-This is Chapter 16, or more appropriately, Part 2 of Chapter 15, Slade's Attack 6. Since I'm tired of naming them Slade Attacks, I'm calling this, End Game! Since I'm not going to bore you with a long Author Notes Rant, on with the story!
Slade's Hideout – Control Room

"He's tough as he is ugly!" Speedy commented as he picked up his bow and arrow that he found on a nearby table. Lucky for Speedy, Slade didn't destroy his equipment. He probably assumed that he would save them, for the time being at least, as a kind of torture where he was so close, yet so far away from his own equipment. Apparently Slade never planned on them being saved!

Robin knelt down as he brought out an exploding disc. "If we all fight together, we can take him down!"

The Titans and all the heroes surrounded Ternion in anticipation of its first move.

Ternion, with its many eyes, eyed one side of the room, to the other. Suddenly, he made its move. He stretched his arms out, and shot his electrified sludge arms at the heroes.

"Titans, GO!" Robin yelled as he ducked out of the way from the first blast from Ternion.

Starfire started blasting Ternion with her starbolts. She ducked and rolled as Ternion started firing parts of himself at her. Unfortunately, she was a bit too slow when she found herself struck in the face with the smelly disgusting sludge.

Beast Boy was also avoiding electrified sludge. He changed from a number of animals of varying sizes. The hope being that he would get close enough to strike back. Wasn't quite working as he was only advancing a few inches closer. Then, he made the mistake of changing into a big dog, and he was slammed by an incoming sludge. "AHHHHHHHH!" Beast Boy rolled backwards towards the wall. He looked and smelled himself. "Ew! Not only does it smell of sewage, it smells like COOKED sewage!"

Wilderbeast tried charging Ternion, but was instantly swept away by its long arms. He found himself crashing into the wall.

Speedy got behind a column and waited. He could hear the splattering sound of Ternion's attack hitting the column. After what seemed like a quite period, he turned around the column and fired an exploding arrow at him.

BOOM! The exploding arrow hits causing a massive hole in its center! But the hole quickly filled back.

"ROOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!" Ternion yelled. He then swapped another group of heroes, taking Hot Spot and Aqualad to the ground.

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven, with her telekinetic powers, took a huge box and slammed it at Ternion.

Ternion took up his fist and bashed the box. The box shattered into pieces.

Robin got behind a column that was still standing. "This guy is tough!"

"Told ya!" Speedy said, who was still standing behind the next column over.

"But even he can't take us all at the same time!" Robin noted.

"Um, isn't that what we're doing now?" Speedy asked with a raised eyebrow.

Robin shook his head. "I said the SAME time!"

Starfire dropped down next to Robin after wiping off the remaining sludge. "If we joined up at the same time…"

"We can take him down!" Hot Spot said after getting back up.

"Everyone get ready!" Robin yelled. Robin got out his exploding disc.

Speedy readied his exploding arrow.

Hot Spot's hands glowed as he gathered his power around them.

Starfire started to build up her starbolts.

Raven picked up a huge column with her powers.

Beast Boy changed into a ram.

Wilderbeast snorted as he got down on his hind legs.

Aqualad brought his arms up, causing the ground rumble with water.

Batgirl ducked behind an overturned computer console. She took out a few exploding batorangs. "This should do the trick!"

Ternion looked all around. He roared again. "ROARRRRRRRRRR!" He brought his arms out in order to strike the heroes again.

However, it was the moment they had all been waiting for. "NOW!" Robin yelled at the group. He threw his exploding disk at Ternion.

Speedy rounded the column and fired his exploding arrows at him.

Hot Spot shot his massive fireball at him.

Starfire fired her charged up starbolts at him.

Raven slammed him with the column at full force.

Beast Boy and Wilderbeast all rushed him, avoiding Ternion's feeble attacks along the way. They both slammed their bodies at him, and then quickly departed before Ternion retaliated.

