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Last Time:

"As I was saying, Rob, it's outragous to just kill someone for beating you in something." Ryou said, looking down at his bag. Suayo tried to relax, but every muscle in his body had to be ready for this moment. Ryou made the move he wanted, he reached for the Ring, opening the bag. Suayo moved quickly, within seconds he'd sprang into action, holding Ryou back as his other hand grabbed the Ring. Ryou fell backwards as Suayo pushed him.

Aurora got up and walked to him then, "I'm just as good as anyone in this room, and I'll prove it, I challange you... right here, right now. You win, you can walk away with all the Millenium Items and you can taunt me for the rest of my life, I win, you hand all of the Items back to their respectful owners!"

Aurora Samaki contrated hard as her opponent's cell phone rang.

"Ignore it," she ordered, going back to concentrating.

"Hello?" Damien Shaw asked, speaking into his cell.

"I said ignore it, when's the last time you cleaned out your ears?" Aurora snapped. "We're dueling." she reminded him.

"I ignored you instead, you make a lot more noise," Damien said, then talked back into the phone. "No, not you... yes I have the items... I'll bring them," Damien said, hanging up. "Sorry to cut your failure short but I have to go, be good and make nice with the guards," Damien joked putting his cell phone away in his pocket.

"You can't walk away from this! You can't just leave me in the middle of an important duel," Aurora said, crossing her arms, which was hard with a duel disk on.

"To me this is less than important and more of time wasting," Damien replied, he turned away and Aurora snapped. She started to make her way forward towards Damien but he turned on the spot, "let's not do that."

Aurora stood in front of the door as Damien left with the Millenium Items, leaving her, Malik and Ryou in the hotel room once again.

"That lying, cheating b-" Aurora began, but Malik hit her hard with a cushion.

"You idiotic baka!" He snapped, as he heard a car pull away from the hotel. Aurora fended off the cushion and frowned, looking around. Her eyes caught something and she smiled.

"That I may be but I'm a pro at escaping," she grinned, she was about to tie to bed sheets together and she opened the balcony door as the door handle of the room rattled and opened...

Yugi sat on the sofa as Joey flicked channels on the TV set.

"Come on Yug', enjoy Malik free time while we have it," Joey told his friend.

"We also have a Ryou free time," Yugi pointed out. Joey sighed, Yugi would never give up on believing some one could change.

"It if makes ya feel any better Yugi, I doubt they've gone far... they're in Osaka remember," Joey said, picking up some corn chips and eating them. He offered some to Yugi who politely refused.

"I just can't help thinking while we're stuck here eating corn chips and watching TV that they're stuck in Osaka somewhere," Yugi said as Joey chomped away more.

"What do you want us to do Yug'? Go to Osaka and rescue dem?" Joey snorted, turning his attention back to the TV.

"You know, Joe..." Yugi said.

"What?" Joey asked, not taking his eyes off the TV screen.

"You might just have an idea there," Yugi said, his face oddly blank.

"Right, Yug', and how are we gonna get there? Our little private jet with our little private army," Joey joked, flicking the channel once again.

"Joey, you're a genius!" Yugi exclaimed, standing up.

"Now that's a first," Joey said, then looking up at Yugi. "You seriously want to go to Osaka? Today? Now?"

"Why not Joey?" Yugi asked, thinking about the whole idea in his head, planning it out.

"Because A, we have school, and B, are you insane?" Joey asked. "We better get the Puzzle back quick, your brain's leaking out without it."

Yugi cracked a smile, "no, I'm serious, we can-" Yugi was cut off by the sound of a bark. He and Joey exchanged looks and ran down into the Turtle Game Shop. "What's going on Grandpa?" Yugi asked.

"The dog just appeared outside the shop," the man replied. Yugi and Joey looked down at the dog Aurora had previously owned.

"Jessy?" Joey asked, the dog was barking madly at Yugi, baring her teeth. "Whoa, down girl," Joey said, as the dog's hackles raised. She had never had a problem with Yugi before, why now? "Yugi, go upstairs, we'll take care of Beethoven," Joey said, reaching for Jessy's collar it snapped for him, her eyes seemed oddly bright.

"What does she want?" Yugi asked, as Teá Gardner and Tristan Taylor entered the shop.

"You found Jessy," Tristan smiled, but when he saw the dog growling his smile dropped. "Aye." He said, as the dog advanced on Yugi.

Suddenly there was a crash from outside and the windows of the Game Shop exploded as two gaint dogs growled from outside.

