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Chapter 14: A very disturbing pensieve

Severus was looking at the pensive that Harry had given him, with a mix of curiosity and longing but also with a bit of distrust. Harry couldn't think that his gesture would be enough anyway, could he? He had done so much damage although almost nobody was aware of it! He couldn't think that he would manage to make amends by giving him a pensieve with some of his own memories! Merlin, what recklessness from the young wizard!

Sighing, the potions master brought the pensieve closer from his face and, quickly immersed himself into the silver swirl.

Shortly, he found himself next to his lover, in one of Hogwarts corridor. He saw the green-eyed Gryffindor freeze suddenly and, soon he understood why. Further, he discovered two students who were snogging eagerly. Obviously, Snape couldn't hear their thoughts, in contrast to Harry, but it wasn't too difficult to guess what the two lovers were thinking. Immediately, Severus felt his anger rising. However his fury didn't last long as he saw Harry blushing heavily and turning back abruptly.

Severus frowned but had not enough time to analyze his pupil's reaction as another memory imposed upon him.

Still near Harry, he was now in a room he recognized as being the toilets. Harry had just entered and was freezing again, hearing someone crying. Harry seemed to hesitate for a short moment before leaving discreetly.

Severus frowned again, starting to understand. Harry had had heard the thoughts of the crying boy and had let him be alone, like the boy obviously wanted to be. So, Harry had not taken advantage of his power but, on the contrary, had been respectful of the other student.

Ten minutes later, and after having been the witness of several scenes of the same ilk, Snape swallowed hard. He was more and more aware of the message his lover wanted to deliver him: Harry possessed morals and had never intended to hurt anyone with his new power.

Severus still thought that Harry had acted improperly but he found himself unable to not forgive him. Harry was still young, maybe a little bit naive, certainly not thinking enough before acting but deceitful, he was not! He had not realized what his power was involved and Severus couldn't blame him about that. It would be hypocritical of his part as, at the age of eighteen, he – Severus – had taken the dark mark. Never had he heard Harry say something condemning about it, and Severus knew that being a death eater was much more unforgivable than to be able to hear the others' thoughts.

Severus also knew that Harry was too kind to want to destroy people even though he had the power to do so. He had heard what was on every man's mind in Hogwarts and in doing so, had known their complexes, their pains, their secrets, their strengths and their weaknesses. He has had a very powerful weapon in his hands and, yet he has never used it.

Severus smiled with tenderness and was about to leave the pensieve when a new memory changed his environment. The potions master felt his breath choke in his throat. His eyes widened at the sight of Harry, laying in his bed naked, stroking his hard member with a dexterity betraying a long practice. Snape stared at Harry's writhing golden body, his mouth suddenly parched. His black eyes lingered on the smooth hand which was sliding up and down on the hot skin, pinching the scarlet and swollen head, glistening with pre-cum while his other hand reached his pink opening. Severus moaned as he watched the wet fingers disappearing into the tight hole, and his heart stopped beating when he saw Harry's sinful lips saying his name.


The professor felt his erection becoming so hard it ached. He could not help himself from brushing his fingers all along his oversensitive flesh as Harry quickened his rhythm.


Hearing his name moaned by those lips was enough to drive Snape crazy. He loved that mouth! He knew he was obsessed with Harry's mouth and he knew that it was certainly a little fetishism on his part, which had started only with Harry but he couldn't do anything about it. Dark, feral eyes were focused on full, crimson lips and seeing the white teeth biting it over and over again was going to be the death of him.

Snape craved to catch the youth's hot breath and to slide his tongue wildly in Harry's talented mouth. His head was spinning with intense desire as he heard Harry sobbing his name as he came, pumping his release all over his belly. At that sight, Severus slid his hand under his silk black pants and grabbed his own hard member, stroking it violently. He didn't need a long time to climax, shuddering, eyes half-opened still staring at the Gryffindor's panting mouth.

Still gasping, Severus came closer to Harry and forced himself to take his eyes off the lips he loved to look around him.

It was an afternoon in the empty Gryffindor tower. The teacher could date this event when he saw, on a desk, the copy of an essay he had given his students several days ago and that he had already marked. So Harry had had to pleasure himself after having scrubbed the fireplace in his office.

Snape smiled before turning again toward Harry's bed but he didn't had the time enough to see him as the memory faded and was replaced by another.

Severus raised his eyebrows as he saw Harry, hidden behind one of the high columns of the school corridor, spying on him. Harry was staring at his potions master with so obvious and sincere love, and aching devotion that Severus felt as if he has just received a slap on the face and a punch on the heart. He heard a murmur escaping from the beautiful mouth the Gryffindor possessed as the memory disappeared.

"I love you."


Pulling out of the pensieve, Severus knew two things.

First, he had totally forgiven Harry, even if he still hated the thought of him intruding his mind.

Secondly, he had to find the insolent brat to make love to him until he cried for mercy.

He didn't know how much time he had spent in the pensieve but he knew viewing the memories had not wasted any of his time.

Snape sneered evily. He guessed Harry must have doubted of the efficacy of his plan. He had probably thought that his message, the proof of his morality, wouldn't be enough to convince his teacher and had not skimped on his erotic memories. Severus had been sexually tortured by Harry's attempt to tease him, had been frustrated but now, he had realized with great satisfaction that Harry had suffered too. He also had been deprived of sleep night after night because of this throbbing desire. He even had discovered that his lover had used the good old method of manual work to release himself of this tension.