Batgirl jumped up quickly and threw her exploding batorangs. She then instantly ducked when she hit the ground in order to avoid any Ternion counterattacks.

All the other heroes' attack slammed into Ternion.

"ROARRRRR!" Ternion was hit by each blast. With the combined force of the attack, Ternion EXPLODES into millions of pieces. This left only a shell of Cinderblock, Plasmus in his human form, sleeping, and Overload's motherboard body all on the ground.

Cinderblock and Overload all moaned. "Uhhhhhhhh…"

Plasmus snored.

"Not so tough now!" Robin grinned at the scene.

The heroes were all about to congratulate themselves when they all felt a rumble.

Raven narrowed her eyes and slowly turned her head towards the source. "Terra." She said in a low threatening tone.

Speedy tumbled out of the way as a massive boulder came inches from where he was standing.

Wilderbeast was not as lucky as a column of rock under him bashed him continuously.

Terra stood, in slight trepidation, next to Slade who had his arms crossed.

"Now I have all the players in front of me!" Slade said in a low and dark voice, with just a slight cheerfulness in it as he knew, he could end it right here.

Streets of Jump City

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cyborg was running down the street at full speed. A column of Trident clones and Slade's robots followed him closely. "I really needed a better Plan B! Heck, a Plan C right now would've been great if I came up with one first!"

Trident clones, who were now under the full control of Slade's computer, were all running towards Cyborg with their tridents. "Your end is near." The Trident clones all said in a computerized voice.

Slade robots were all firing lasers and missiles at the sprinting Cyborg.

Slade's Hideout – Control Room

Raven glared at Terra with murderous eyes. "I don't care if you're being controlled by Slade or not! I will not let you hurt my friends anymore!" She raised her arms up into the air. The nearby boulders glowed black as they were lifted up from the ground. They were all flung towards Terra.

Terra's eyes widened. "I can't…I can't…" Despite her protest however, her body betrayed her as she raised her right arms in order to create a rocky shield in front of her. POW POW POW! Raven's boulders all slammed into the shield. After that threat was over, her left arm was raised and said shield became a column of rock, heading towards Raven.

Raven stood petrified at the incoming column. Her mind told her to move, but her body refused to respond.

"RAVEN!" Robin ran towards her and knocked her out of the way. Along the way, Robin got a piece of the column, sending a sharp pain up his arm. "AH!"

Starfire glared at Raven. 'You did that on purpose did you?'

Batgirl rushed up to Robin who was on the ground. "Are you alright Robbie?"

Robin nursed his arm as he looked up into Batgirl's eyes. "Um…yeah…I'll manage." Robin winced at the pain has his hand moved at where the column hit.

"Don't worry. I have one of Batman's medical kits here." Batgirl bandaged up Robin's arm. "Should be fine till we get out of here."

Robin smiled at Batgirl. "Thanks Batgirl!"

Raven shook off any bit of dizziness that she had due to being knocked to the side. She then smiled as she thought of the person that saved her. "Robin. Oh Rob…" She then looked at said person, who was being cared for by a certain someone she had grown to detest very much. She glared at Batgirl with murderous eyes. 'You just had to be there did you!'

"Um…guys…" Aqualad rolled from side to side as massive boulders flew past him. "I hate to interrupt the chit chat and all but…a little help here?"

Wilderbeast was also avoiding boulders. Suddenly, the ground under him became to massive slabs that clapped him like a fly caught between two hands. After a moment of stunned silence, he fell to the ground unconscious.

Robin lifted his head. He quickly looked at Beast Boy who held some sort of device in his hand, and then back to the other heroes who were fighting Terra. "Everyone! Aim for Slade! He's the one controlling Terra! Leave Terra up to Beast Boy!"

"Very well!" Hot Spot strafed to the side avoiding Terra's spike attacks. His aim, now shifted to Slade, rushed up towards him.

"If you think this is going to work…" Aqualad brought his hands up and crashed a ton of water towards Slade.