"These dogs cost a bomb," Joey joked weakly as Jessy turned her attention to the dogs. She launched herself at the overgrown mutated canines but was no match for their strength. Teá screamed to attract the rest of the shops occupants attention as one of the monsters grabbed Yugi. Tristan and Joey both lanched themselves at Yugi, grabbing his hands and trying to pull him off the dogs. The dog on the left hit Joey away as if he was nothing more than a ragdoll, it turned to Tristan who ducked the dog's first tail swipe but got hit on the second. As the dogs made for the broken window Teá hurled anything she could at the dogs, trying to draw their attention, it was no use. Both Joey and Tristan were out cold on the floor of the shop and Yugi was gone.

Yugi Muto awoke to icy blue eyes looking over him, his vision adjusted and he clearly saw Aurora, Ryou and Malik all standing in front of him.

"He had it bad," Aurora commented, she was holding ice to Yugi's head. "Those dogs really gave him the old one-two-three."

"What's- what's going on? Where am I?" Yugi asked, sitting up. His head was painful and his side felt like a few ribs were broken; he shouldn't of sat up so quickly.

"Welcome to your new home," Aurora told him. Yugi looked around at the hotel room, the balcony door was open and there was a rope made of bed covers on the balcony itself. "And if we don't hurry and get out of here your Millenium Puzzle's gonna go bye bye to Damien's big client."

Yugi frowned, he'd been kidnapped? Why? And by who? The last question was pretty simple to answer, Damien of course, but it still didn't explain why.

"The Scarab is gone," Yugi said, feeling his neck. Ryou held it up sadly and gave Yugi a small smile.

"Come on, I'm not playing babysitter while you guys do all the work, I'm a girl not a housewife," Aurora said, pushing past them but Malik stood in front of the balcony door.

"You'll most likely fall off the balcony and flatten yourself on the ground," he told her. "So go straight ahead and just do a neat little over-dramatic fall now and we'll all pretend to cry for you while we party."

"Quite the charmer aren't you?" Aurora asked, her arms crossed. "I don't plan on jumping off a balcony at this point in time, though I am inclined to push someone off though... I reserve the right to do that."

"Can you reserve the right to shut up and not challange anyone to a duel while we go out the room for five seconds?" Malik retorted.

"You blame me for being in here?" Aurora asked. "Please, as if I did anything, I did nothing."

"Exactly, you did nothing!" Malik snapped, Aurora started towards him but Ryou's look made her stop.

"You think it's my fault gaint dogs stole your Millenium Item?" Aurora snorted, looking away in disbelief and rolling her eyes.

"No, it's your fault we lost them again!" Malik reminded her. "Face the facts, you're useless at dueling."

"I don't need to listen to this," Aurora said. "Can you stop pointing the finger for one minute so we decide on how to get out of here?"

Yugi ignored the two duelists and pulled his desk out, checking that the God cards were still there. Yugi breathed a sigh of relief, obviously Damien wasn't after the God cards; It made a nice change, but it still didn't make the fact he wanted the Millenium Items go away.

"Just shut up!" Aurora said to Malik, she looked away from him to stop herself attacking him.

"Say it with me... you're a baka and you can't duel," Malik sneered, getting angry himself.

"Okay, you're a baka and you can't duel, happy?" Aurora asked.

"Can we stop it?" Ryou asked desperately. Aurora looked at him and chucked the pillow down onto the sofa, narrowly missing it and falling to the floor. Aurora just sneered at the people in the room and sat on the cushion.

"This bites," Aurora commented from her position on the floor.

"So we've established," Ryou continued, as he looked around the hotel room, "I guess there's nothing for it, we're going to have to climb down the balcony." The rooms occupants, save Aurora, exchanged looks and looked over at the balcony door, then over at Aurora as if mentally telling each other she would be going first.

Aurora looked down, worry and fear was clearly the only thing on her mind at the moment.

"Come on!" Malik snapped impatiently, almost kicking Aurora in the head. She looked up and was about to say something when she let go of the blanket rope and fell hard on the ground on her already painful back. Malik landed gracefully next to her on his feet, followed by Ryou and finally Yugi.

"So what are we going to do now?" Ryou asked, as he and Yugi helped Aurora to her feet.

"We go to the Aquariam and we get the Items back," Aurora said, conclusively.

"Well, unless you haven't noticed, we haven't got any money and we're in the middle of Osaka," Malik replied, emotionlessly. Aurora didn't reply, she just bit her lip and grinded her teeth together in a bid to remain in control.

"Okay, please, you two don't even speak to each other," Yugi chimed in. "We have to get the Items back!" Malik and Aurora both fell quiet after that, but Aurora was bubbling with rage. Malik really did dance on her very last nerve and she suspected the Duelist was a little over his head; for some reason Malik felt the same about Aurora. Ryou and Yugi could sense the mutual hate between the two and stepping in between was no option, if the two started arguing in the streets of Osaka someone would notice them, and they're plan was not to be noticed.

"How do we get into the Aquariam? The place is expensive," Ryou said as they walked down an alleyway.

"We could break in," Malik suggested, but the looks from the others told him his idea went unappreciated.

