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Summary: Snarky Selmak assesses her situation after leaving Saroosh

"Oh, great, a new host", I thought as I left Saroosh and entered into Major General Jacob Carter's mouth! This meant I wasn't going to die and I could manage, albeit barely, to escape this base attack. I'd live to find out just who the hell sold us out and make them die a thousand painful deaths. The worst part about the pressure of the blending was the lack of time to say goodbye to Saroosh, but aside from three words, the time simply wasn't available.

"Martouf, you're an idiot if you think I don't know the base is under attack." I said the words, but Carter didn't speak them. Of course he didn't, they couldn't find me a host that's in good shape. Carter's body could be fixed and I proceeded to do so, but Goddammit, why can't they just once give me some 25 year old human with no problems! They have to have the "oldest and wisest among us" fix up whatever house they decide to throw her into.

"Great," I thought, "cancer in the lymph nodes, what's left of them, and the liver. Not only that, but these joints are a mess, and he's been pumped so full of chemicals, he should be dead by them too. I'll choke Martouf if I live through this."

Sarcophagus technology scared the Tok'Ra. The dangers of losing one's soul to the machine outweighed the benefits. In this case, I'd have given anything for five minutes in the box to at least give me a headstart on this human.

My interview scared him, but he handled the question well, and the man's practicality worked for me. Cut through the crap, get to the bottom of the issue, solve it and move on. My kind of host! Saroosh liked him too, and that meant a lot to me.

I did have a few issues to deal with though, issues that would be concluded later, once I fixed his physical problems and escaped from this world. The man wasn't much of a father to Samantha, and the entire issue of the estranged son, Mark, needed to be resolved before too long. Of all human relation issues, I learned what family meant to the hosts, and I would not allow him to let his family fall by the wayside. Obviously, Samantha cared about him a great deal, or she wouldn't have saved his life by bringing him to the Tok'Ra. His service to the Tok'Ra and the development of a working relationship with those from the SGC would foster their relationship to a healthy state.

He knew everything about Earth, and had a healthy respect for his terrestrial enemies. Fortunately, hosts with military backgrounds adapted well to Tok'Ra service. I predicted that his leadership abilities and my reputation would compliment each other.

I had to quickly try to synthesize the chemicals needed to clear his system and get his body back on track. Unfortunately, my time with Saroosh weakened me greatly. Jacob's good health prior to his run-in with cancer helped me. Nevertheless, I knew time was short, much shorter than Martouf and Samantha believed.

The news of Kordesh disturbed me greatly. He was a good Tok'Ra, until his poisoning by the Goa'uld. I tried to allow that news to wash away, since my problems with a new host had to take priority.

These Tau'ri, they were a resourceful bunch, tracking the dreams and hodgepodge that a quick and unprepared blending gave to the host. Through all that, Samantha managed to find the address to this world and introduce her people to us. Unlike Garshaw, I admired such tenacity and recognize the value of that skill in an alliance. After all, the Tau'ri saved my life. They deserved some credit for that.

The tension in the room burned through Jacob and reached me. Some twenty minutes passed before Jacob was ready to go, and those were the longest minutes of my life. I finished all the work I could do... so it was time for me to release Jacob Carter back to the world of the living, the cured, and the Tok'Ra.