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Chapter 31

"Iya!" Yuna screamed running over to the fallen ceiling, which had totally blocked up the exit way. "Iya... this can't be happening!"

"Miss, we have to get out of here," The man said.

"We have to get him out of there!" Yuna said panicking.

"My tools are not sufficient enough to drill through that blockage, we have to leave here to others to help." The man explained. "Hurry we have to leave here now."

"I'm not leaving without him!" Yuna shouted angrily kneeling down.

"You have too!" The man said impatiently lifting her up over his shoulders. "Sumimesen for my rudeness."

"Put me down!" Yuna cried looking at the exit. "We have to get him out of there!" She felt like crying but there were no tears in her eyes and the man carried her out the building.

Yuna was in the state of shock when she reached outside with the man, he put her down next to an ambulance and very friendly looking nurse came to take a look at her. She had only a few scratches and bruises on her arms and legs. She sat there numbly, staring blankly ahead as the nurse washed her wounds. She didn't even realize when someone called her.

"Yuna, Yuna!" Sendoh cried running to her, he was so glad that she was alright.

Yuna looked up slowly and saw Sendoh coming up to her.

"Yuna, are you alright?" Sendoh asked worriedly looking at her daze expression. "You must be still in shock to be trap in there like that."

When Sendoh said the word trap, she stood up and grabbed hold of his shirt. "Rukawa! He is still inside!" Yuna exclaimed anxiously. "We have to get him out of there!"

"Rukawa?" Sendoh looked down at Yuna's apprehensive face stunned. "Rukawa is here, in this hotel?"

"Rukawa, he is still inside!" Yuna said again looking really desperate now. She loosened her grip on Sendoh's shirt and sank down again closing her face with her hands. "We were so close on getting out together!"

"Don't worry the rescue team will find him." Sendoh said reassuringly sitting down next to her and put an arm around her shoulder. "He will be alright."

Yuna stared down the floor sadly, she couldn't imagine of another broken promise. One was enough- she couldn't take it anymore if there was another. She couldn't bear to think all the people she cared about have to leave her. She stared at the crumpled building hoping that Rukawa would be alright.

Hours went by, as Yuna waited. Sendoh had asked her to take a rest at his hotel but she refused to leave the place. She watched one victim after another saved but Rukawa was not one of them. She gripped her skirt tightly and watched on anxiously. As more hours passed by and it was soon day break, and Rukawa still didn't appear Yuna begin to feel frantic. Rukawa had to be alright, she kept thinking to herself bending her head looking down the ground. Even Sendoh had fallen asleep leaning his head on his knees.

As the sun began to rise, Yuna looked up sadly again towards the exit where the rescue team emerged. This time with them was a very familiar tall boy, with dark hair come into sight as the morning shone down on him. Yuna held her hand up over her eyes trying to see who it was. Slowly she stood up her eyes widened as she saw Rukawa walking out not wounded though slightly scratched and some bruises.

"Rukawa..." Yuna whispered walking to him slowly not believing her eyes.

Rukawa turned towards Yuna's direction and caught sight of her. He saw that she was standing next to a slumbering figure which was unmistakably Sendoh. Yuna was staring at him, as she walked to him slowly and then broke into a run as she reached both her arms up towards him. Tears that never appeared for the whole night emerged as she ran towards Rukawa. She was happy beyond words to see him coming out the building.

Rukawa was surprised to see Yuna running to him. It was a most beautiful sight he had seen after being trapped in the building for the whole night. Yuna hugged him tightly when she reached him, like she will never let him go.

"I thought I won't be seeing you again!" Yuna whispered. "Never, leave me alone like this again. Never..."

Rukawa lifted his arms up slowly hugging her in returned. A small smiled appeared on his lips.

"No more..." Yuna whispered. "No more deaths..."

"I won't leave you..." Rukawa said softly. "I made a promise remember..."

Yuna looked up at him, and saw him smiling down at her. Slowly she smiled in returned. Rukawa gently wiped her tears away from her face. Never had anyone cried for him before, and he was touched.

Sendoh looked up slowly and realized Yuna wasn't around anymore. He stood up and looked everywhere. Not far of he saw, Yuna and Rukawa together. He sighed with relieved and smiled softly to see Yuna so happy. It was the first time ever since he had met Yuna- he had never seen Yuna this happy before.

Back in Kanagawa end of the school year...

Shohoku High basketball ball team was having a celebration after being the second best in the IH matches. The basketball hall was filled with students congratulating Miyagi who was the captain of the team. Yuna watched the placed with a small smile on her face. The place was so packed she couldn't even see Rukawa any where. Sighing, she turned around and left the hall. She looked up the dark sky when she was outside the building. It had been almost three years since she knew Rukawa and he had become one of the best players around in high school.

He was really good in the IH matches- she had gone to watch every single match he was in. He had caught many universities couches' attentions not only that, many girls' attentions as well. She looked down the ground with a smirk on her face. The more girls he attract the more trouble comes to her. She could always remember how those girls had chase after her to force her into one of the cheerleading outfit. Slowly she walked on leaving the school building. She knew that she don't belong in that party. It was the basketball players' party anyway. She had no idea why she came, one Rukawa will be swarmed by a thousand of girls trying to get his attention and second they will murder her for even stepping close to the gym.

Rukawa looked around for Yuna and found her coming into in through on of the entrance door at the other side of the hall. She was looking around the crowd for a moment before she turned around and to leave again. Slightly surprised that she left in such a hurry, Rukawa tried to push his way through the crowd to get to the door but was stopped by a mop of girls. Looking down at them slightly perturbed he looked up again, hoping Yuna would come in again but she didn't return.

Yuna that tomboy what the hell is she thinking about? Rukawa thought angrily.

Walking down the dimly lit sidewalk Yuna made her way home alone. As she passed by the little park, couldn't stop herself she entered the park and sank down on one of the swings. Swinging slowly she stared on the ground wonderingly. After what she had went through she had finally prove herself that she can take care of Tendoshi Judo Training Hall and it was also because Rukawa had always been there for her. She sighed and looked up the sky again. If only Yuki was around, he would be so proud of her and happy to see how well she had turned out to be as a girl.

Yuna smiled, remembering how Yuki always teased her saying no boys would want to be with her if she continued to be a tomboy. Now she wondered if that was true. She came back to her senses when she heard someone cleared his throat. Yuna turned to look and saw Rukawa standing at the edge of the park. Yuna stood up slowly, and inclined her head

"Aren't you supposed to be in school right now?" Yuna asked. "They will be looking for their star player very soon."

"I told you to come." Rukawa said in his uncaring voice.

"Well, it was so crowded and it was the basketball players' celebration." Yuna said with a shrug. "It doesn't matter if I didn't go."

"You are sure a tomboy!" Rukawa said slightly furious.

"What about you?" Yuna snapped. "Hentai!"

They glared at each other for a moment before Yuna broke into a smile and started laughing. Rukawa also started to smile slightly looking at her.

"It matters to me." Rukawa said softly.

Yuna looked at him smiling softly. "Sumimesen... I left in such a hurry. I couldn't find you so..."

Rukawa walked into the park towards her. Slowly he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him gently. Yuna looked up at him slightly surprised as he embraced her and leaned down towards her, kissing her on her lips. Slowly Yuna closed her eyes, kissing him in returned.

The End

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