Starfire fired bolts towards Slade.

"Nice strategy." Slade said in typical low tone. "But…" He brought his arm up.

At the same time, Terra did the same thing. "No! I must not…"

Starfire's starbolts slammed into boulders, dissipating them.

A column of lava slammed up into Aqualad's incoming wave of lava. This created a thick fog inside the hideout. The lava, when partially cooled, also diverted some of water towards Hotspot. His fireballs were destroyed in an instant.

Beast Boy jumped up from side to side in his rabbit form, avoiding remaining rocks from hitting him. "Terra! I'm here to free you!" Then, he noticed the thick fog all around him. 'Can't see…must rely on sound…'

Slade glared into that direction. "I wouldn't say that little man! Terra is mine!" He said in a possessive voice. He brought his arm up again, with Terra mimicking the same movement. Although he couldn't see where Beast Boy was, he can certainly hear him. And he knew where he was running around.

Unfortunately for Beast Boy, unable to see the next attack greatly affected him. A rocky column SLAMMED into Beast Boy, sending him to the ground in extreme pain. "Uh…" The device he was holding falls out of his hand.

"Now…it seems that to finally sever the past with him, you need to eliminate this…reminder." Slade turned to Terra.

"No…no…no!" Tears streamed down Terra's face. "You can't…you can't make me!"

"Oh, but I will." Slade eyes turned colder as he stared at his ungrateful apprentice.

As the fog started to dissipate, Terra could see Beast Boy's prone body. Terra found her powers were picking up a massive boulder. The boulder quickly hovered over Beast Boy.

Beast Boy slowly raised his head. "Terra…you got to fight it…" He weakly got out as he felt every fiber in his body course with pain.

"Do your duty Terra!" Slade yelled at her.

"I…can't…I…mustn't…" Terra winced as she felt a shockwave go through her.

Robin took out a birdorang. With the fog now completely gone, he raised the birdorang, ready to launch it at Terra. "If I have to…"

Beast Boy reached for the device. "Must…get…to…it…" He tried changing into certain animals in order to reach it. He tried an ape form, except the rocks around him were too confining. Then he tried the snake form. This enabled him to get free from the confinement, but he was having difficulty grabbing a hold of the device that he dropped.

Terra's arm was shaking. "Mustn't…I can't…"

Slade narrowed his eyes at Terra. He was encountering a lot more resistance then he had originally expected. His control over Terra's body seemed to be waning, which was annoying him to no end. "YOU WILL!" Slade said in a low, but very threatening tone.

Terra could feel the electricity course through her body as she continued to resist. "No…no…NO!" She screamed in pain as she sent the boulder hurling towards an area of the control room that, until now was left untouched by anyone.

It was the area where the computer system that kept the Slade robots and Trident clones under control.

"NO!" Slade yelled as he watched the boulder crash into the computer. The computer shattered into millions of pieces with sparks flying everywhere.

Streets of Jump City

Cyborg was still running at full sprint when the Trident clones slowed down their pace, and their red eyes turn back to their normal color of yellow. The robots as well started to slow their pace, before completely shutting off.

Cyborg noticed that the shadows behind him were no longer chasing him. He came to a screeching stop as he turned around to see what was up. "Huh?"

The Trident clones were all looking at each other. "We are free?"

Cyborg grinned. 'Looks like they pulled it through!' "Yup! You're all free to do whatever you want! Slade no longer has any control over you!"

The Trident clones all raised their tridents in their hands, and all yelled in excitement. "We're free! We're now free to take over this world at will!"

Cyborg crossed his arms and grinned. "REALLY?" He 'excitedly' proclaimed. "That's great! Who's leading?"

"I AM!" The Trident clones all said in unison. Suddenly, a big exclamation point appeared above their heads as realization set in.

"Wait…all of you? That can't be right! There can only be one leader right?" Cyborg said sarcastically. He tapped his foot as he posed in a 'thinking' position. "Usually there is only one person leading an army. And that person leading that army would be…the best, correct? So which one of you is the best?"

