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Chapter 6: Final Farewells

I woke up in a dark room. The lights were dimmed, and my head was killing me; no doubt from all the medicine pumped into my system. I could hear Uncle Judson talking to some guy outside my room.

Then it hit me; everything that had occurred over the past week came sweeping upon me like a flood. The most pressing thought lingering in my mind was this: where was Tommy?

"Cadence!!" Uncle Judson yelled as he came into my room and gave me a hug. "I am so glad you're awake. We were pretty worried for a while."

"Thanks." I said "How long was I out? I mean, since, you know..." It was weird. I still didn't want to admit that the past week was really real; it all seemed so much like a bad dream.

"Not long, around two days, that's all." Uncle Judson responded.

"Where is Mac and Gabe?" I asked.

"Oh, they just went to see how Tommy is doing. He suffered some internal bleeding and his right lung was clipped by the bullet. The doctors are optimistic, though. He should make a full recovery, barring anything unforeseen."

"Oh. What about his dad?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to know the reason or not. Uncle Judson had shot him, I mean, he had a reason, the man was a psychopath who would have killed me if not for Tommy. Still, bearing the guilt of taking a man's life was something an honest man, like Uncle Judson, should never have to bear.

"Well, unfortunately, he is going to live. Damn, I was sure hoping that I would have hit his heart."

"Uncle Judson, you don't mean that!"

"Sure I do, see, no one hurts my family."

"Hey, Cadence!" Mac and Gabe came into my room and Mac's smile broadened into a huge grin as she hugged me. Gabe patiently waited until she was finished before coming up to me and saying,

"Glad you're up, kiddo. It was awful boring without you."

"Thanks, Gabe." I said, and we did our special handshake. We had come up with that handshake when I was nine, the first time I had met Mac and Gabe; I had instantly fell in love with him and swore that I would marry him; well, needless to say, that has changed. He is like a wonderful big brother.

"Hey, Uncle Judson?"

"Yeah?" He said.

"When can I leave?"

"I just was talking to the doctor and he said that he wants to keep you in the hospital for one more night, to observe you, and then you can leave tomorrow."

"Can we go scuba diving?"

"Sure. As soon as you get out of this hospital."

"Thanks." I said, and meant it. "So, who gets first shift?" I asked, referring to whom was going to stay with me first, Uncle Judson never believed that a child should be left alone at a hospital; in truth, I agreed.

"I got first shift." Gabe said.

"Hey, wait a minute..." Uncle Judson said. "I am not leaving you here."

"Yeah, but you can go with Mac and grab a bite to eat and hang out, believe me, you'll get to sit in this armchair for a while." Gabe teased. "Now get outta here, you two!"

"Fine, Cadence, I will be in the cafeteria with Mac...Gabe, so help you if anything goes wrong." Uncle Judson warned.

"I'll be fine, Uncle Judson, go and relax."

It was around three in the afternoon, and as soon as Uncle Judson and Mac were making their way to the cafeteria, I said, "Hey Gabe...can I go and see Tommy?"

I don't think that Gabe ever really forgave Tommy for what he did to me, the whole kidnapping issue and all; but I mean Tommy did save our lives; I think that kindof redeems his little sin; don't you?

I mean, he went to tell Uncle Judson where I was, and he betrayed his father doing the right thing, that had to be a tough decision.

"Alright, but you know that I don't trust him."

"I know Gabe, but he is a good person, he is just a kid, Gabe; he is younger than you. What would you have done in his situation?"

"Wow, Cadence, you really put him in perspective for me."


"NO. I am sorry, Cadence, but I love you and I don't forgive people who hurt you. You're like my little sister I never had."

I had gotten out of bed now, I was really woozy from the meds, and I was wheeling my little IV stand over to Gabe, who was also standing. "I know, Gabe, I love you too, you are like the big brother that I have never had."

"Alright, let's go."

After checking with the nurse and finding our way to his room, Gabe respectfully waited outside of the door while I went into Tommy's room.

He looked terrible, he was dead white and he had a wrap all the way around his chest; where the bullet had penetrated. Uncle Judson had said that it had clipped one of his lungs. I went up to him and studied his features more closely. He had to be about 17; only three years older than me. He had really pretty hair, it was so curly. I couldn't see his eyes because they were closed; but I knew that they were blue and beautiful. I said his name and he opened his eyes slowly.

"Hey, Tommy." I said again, smiling a little wider.

"hey." Was all he could muster.

"I never had a chance to thank you for saving my life, thanks."

Again, all he could say was a simple "no problem", but he smiled and made me feel all good inside.

Everything was going to be okay now, Tommy's dad was going to jail for a long time; maybe for ever; hopefully. Tommy was going to be sent back to England to recover at his mother's home. I was going to spend the rest of the summer with my three favorite people in my favorite place in the world. Who knows what will happen next time?

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