Part 3

Vaughn looked down as his beeper went off, he was shocked at the 911 message from Joey. He stood up and grabbed his jacket, "I need to get out of here."

"Why what's going on?" Eric asked.

"It seems that something is wrong with Joey, she just sent me a 911 page, she wouldn't have done that unless something was seriously wrong," Vaughn threw some money on the table and walked out Sydney and Eric followeed him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~*

Joey turned around from the conference room window with tears in her eyes.

Vaughn rushed towards her shocked at the tears, "Jo what happened?"

Joey handed him the printed out email, "Cecil sent me this earlier."

Vaughn looked over the email, before he sunk into the chair, "What the hell, who would want info on us?"

"What is going on here?" Sydney asked.

Vaughn handed her the email, "My sister is an anylst at Langely she keeps a look out for who is acessing our files for safety reasons, apperntly someone has been digging into the classified details on both Joey's and my file."

Eric grabbed the email from Sydney, "I'll get Marshal to see if he can track down who did it, Uh Syd maybe you can make some calls?"

Sydney and Eric walked out Joey turned once again and looked at Vaughn.

"Ok so where is she right now?"

"On a plane on the way here, she didn't want to leave her friends so soon, Pacey decied that he would stay behind give her time to say goodbye to her firends," Joey explained.

"Ok the minute the plane lands i get the secuirty company to trail her and watch her every move."

"we don't even know who it is that's trying to get info on us, who would want to know more about us?" Joey asked.

"I don't know Jo, all i know is that she is too important to let anything to happen to," Vaughn tood up, "Jo she is the most precious thing to me. Ok this is how it works, Only you Eric Sydney, Pacey Jack and myself know any details regarding her secuirty details."

"You think that she has something to do with this don't you?" Joey asked.

"I am not sure what to think," Vaughn said as he wrapped his arms around her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Vaughn looked down at the little girl sleeping on the bed in front of him, he reached out and pushed her brown hair out of the way of her face.

She has the angelic facial features of her mother, the brunette hair of her mother but her build and her eyes were her father.

"She's a real good mixture," Pacey said from the doorway.

"Yeah she is, thanks for taking care of her."

"she great to be around, she's fun and sweet. And I do like her mother."

Vaughn smiled, "So how much has Jo told you?"

"Not much she said that you both believe that someone is after Lily and that she needs to be protected at all costs. You know Jo she never tells you anything but what she thinks that you should know."

They walked out of the bedroom and close the door.

"A trait that I wish she didn't have, she won't talk to me about her feelings regarding this. She needs to talk to someone," Vaughn said.

~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~*

Sydney walked into the conference room to see Joey starring out the window, "Uh sorry if you want to be alone I can come back."

Joey turned around and faced Sydney, "No it's ok I was just hiding out from Michael, Pacey was on my back at home, and I came into work to have Michael be the same way."

"They are concerned."

"Yeah I know that, I know they care but sometimes I wish that they would just leave me alone know what I mean?"

"Yeah I know but Vaughn is a good listener and from what he tells me so is Pacey."

"Yeah they are and when I am ready I know that they will be there for me. Sydney would you mind coming with me I want to get some air and some coffee decent coffee would be nice?" Joey asked.

"No problem at all, let me grab my jacket."

Lauren watched as Joey and Sydney left the building she watched as they walked out into the open crowd.