"I am!" All the Trident clones said in unison again. They all suddenly turned to each other as they all narrowed their eyes. "No I am!" They again all said in unison. They all growled as their frustration grew. "Why you…"

Cyborg winced, stuck out his tongue, made faces, and finally covered his eyes as the Trident clones all turned against each other and beat themselves into a pulp. Once the carnage was over, Cyborg gave a satisfied smile. "That's what you get when you have an egotistical army of clones!"

Slade's Hideout – Control Room

"It's over Slade!" Robin yelled at him.

"Maybe for today." Slade narrowed his eyes. "But if I go down, so will my unfaithful apprentice!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Terra dropped to her knees as an extreme pain coursed through her body.

"TERRA!" Beast Boy yelled with force. He tried rushing towards her, but he was still in a great deal of pain.

"Remember who controls you Terra!" Slade eyed her with disgust. "Since you seemed to have forgotten, you have to suffer the consequence!"

Terra dropped to her knees. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"We have to do something!" Robin yelled to the group.

Raven gritted her teeth. "Yes." She reluctantly replied. She still held animosity over their former friend.

"Terra!" Beast Boy was sprinting towards her with device in hand. Suddenly, he tripped on a rock. He fell to the ground, destroying the device. "No…no…NOOOOOOOOO!"

"What's wrong Beast Boy?" Slade eyed Beast Boy's distress. "Can't save your girlfriend?"

Terra gritted her teeth. "I can save myself! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her eyes glowed a bright yellow as Slade is knocked down by a massive feedback.

"AH!" Slade grabbed his head as electricity shocked through his system. Sparks appeared everywhere as the neural connectors fry.

"And this is for tricking me!" Terra brought her hands down, and then did a sweeping movement. The ground under Slade suddenly folded onto him.

Slade eyes widened in shock as he was carried to the wall. He slammed hard into the wall, causing a massive hole to appear. Slade, still stunned, staggered up from his position. He glared back at Terra and the heroes. "This isn't over!"

"Want to bet on that?" Batgirl grinned as she brought out a batorang.

Beast Boy narrowed his eyes at Slade. "It's over Slade!"

"Don't bet on it!" Slade took out a device. This caused all the heroes to stop their movement towards Slade. "Until we meet again!" He pushed the button.

Massive explosion sounds can be heard.

All the heroes looked around as they notice what was happening. They then all turned back to Slade.

He was nowhere to be found.

"Dammit!" Robin gritted his teeth as he realized that he got away, AGAIN!

"Don't worry! We'll get him!" Batgirl reassured him. "But first, we need to get out of here!"

Concrete and steel beams started to fall.

Wilderbeast grabbed a hold of the falling steel pillars. "Everyone get out now!"

The remaining heroes started to rush out of the exit. Wilderbeast took the steel pillar, and threw it to the side and then followed the rest of the group towards the exit. Suddenly…BAM! A massive concrete blockade came down.

"We have to destroy this obstruction!" Starfire prepared her starbolt.

"It won't be enough!" A weakened Terra yelled at her. "Here, I'll do it!"

"No!" Beast Boy said with deep concern in his voice. With what she had to do with, it took a lot out of her, and Beast Boy knew it. He wasn't sure how well her health will hold up if she did anything major. "You did enough…"

"NO!" Terra yelled back at him. A single tear fell down her face. "I need to make it up to you guys somehow. For everything that I did…"

"But…" Beast Boy looked at her, and then nodded. "I understand. Just…be okay when this is done."

Terra nodded as she brought her arms in front of her. Her eyes glowed yellow. "This isn't going to stop my friends!"

Massive cracks formed in the massive concrete obstruction, which got bigger and bigger. Then, at the last moment, BOOM, the obstruction became nothing more then dust.

"See? Wasn't that hard." Terra breathlessly said as she fell unconscious.

