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Wanda's Letter to Pietro


I am clutching the pen as I write this, clutching it in anger. Angry because of the constant confusion that seems to plague my mind, and no thing makes me more confused then you do. Well, you and my own self-confusion. For some reason I have this nagging feeling that I'm not what I am supposed to be, that my life is nothing more than an elaborate scheme, and that my life really isn't my own. Have you ever felt this? I am being serious when I ask. I am sorry to insult the wonderful Quicksilver, but I was just wondering if sometimes you also felt confused by your life? Or is it just some random adolescent self-identity thing?

I can't understand it. At times, I see you look at me like you are sad, but I can't figure out why. I remember when we were children and you used to let me comfort you, but for a long time you have been far too standoffish, and I just wish you would tell me why or what it is I did to make you dislike me. I feel that there has been this huge gap between us, almost like we haven't seen each other in years, and that the connection I once felt so strongly has diminished. I can't sense you. I can't sense what your feeling. It is like you have cut yourself off from me and that scares me. It doesn't scare me as in terrify or scream, but it scares me in an insecure way. A way that confuses me.

God, Pietro, I have never felt so confused. Your behavior baffles me. You were so happy when dad died. Don't think I didn't see that smile play across your lips when we got the news. How could you be happy? This man loved us. I was mourning while you, dear brother, were busy coming up with the world's worst get rich quick scheme.

I remember as children, before our mother died, our father wasn't the best dad on the planet, but he stepped up and did his job when he had stopped grieving. What do you expect? The man lost his wife, and we were constant reminders of her. If that is the reason for your hatred, don't you think it is about time you grew up? I did. I remember that had all this anger and rage for him, but to tell you the truth, I have no idea why. It feels good to let go of the rage, Pietro. You should try it sometime. He has more than proven his love for us since then. This also confuses me, because his behavior right before his death greatly resembles the never home and cold man he was when we were young, and it doesn't seem to match up. Still though the man was our father, and gave us everything we need and almost everything we wanted.

Do you remember that day on the subway? It was the first time you ever told me straight up that he deserved what he got. You also told me that he wasn't the loving father I remember. What did you mean by that? My anger and confusion were what caused that subway to derail. And that seemed to be a blessing in disguise. As I remember, you were nice to me that day. It was as if you no longer wanted to me sad or hurt. You tried to tell me that the subway incident wasn't my fault and that any number of things could have caused the subway to derail, but we both knew the truth. You have no idea how that felt. You being kind and brotherly to me. I want to know why you don't do it anymore, and when did it change?

I know when I changed it changed the day I got back from the ski lodge with Todd. I could still kill that lovesick amphibian from kissing me. I just know that up until that day things were wonderful. If you are upset about that kiss, don't blame me, blame Todd. He stole the image inducer and tricked me into believing he was tall, blonde, and handsome. That is the only thing I can think of that could ever affect your behavior toward me, but that is a stupid reason even for you. Pietro, you aren't even that bitchy. It is a ridiculous reason. Or is there something I'm missing? I don't like that you are upset with me, but how can we possibly fix it and heal if you never talk to me about it?

Do you remember our thirteenth birthday? It was our first boy-girl party. I think it was just because father did not want to go through the drama of throwing two separate birthday parties. You were so nervous around all my school friends. It is hard to believe you are the arrogant ladies man you are today. Anyway, we were cleaning up after wards, and I asked you why you had been so nervous. You told me you didn't know how to dance. I tried to teach you that night. It was so hilarious. Your ability had just come out and you kept speeding up. That was the best birthday I can remember.

I know that we both are stubborn, but you are forgetting that I do know you Pietro. You need me as much as I need you. Nothing will ever change that. You've always needed me. You were obviously the better one. The carefree one, but we needed each other, and I always saw our relationship as 50:50. Now, I am not quite so sure. I can't understand how you could shut yourself off from me. I need you, Pietro. I need my Pietro. Not this strange person you have become. Not this arrogant you, or the ladies-men you. I need the sweet, funny, carefree boy I've known all my life. Not this strange shell of a teenager that seems to be cut off from his emotions. You were the more outwardly emotional of both of us. Do you remember I would hold you during your nightmares, and you would cry on my shoulder?

I need you now, because I am the one having the nightmares. All I remember is that I am standing on a bridge and I see this fire, but I am not afraid and the sight of the flames just makes me angry beyond all imagining. I am sure that the flames represent some metaphorical shit about the fact that I am growing up, and I will be an adult soon, but the dream makes me wake up in sweats. Cold sweats. My brain won't let me sleep after. I need you. I need your shoulder.

The question is, can you be there for me the way I was for you?

Pietro, I hope you remember all the good times. I would like to take you dancing sometime.



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