin and Starfire are out of breath.

"Oh Robin." Starfire breathes out.

Robin looks up at Starfire, all wet. "That reminds me, what happened to you this morning?"

Starfire frowns. "You do not need to know that information."

Robin gives a nervous expression. "I guess I don't. Hehehe."

~Beast Boy's Room~

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos." Raven is meditating. Her eyes are closed.

Beast Boy is bound in duct tape, clothing, whatever Raven could find in Beast Boys Room. Beast Boy is about to change into an elephant to break free.

"Do you think I was kidding when I said that your REAL head will decorate the wall?" Raven opens her right eye and stares at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy wisely stays in his human form.

Raven closes her eye, and continues her meditation. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos."


Robin and Starfire are resting on the grass. Robin is lying on the grass, with his hands holding the back of his head. Starfire is imitating Robin.

"This has been a fun day." Robin starts to fall asleep.

"Yes. It has been. Robin." Starfire looks up into the sky. She then looks at Robin. "Robin?" Robin is sleeping. 'Here's my chance. No Raven. No interference! I can have a real kiss now.' Starfire leans in on Robin. Her lips met Robins. 'This is nice.'

Robin wakes up. Robin's eyes wide. The feel of Starfire's lips stuns him. 'Starfire?'

Starfire notices that Robin is awake. Starfire separates slightly from Robin. "Robin?"

"Star?" Robin looks at Starfire.

"Robin I...I...I love you Robin!" Starfire blushes.

'Starfire just...' Robin is stunned by Starfire's admission. Though he wasn't surprised by the fact that Starfire liked him, he didn't expect her to actually say she 'love' him like this. "Starfire, I..." 'But do I love Starfire?' Robin is sweating.

Starfire puts a finger to Robin's lips. "Its okay Robin. You don't have to answer now." Starfire smiles.

Robin smiles at Starfire. Starfire's comment however, still doesn't give Robin any ease. 'What am I going to do?'

~Titan Tower~

Robin and Starfire return to the tower.

"I had a lovely time Robin." Starfire gives a seductive smile to Robin.

"Yeah. So did I." Robin nervously looks at Starfire.

"Well, looks like that went well." Cyborg smiles at the couple. "Now, lets see how Raven is doing." Cyborg unlocks the door. The door falls on Cyborg as Raven forces the door to collapse by using her powers. Raven walks out and encounters Starfire.

"Hello Raven." Starfire smiles. "How was your time with Beast Boy?"

Raven's eye narrow. "I'll give you a hint Star." Raven uses her power and throws Beast Boy's stereo at Starfire. The stereo hits Starfire's head.

"OWWWWWW!" Starfire recovers. Her eyes are now glowing. "Grrrrrrr!" Starfire launches a few Starbolts at Raven.

Beast Boy exits his room. Beast Boy gets on his knees. He places his left hand on his head, and his right is extended in front of him. "My stereo! NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Random explosions are heard as Raven and Starfire fight each other.

Cyborg gets up. "Um. Beast Boy, I can just get you another one."

Beast Boy gets up. "I know!" Beast Boy puts his hands on his hips. "I just wanted to add a little more drama in my life."

Robin turns to Beast Boy, "Beast Boy, I envy you."

Raven is throwing a number of tiles at Starfire when the ground started to shake.

Cyborg and Robin look around. Starfire and Raven stop their fighting. They too look around as the ground is shaking.

Beast Boy's eyes widen. "Terra?"

------Chapter 1 of Part 2 is done

Have to give credit to where credit is due. I will admit Raven throwing the radio...I got the idea from way2beme's review. Since Raven's pain was due to the stereo. Having her throw it, seemed like a good idea.

Got to be careful. I'm almost tempted to make this a Starfire/Robin fic despite the fact that I'm a diehard Raven/Robin fan. Wait, if I'm a diehard Raven/Robin fan, how the heck can this be a Starfire/Robin fic?

Starfire comes in: SimmyC, can I talk to you?

SimmyC: Sure Starfire.

Starfire leads SimmyC into a room. After 30 minutes...

SimmyC: Okay, I guess this fic WILL be a Starfire/Robin fic.

Starfire: YES!

Raven enters.

Raven: What?! I thought you were a Raven/Robin fan?!

SimmyC: Well, you know, Starfire and Robin are like, um, meant to be together.

SimmyC scratches the back of his head.

SimmyC: I could get rid of Terra so that you could be with Beast Boy.

Raven's eyes are on fire.

SimmyC: And you see, Starfire promised bodily harm if I didn't make this fic a Starfire/Robin fic.

Raven: So, you want bodily harm?

Raven uses her power to throw a microwave at SimmyC. The microwave shatters as it hits SimmyC's head. SimmyC is dazed. Two birds are flying circles over SimmyC.

SimmyC: I guess...this fic is a Raven/Robin fic then.

Starfire flies next to Raven.


Raven: And what were you doing?

Starfire crosses her arms, turns away from Raven, and points her head up into the air.

Starfire: Simply nudging SimmyC into the correct direction.

Raven: Nudging huh? I'll show you nudging.

Raven lunges at Starfire. Raven and Starfire are fighting.

Next Chapter...expect...haven't a clue. I'll figure out the events eventually. Right now, I'm just glad I finished this chapter. Until next time...bye!