"Terra!" Beast Boy grabbed her before she fell to the ground, his own pain quickly forgotten as he held her. "I have you Terra, don't worry!"

Behind them, the roofs and walls caved in. They came closer, and closer, and closer to where they were.

"We're getting out of here!" Robin yelled at the group.

Beast Boy carried the unconscious Terra out of the building.


Titan Tower

"You should've seen it!" Cyborg gave a huge cheer at the group. "Those Trident clones' were taking each other out! Apparently the idea of teamwork isn't a part of their lexicon! Oh, and you should've seen their faces when the cops took every single one of them away!"

"I really would've liked to have seen it in person." Aqualad smiled. "Though seeing it on video wouldn't be bad!"

"Gotcha!" Cyborg winked at him. "I have it right here on this DVD-R!"

It was Robin's turn to speak now. "I really appreciated the help guys!" Robin shook hands with Wilderbeast, Hot Spot, Aqualad, Speedy, and then Batgirl. "You don't understand how incredibly grateful we are that you all did this, for this city!"

"Hey, what are friends for right?" Aqualad smiled. "It's just too bad that Slade got away."

"Yes!" Robin narrowed his eyes. "I won't stop until he is caught!" He looked at the others and smiled. "So, if he does something like this again, should I expect to see you guys again?"

Hot Spot shrugged. "Only if it is as major as this one. No offense but, I like working alone. This one time, just because I thought what was going to happen would've been really bad if we failed!"

Wilderbeast nodded. "Same here."

"I understand." Robin crossed his arms. "You have your own cities and countries to protect! Besides, I personally would prefer to get Slade myself!"

"Know the feeling!" Speedy patted Robin on the back. "Well, I guess we should be heading out now!"

Aqualad smiled. "Yeah. The sea is calling me back!"

"Awww." Cyborg gave out a disappointed sigh. "Can't you guys stay for at least the party?"

Wilderbeast shook his head. "We are needed back home."

"I'd like to stay but…" Speedy crossed his arms. "I heard something big is going down in Steel City. So I have to check it out."

Batgirl thought about leaving for a while. "Well, I wouldn't mind staying…" She said in a sultry voice. She got in real close to Robin. "Especially since it has been so long since Dick and I have partied together…"

Robin felt a faint blush appear on his face.

This did not go unnoticed by the two resident females. They both rushed up next to Batgirl.

"Except you have things to do back in that Got Ham city!" Starfire said as she pushed Batgirl out of the exit.

"Exactly." Raven said as she two pushed her out. "Tons of stuff right?"

"Yeah!" Batgirl said as she took the hint. 'Next time I'm here, I'm going to mess with these two girls mind!' "Bye Dick!"

Robin carefully waved back at her. "Um…yeah…bye…"

Once Batgirl was well on her way out, both Starfire and Raven waved at her.

"Bye!" Starfire said again. "Please forget to write!"

"And don't bother calling!" Raven said after Starfire in a semi-cherry voice.

Both girls sighed in relief as the 'new' threat was now gone. They then turned to Robin with pleading eyes.

Raven was the first to speak. "Um, Robin, about our…you know…fights…"

"We've been good so far and um…" Starfire looked down in embarrassment.

Robin sighed. "It's okay! I won't be mad at either of you if it gets, a little intense."

Raven and Starfire's eyes lit up. "OH ROBIN!" Both gave a big bear hug to him.

Robin's eyes widened considerably. He sighed internally. 'I'm going to regret this am I?'

Terra got out into the main room. "So, did I miss all the goodbyes?"

"Looks like it!" A bandaged up Beast Boy scratched the back of his head. "It was too bad they all couldn't stay! Not only did they not hear the good news about you given a clean bill of health after that long rest, I was going to show them my new invention!" He took out a device from behind his back. "The ultimate party noisemakers!" The device looked like, all the party noisemakers, glued together as one. "You blow this here, and the little paper thing extends, the metal thing spins around, a wooden bird tweets, the harmonica plays a song…"

"Hehehe!" Terra giggled. "I guess you can say this is going to be a wild party!" Terra smiled brightly at Beast Boy…until she noticed the other's expression. Her smile quickly fades as Cyborg approached her. "I'm guessing, I won't be here for it…" She looked down in shame.

