Title: Help from the Past

Author: Kimmers

Rating: PG

Email: Kimmers_1981@dart.net.au

Category: Sexual Content

Pairing: SV Friendship, VL

Summary: Vaughn kept a Secret from those his loves, it's about to come to light, when a women from his past arrives to help.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone

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Notes: DC/Alias Cross over, AU

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Michael Vaughn watched as his ex wife walked towards him, he looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face, they were young when they had got married, college sweet hearts, she had gone to Worthington, while he had been at Harvard, two of the top schools in Boston, at the time he had thought that Joey was the love of his life, that later changed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~*

Joey hated to do this, she knew that Michael didn't talk about their marriage but she was about to drop a bomb on him, she was sure that not many people inside this office knew, that he had been married before Lauren, there were reason, safety reason that happened.

But she still would have liked people to know, she flipped her brown main of hair over her shoulder as she stood in front of the man.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~*

"So want to tell me, why you don't call and tell me that your coming to town?" Vaughn asked.

"Would you accept that I wanted to surprise you?" Joey answered.

"Twenty years of knowing you, and no I don't believe that Jo, you don't just drop in your not that type of person, what going on here?"

"I am being sent here, they requested that I be sent here to help out," Joey explained.

Vaughn grabbed her arm and dragged her into a near by conference room, "What the hell did you think that you were doing agreeing to this?"

"Maybe I thought that it was time, that Lily should know her father more, that I like living in LA rather than Paris, what is the big deal? Is this because I am about to let your dirty little secret out of the bag is that it?" Joey demanded.

"It was never that and you know that," Vaughn said sternly.

Joey looked into the depth of his green eyes, before she walked out and left him there.

~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~*

Joey sat across from Dixon Jack stood off to a corner.

"Agent Potter from your files, you will be a welcome addition here," Dixon said.

"Thank you sir, I am happy about that, I have been out of the states for a while now, it's nice to be home," Joey smiled.

"Yes from your file I see that you grew up in a small town outside Boston, Correct? Capeside, I was there once some years ago," Jack said.

"Yes my father grew up there, my mother moved there after their marriage, Sir I hope that my personal relationships won't affect anything?" Joey asked.

Dixon nodded his head, "Yes I received a call from Devlin earlier this morning to update me regarding your relationship to Agent Vaughn, he advised me that you are both top Agents and that he has the up most respect for you."

~ * ~ * ~* *~ * ~*

Joey placed a picture on her desk, she traced the features of the child there, from the sandy blonde hair to the green eyes.

"A beautiful child," Lauren expressed as she stood behind Joey, Joey turned to face her.

"Ah you must be Lauren Reed then."

"Yes and do I know you?"

"No but I am sure that you will Miss Reed, after all your husband and I are quite old friends," Joey said before she walked away and left Lauren standing there.

~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~

Michael Vaughn stopped short when he saw Sydney and Joey as they stood tougher and talked, he marveled at the difference between the two of them, Alice and Lauren, the four serious women, that had been in his life.

Sydney and Joey were more alike than anything, neither of them ever took crap from him, Alice had tried to please him all the time, and Lauren, well Lauren thought that she could tell him what to do, she wasn't happy that he wasn't about to let her control his life.

Joey had been his wife, and one of the first women that he had been totally in love with, in the end their lives had lead them in different directions, with Alice, she had been the first serious one when he moved to LA.

Alice at first had been his way of getting over Joey, but that hadn't lasted long, cause he had eventually meet Sydney and he knew from their first meeting, that they were meant to be tougher, something that he had never felt before, true his love for Joey would be always there, they shared something more precious tougher.

Then there was Lauren, the women he had started to use to get over Sydney, among other things, he had secrets about his relationship with Lauren that only a select few knew, one of them was Joey, he told her everything, she was the one person he could be honest with.

Vaughn moved towards the two women, that meant the world to him, were closer to his heart than any other women.