Chapter 13

Révulsif De Serpent

Author: KORNfused Pyro

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Seconds after Prince Severus had grabbed Lucius the other elves grabbed a hold of their own burdens and started back to Farintana. As he was fading out from the Burrow with Draco holding him from behind, two things happened to Harry. He saw a wolf, grim, stag, panther, tiger, and bird fly out from the window on Gryffindor and Slytherin colors, the explosion of animals happened to be one of the Weasley twin's fireworks. Second he felt the sting of Voldemort in his scar. Seconds later a blinding pain when Voldemort was told of the disappearances.


Something was buzzing against his ear.


It was getting louder.


He tried turning his head away from the high pitch.

"Alright now this is ridicules! Harry get up and take this, you wait any longer and you know what will happen."

His sister. That was where the awful noise was coming from. What had happened? OHH! And why did his head hurt so much?

"Harry, I know you're awake. If you don't take this right now your gonna be regretting it later and I am going to be able to tell you, once again, I told you so." Hermione said crossing her arms.

A smug look came across her face as Harry held his arm out for the potion. She handed him a thin tube of blue liquid that had a bubble of a yellow substance. Harry bent the tube, cracking the bubble and shook the two liquids together, as if it were a glow stick. Harry then popped off the lid and drowned down the potion, all while the rest of his body lay motionless, and his eyes remained closed.

"Not that I don't trust you or the fact that the display we just witnessed hasn't happened before but, what did you just give him and why?" asked a very confused Prince of Farintana.

"It was a potion the twins and I developed called Révulsif De Serpent. It helps with the after effects of either meeting Voldemort, dreaming about him, or experiencing his emotions. We started working on it about second year, and we finally finished it a couple days before Harry's fifteenth birthday. We gave it to him as a birthday present, I figured it would be of much, more use than getting him another copy of Hogwarts; A History that he will just donate behind my back." Hermione lectured while glaring at Harry's still unmoving body.

"What are the ingredients? How did you figure it out? Are there any side affects? How come I have never heard of it before? Why did no one stop a bunch of children from producing this? Who else knows about it? What--" Hermione held up her hand to prevent Severus from going on.

"No one besides a select few know about this potion. Not even Dumbledore or Remus knows about this. We always sneak it to him in the hospital wing. It does not interact with the usual potions he takes during a visit to Poppy. Though we thought that since we may not always be there or unconscious at the time, Poppy does know about the potion and what it is not suppose to be taken with. She has a bottle or two stashed away for such an occasion, but most of the time Ron or I give it to him. The only real side effects that we have found are dry mouth and a bit of lightheadedness if the interaction with Snake Breath is major. Otherwise it is perfectly safe."

Clapping came from the doorway of the castle entrance, startling the odd group standing out by the gates. "I think she gets her potions skills from me, what do you think darling?"

"I think she gets it from her father."

"Well who do you think he gets it from?"

"Mother, Father, your back!"

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