Severus left his quarters. He knew what he truly felt towards Harry. It was useless and stupid to try to hide the fact that he was deeply in love with him. It was that strong feeling which had prevented him to break up with Harry when he had told him everything about his power. He simply couldn't see his life without Harry anymore. The young man was his joy, his hopes. Happiness hadn't been a great part of his life until then and he didn't want to lose it now.


Harry was fidgeting. He was unable to bear the situation anymore. He was awfully tempted to go to the dungeons to see if Severus had understood him. He really had to know now! Not knowing was killing him!

Harry left the Gryffindor tower, almost running until he stopped abruptly, hesitating. Maybe, Snape needed time... He turned back to enter his common room again but stopped once more while the Fat Lady was demanding him to tell her the password. Nothing came from Harry's mouth as he had turned again to run down the stairs with a new impulse.

Harry stopped on the second floor stairs, his mind boiling. What if Severus yelled at him to go away; that he didn't want to see his face ever again? What if Severus couldn't forgive him? Harry couldn't handle that.

He turned back around and started retreating up the stairs, then paused making a layover while breathing heavily. However, what if Severus had seen and understood that he had cared about people feelings and that he had not taken advantage of what he had known? Could he go and talk to Severus? Maybe he had forgiven him and maybe he—Harry—was worrying for nothing? These questions were killing him and he really couldn't stand that situation!

Finally, he ran back down the stairs, his nervousness increasing with each step.

Soon, Harry made his way towards the dungeons.

A moment later, Harry was slightly annoyed by two things:

First, after having passed through a corridor full of boys and biting his lip several times to prevent himself from laughing, he now had a child's song in his head, thanks to Michael Corner.

Second, he felt an eager curiosity that demanded to be appeased and that had consumed him for two weeks.

He had just met the weird seventh year Slytherin who, apparently, couldn't think about anything else except what he was wearing every day under his wizard robes. Harry still ignored what it was and it was driving him crazy; that's why, in this minute, he was walking very slowly towards Severus apartments, behind the student who probably was heading toward his common room.

He knew that Severus would have been furious to know that he was spying on the boy's thoughts but his curiosity was strong and he wasn't sure that, if Severus had been in his shoes, he wouldn't have done the same thing. After all, when Severus was a student at school, he had often spied on the marauders to know what they were up to, and it was during one of his own investigations (with a little help of Sirius) that he had learned that Lupin was a werewolf!

Furthermore, while investigating, it gave Harry an occupation. Then he was not solely focused on Snape and could give the man more time to think.


Severus heard echoes of furious voices and rushed towards them, cursing inwardly for this waste of time.

The words 'points from Gryffindor' were on his lips as he quickened his walk, promising to himself to be able to be with Harry as soon as possible.


The Slytherin threw an odd look at Harry who was keeping an impassive expression. He even managed to keep it when he heard the young man wondering why Potter was so closed to him.

Harry agreed that he had not been particularly discreet. So, he slowed down and let the space growing between the student and him, still able to hear his thoughts anyway.


"What's the matter, here?" Severus asked with a sharp tone of voice, watching Seamus Finnegan with disdain and hatred.

Severus remembered far too well Harry telling him that Finnegan had kissed him once. Harry's lips were his!

"Nothing, Professor Snape" Draco Malfoy lied quickly. "We were just discussing a subject and as we have different points of view about it, our voices were rising a little bit. That's all, but our discussion is finished now!"

The excuse was credible although Snape was not naïve. Nonetheless, he accepted it after a short moment of reflection. Severus then left them to find Harry.

When their potions master had disappeared, Seamus said "You know that our discussion is not finished so we can continue!"

"I have nothing more to say to you, Finnegan!" Draco replied, starting to leave.

The Irish young man stopped him promptly and started to shout, "Really? We made love together yesterday and…"

"We didn't make love yesterday, Finnegan! We fucked together! That's different!"

Angry, Seamus pursed his lips and told, "And now that you have what you wanted, you drop me just like that! Oh no, I'm sorry but it's absolutely not what I want!"

"I don't care about what you want!"

Seamus scowled at him and opened his mouth to continue his arguing.


Harry couldn't believe his eyes.

The Slytherin he was following had just starting to run! At first, he had thrown at him odd and slightly frightened look then he had begun to run!

'Do I look so scary?' he wondered frowning. His frown turned into an amused smile though as he saw the Slytherin entering quickly into his common room.

Still grinning, he sighed. Today was still not the day when he know what was wearing the young man he found so sexy.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by two furious voices which were shouting insults more and more violent. The Boy-Who-Lived recognized instantly Seamus' then Draco Malfoy's voices. He rushed to see what was happening and possibly help his friend if he needed some.

When he arrived close to them, he realized that the two students were not just fighting with words but had also taken their wand and were starting to throw hexes.


Severus was coming back his dungeons at full speed. He had met Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, hand in hand, who had told him that Harry had been heading towards the dungeons a while ago. Severus had grumbled and turned his heels without wasting more time.

He could not wait to find Harry and take him in his arms, telling him that he loved him. He was already seeing himself devouring his beautiful mouth. Severus would lead him into his quarters and into his bedroom where he would caress the youth's gorgeous body until he was on the edge of explosion. Then, he'd take him.


Harry had not taken his wand out but saw that the duel was beginning to be really violent. The flying hexes ware more and more dangerous, more and more vicious. He yelled at them to stop…

… And regretted it immediately as Draco, surprised and frightened, turned his wand against Harry and threw the hex he had wanted Seamus to receive. The dark spell reached hard the green-eyed Gryffindor who felt his breathing choking in his throat. His blood seemed to freeze in his veins and his mind clouded quickly.

When he fell, he heard several screams included one, horrified, which he recognized was from the man he loved.