"We need money and we're going to need a lot of it," Aurora said, looking at the price of a sandwich in a cafe window.

"A map would help," Yugi added, looking around as if one would jump out at them.

"What is it with you men?" Aurora asked, exasperated. "We simply ask for directions to the Aquariam, then we'll figure out how to get in."

"Damien's probably sold them all now," Ryou said, sadly. When Malik laughed the group looked over at him, looking confused.

"I don't think he's in a hurry, he expects us to come... he's trying to sell a complete set, but the nearest he's going to get is The Millenium Puzzle, The Millenium Rod, The Millenium Ring and obviously The Millenium Eye and The Millenium Key... he's waiting for us to turn up and he's going to get the Eye off Ryou and the Key off Yugi," Malik told them, plainly.

"Why didn't he take them before?" Aurora asked, breaking her code of silence to Malik.

"Who knows, maybe he wants to win them in a duel so his client can use it," Malik replied.

Yugi looked around, noticing a group of people congragating around a town map, Aurora followed his gaze and walked over.

"Excuse me," she asked, but they didn't take any notice, the rest of the group joined them, trying to see the somewhat mouldy map over the groups heads'.

"Excuse me," Yugi asked too, the nearest girl looked over at him and shook her her head, scoffing. Aurora lashed out, grabbing the girl and turning her round.

"You heard the dude, out the way," she said, pushing the girl out the way angerily.

"There was no need for that Aurora," Yugi said, as the girl brushed herself off and the group moved away, shooting Aurora looks.

"Wasn't there?" Aurora asked, checking the map but finding herself lost. Not being an expert at mapreading she decided to read about the city instead.

"The Aquariam's that way," Ryou told them, looking down the highstreet, it was full of cafes and was bustling with tourists and people shopping.

"We're off to see the fishes then," Aurora said, starting to walk away but the others didn't follow. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Come on, follow the brick road. We need enthusiam, we need spirit, we need confidence!" she smiled.

"We need money," Yugi added.

"We'll worry and panic when we get there, Toto, for now, let's get to the place," Aurora said, she was trying her best to be optimistic, but it definitely did not come across as her strong point. The others looked sadly at each other untill Ryou spoke up.

"She's right, Aurora is right; we need to concentrate," Ryou said, walking after Aurora, the others followed quickly after, faith restored. When Aurora started to hum under her breath Malik seemed to get annoyed, although he didn't say anything. Finally, Malik's could take it no longer.

"Shut up!" he growled, as Aurora looked over at him, a little hurt.

"Take my advice, get anger management," she asked, looking down the street, she avoided shoppers and the group constantly got split as people walked quickly without consideration of anyone else it seemed.

"Take my advice and take your own advice," Malik retorted as Yugi and Ryou winced, knowing the fighting was about to bubble up again.

"What do we do?" Teá Gardner asked, she, Joey and Tristan were all sitting in her living room, thinking carefully.

"First Ryou, then Aurora, then Malik, then Yugi... if my hunch is right the next on the missing list will be Kaiba," Tristan said, drinking a soda slowly.

"As if moneybays will listen to us, he'll just think we're insane and then he'll go get himself kidnapped," Joey replied, he too also had a soda clutched in his hand. He was applying more and more pressure to the soda can so it was was starting to be crushed in the middle. He could hardly believe he had let Yugi get kidnapped, and no matter what Teá told them he and Tristan blamed themselves for Yugi's disappearance.

"We could try, if we can convince Mokuba his brother's going to be kidnapped Mokuba can convince Seto," Teá said, getting up to get her jacket. "We better go now, those dogs probably won't waste much time before trying to take him."

"Why are we trying to save moneybags anyway?" Joey asked, not moving from the sofa. "I mean, it's not as if he'd ever return the favour if it was us," Joey calmly pointed out before draining the last of his soda.

"Because although Kaiba isn't on our Christmas list, Joey, no one deserves to be dragged off by gaint dogs," Teá said, she opened her front door only to find Ishizu Ishtar standing before her, looking worried.

Sometime later the group were all assembled in Teá's living room once again, the worry had spread from Ishizu to all of them.

"So, let us get this straight, once all the cards and Scarabs are placed in the seal something big, that happened five thousand years ago, will return?" Joey asked, his face paling at the very words. Ishizu nodded sadly and Teá sighed, they'd need their own miniature army to fight those dogs off.

"I think I know what Yug' was going on about before he was taken," Joey said. "I said private jet and he seemed to think the idea might work... who's the only guy we know to have a private jet around here? One at his dispense at any hour of the day?" Joey looked around the people in the room proudly, he somehow knew what Yugi's idea had been now.

