"Well, now, this is a fine picklement you've gotten us into," Xena drawled.

Joxer blushed, but the sparkle in his eye told the Warrior Princess he'd appreciated the joke. "It was the only place that looked big enough for us all to hide in," he defended himself, trying to ignore the salty water seeping into his pants.

"My clothes are going to smell like brine for days," Gabrielle complained, carefully holding her satchel filled with her precious scrolls out of harm's way.

Xena quirked a grin. "But the Bacchae won't be able to smell us in here, and that's all that matters." She frowned suddenly, grunted, shifted, and then pulled a large green vegetable out from under her butt with a moue of distaste. "After all, we're in a pickle barrel." She smiled wryly and then, with a 'What the Tartarus?' gesture, took a bite out of the huge gherkin.