Cyborg looked at her with a serious expression on his face. He took out a device.

Terra, thinking she knows what this device was, holds her hands up together. To her surprise, instead of going on both of her hands at once, it only goes on her wrist. "Huh?"

Cyborg frowned at Terra. "Obviously, we are not going to take chances here. We gave you our trust. You betrayed it." He then crossed his arms. "BUT, given your recent performance, we are willing to give you a second chance. We're even allowing you back into the Tower. However, it will take time for our trust to come back. The device on your wrist tells us your location at anytime. If you attempt to disable the device, it will sound an alarm. If the device catches you near the security system, it will sound an alarm. After that, no more chances."

"I understand." Terra said slightly elated. While this wasn't the best situation she could be in, it certainly was better then what she had expected.

Beast Boy smiled. 'Don't worry Terra, I'll always be here for you!'

"Good." Cyborg said in a strict tone. Then, as if a switch being turned on, he becomes instantly cheery. "What are we waiting for? Let's get this party started!"

Terra smiled at her situation. 'I'm back. And I'm going to make sure that I won't mess this up again.' She then eyed Raven who gave her a cold expression. She gulped. "Um, hi Raven."

Raven glared at her for a few moments, before her eyes softened. "Welcome back friend."

Terra sighed in relief. "Thanks, friend!" Terra gave a big smile until she thought of something. "By the way…my right arm still hurts!"

"Really?" Raven asked in a slightly amazed expression. "How did you hurt it?"

Raven and Terra stared at each other with complete confusion in their eyes.

Finally, Terra spoke up. "I don't know."

After a few more moments of confusion, both decided to leave it at that.

"Well, I guess I will see you around." Raven said as she departed. "I need to get a certain someone for my daily meditation."

Cyborg looked at the scene around them. He then looked out the window as he sees the city getting back on his feet after Slade's siege. "Everything is returning back to normal. Back to the way it is supposed to be." Suddenly, he hears an argument behind him.

"Robin is coming with me to do the shopping!" Starfire tugged at Robin's arm.

"No…he is coming with me for meditation!" Raven tugged at Robin's other arm. "Besides, it is a little late to do the shopping!" Raven mocked Starfire.

"No…we can do the window shopping…with me!" Starfire said with a little more force.

"No! With me!" Raven said with a little more force.

"Well, looks like it is back to normal in more ways then one." Cyborg grinned.

Behind him, Starfire somehow got Robin free from Raven's grip. She was flying away with him when the blue haired girl spoke three familiar words.

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Suddenly, Robin finds himself surrounded in a black bubble and slowly floats towards Raven.

"Eek!" Starfire yelped. Suddenly, her eyes turned green with rage. "Give him back!"

"He's mine!" Raven growled. Her eyes turned black.

"Oh no." Robin said in a depressed tone, as he knew what was coming.

Explosions could be heard throughout the tower as the sun started to sink into the sky.

"Can't we come up with a schedule or something?" Robin pleaded.

Slade's New Hideout

"You have truly done well Robin." Slade said as he looked at the computer screen. "Your team has done more then even I had anticipated. When I was so close to victory, you were still able to stop me! Even turned my new apprentice against me."

Wintergreen came through the door, carrying a plate with a cup of tea on it.

"But I see you have, a problem within your own team." Slade grinned under his mask. "It looks like you are a little… popular with the females on your team." Slade watches video of Raven and Starfire fighting over Robin. "Maybe a little too popular. Looks like I need to get into the 'heart' of the matter." Slade said as he walked past Wintergreen and entered into the shadows. "And then, the Titans will be no more!"

-------End of Part 2

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