"You're going to ask Kaiba to lend his jet to us?" Tristan asked, looking like he was going to laugh. "Yeah, I can see it now 'I know we hate each other Kaiba and I know we've never got along, but can we borrow your expensive private jet?'." Joey knew the idea seemed more than a little absurd but on some level he had the feeling Kaiba wouldn't refuse if they offered him something in return, perhaps another rematch with Yugi.

"We have to try, think of all the things and people at stake, the Millenium Items, Yugi, Ryou, Aurora..." Joey said, thinking carefully.

"My brother," Ishizu added.

"The other Yugi," Teá also said.

"The world?" Tristan said, feeling worried once again.

"Now that's a new notion," Joey said as he jumped to his feet.

Yugi was sat on a bench as a shadow fell over him, he looked up into the face of Suayo Katayen, the boys light green hair shining in the sunlight. The boy opened his mouth to say something when someone else strode over beside him, and without warning Aurora had punched him square in the face. He staggered but showed no pain, it was if he couldn't even feel the punch. Suayo wiped blood from his jaw and looked at his hand, as if observing a rather intresting artifact rather than his own blood.

"Hello to you too," Suayo said, as Yugi frowned.

"You've met?" he asked, looking between the two worriedly, Aurora looked extremely mad and Suayo... Suayo didn't show any emotion what-so-ever.

"Oh we've met alright," Aurora growled, she made foward to hit the boy again but Yugi jumped up, stopping her. Aurora had been checking out another map as Yugi had been sitting on the bench, she had seen Suayo come over and her anger had gotten the best of her. "This is the guy that lost you your Millenium Puzzle, Yugi; let me punch him," Aurora snapped. The truth was her knuckles hurt but all she wanted was to vent her frustration on Suayo.

"I did not 'lose it', if I remember correctly you were the one that lost Yugi his Millenium Puzzle..." Suayo looked around to make sure no one was listening. "I've come here to take you to Damien... I hate to see the man get his own way after bossing about his workers so hard, I'd love to see that smirk wiped off his face."

Ryou joined the group, he had a bottle of water in his hand and when he saw Suayo he too looked angry.

"It's okay Ryou, he isn't going to attack us," Yugi told him. Ryou looked, if possible, more angry that Suayo was talking to Yugi as if the whole incident was nothing at all.

"Don't listen to him Yugi, he's a liar," Ryou told him, as sternly as he could possible muster.

"Not to meantion a thieving, lying, horrible piece of scum," Aurora cut in as Malik watched her direct her anger elsewhere in amusement.

"I don't need an introduction, thankyou," Suayo said coolly. "I am a hundred percent truthful here, I am promising to take you to Damien and getting your Millenium Items back, you should be thanking me and-"

"We know you want something so push off," Aurora snapped, she grabbed the glass bottle fromn Ryou's hand and raised it, but before she could do anything a hand had stopped her. Malik. "You crazy little... What is wrong with you?" Aurora asked, pulling her hand from him as Ryou took back his water.

"What is wrong with you more like? Are you sure I'm the crazed one here?" Malik asked. "You can't bottle a guy on the streets, you should know that."

"I wasn't going to bottle him as such, just shove it down his throat," Aurora growled, she looked truely agitated as she tried to hold her anger back.

Yugi looked between the four now, seeing an obvious conflict; where Malik wanted to trust Suayo Ryou didn't want to have anything to do with him, as for Aurora... she wanted to bottle him. Yugi sighed heavily as Malik and Aurora started to snap at each other again and Ryou and Suayo watched in almost amusement, neither wanting to come inbetween.

"Okay, stop it," Yugi said finally, he wondered if he had done the right thing as Aurora shot him a look, then brust into laughter.

"I'm sorry, I was taking my anger out on someone not worthy of it; I don't want to waste my breath on low life scum," Aurora snapped, Yugi put his hand to his forehead and shook his head slowly as the fight erupted again.

"Shut up and listen!" Suayo said, the two were instantly quiet, looking angerily at Suayo. "If we don't hurry up the Items are going to be sold and you're never going to see them again. Stop your squabbling like an old married couple and listen, and listen good. I will take you to Damien and you will be thankful, you will get the Items back and you won't say a word of how I helped you get in, deal?"

Aurora looked shocked into silence, she hadn't expected such an emotionless boy to have so much rage built up inside of him, more out of awe than fear she nodded slowly, agreeing absently. Malik just sneered over at Suayo as Yugi sighed with relief, although Ryou still looked unsure.

"If you decieve us again..." Ryou began, but Suayo laughed loudly.

"If I wanted to decieve you I would just get the Eye and Key off you now, I'm not one to hang about, I'm not reknown for my patience," Suayo replied, he turned around and started to walk towards the end of the street. The group exchanged looks and sighed, following him even though they doubted him.

"If anything happens, this is your fault!" Aurora said, pointing to Malik before he turned to her.

"Shut up, dear," he growled back, obviously he had taken the married couple comment a little too personally.