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How it all started

I walked up the driveway to the mansion. My old home. My former safety nest where I would stay up late with my old friends and not worry if we were to be killed the next day. Well at least not right then I didn't have to worry. I came back. Who would of guessed? Me of all people. After everything has happened I came back to the place that caused me so much pain and hurt. It was unbelievable. But my heart was telling me it was the right thing to do with everything happening in the world I needed to get back into contact with the old team. That and the Professor called me back but hey it was my choice to actually show up or not. I think for the most part everyone would bet that I wouldn't show. But they would be wrong by far.
I was standing in front of the grand looking door that I had in the past entered so many different times trying to escape the world and go back into my own little world. I'd sneak up to my room and hide until dinner and that's the only time they would see me outside my little piece of comfort. They's see me then and for danger room sessions but that would be it. I felt a shudder run through my body and it wasn't from being so nervous to see everybody again. It was a reminder of that last day I spent here before I just had to leave. Leave the only place I was accepted. Well at least most of the time.
The door made a creaking sound as I pushed it open and then I stepped forward into the old foyer. It was quiet. It's never quiet. When has it ever been quiet? 'It figures when I gone everyone leaves everyone else alone.' I thought slightly amused at my own comment. It was true. It was never peaceful when I wanted it to be so I could think and concertrate on myself and my issues, but now when I want a huge mass of people coming to find me they're not here. It figures.
It had been so long since I had seen the old hall where Jean was rushed through when her powers went hay-wire. Or when Storm and Mystique battled it out to see who would win to be of the chosen few to follow Magneto. That man was so arrogant it still doesn't surprise me when Pietro boasts about himself. It must be a family trait. This whole time that I was thinking I was studying the walls of the entrance. They were decorated with pictures of weddings and births and even the picture of when the whole gang had stopped the MRA from passing.
A certain picture popped out of me. It was Scott and Jean's wedding picture. They looked so happy and they probably still are. They've always been meant for each other and yet they were so stupid to go out with other people because they didn't know about their feelings. During those high school years, after my little crush on Scott was over, I wanted to kill those two because of how ignorant they were being. I could of smacked them but then they would have still not of gotten it because of their shyness. Please!
Another picture proceeded to capture my attention and it was of Kitty and Piotr's wedding day. Of course Kitty had a pale pink dress, even if white really would have suited her better. And I was maid of honor dressed in head to toe in a hot pink puffy flowered dress. That was the one time I would have eaten my own words of 'I'll do anything for ya' to Kitty. It was so horrible I can't even begin to imagine how much will power I must have used to not shed that awful dress with a pair of scissors. But I didn't amazing enough and Kitty was so happy. It almost made me cry. Almost.
The last picture I glimpsed at was the MRA picture. I wasn't there but everyone else was. It was taken after I left. I had seen the news that night while I was training in a city gym and the broadcast came on and I saw my old team. They were together and celebrating the whole ordeal. But a reporter mentioned an assassination attempt on Xavier's life and I almost let the Juggernaut's strength go when I hit the punching bag. If I had been there the guy would be dead before he got within fifteen yard of the Professor. But thankfully Wolverine was able to see the bullet and take it for the Prof. Good thing he heals quick otherwise......I don't want to think about that.
Suddenly I felt a slight tug on the corner of my long black leather jacket and it rattled my chains coming off of it. I was half expecting Kitty partly phased through the floor but when I turned around it was a small little boy. He had chestnut hair and a striking bright green eyes. I knew he was. The eyes gave it away. He was Jean and Scott's boy, Danny. He was cute but he looked very seriously at me like I was an intruder. I gave him a small smile and he seemed to relax just a tiny bit. But hey what can you expect from a child that has grown up in mutant manor?
"Hey, I'm Rogue. Is your daddy Scott?" I tried to ask nicely as best I could and until now I realized he was still holding on to my coat but relinquished it after giving some thought to my innocent question. At least it was for me.
"Yeah that's my daddy. What do you want with him? Are you an old friend?" He looked puzzled at me and I couldn't blame him. I had lived most of the years away in New York City and I started to dress that way. Besides my coat I had on a tight black tank top and black leather pants with sliver chains coming off of them too. I hardly looked like the friendly type to a child. But if I didn't watch my step he could easily blow at me. He was Jean's kid after all.
"You could say that. Can you go get him please?" He nodded and took off running up the stairs. I was guessing he was up there or the kid didn't know where his own parents were. But with Scott and Jean's brains I'm more sure he knows what he's doing. It wasn't more than two minutes when I heard a herd of footsteps. First thought was 'Stamped everybody down!' but then I remembered that's how it always sounded like when everyone was in a rush.
Scott was the first to reach the landing of the stairs and stopped dead. Jean came up behind him with Danny in her arms and Kurt sped up next to her. Scott gulped and collected himself as he walked down the stairs dignified and proud. I wanted to laugh so badly then but my good side wouldn't let me. Seeing his face like that was just funny. This was the same kid who had a male vs. male fight with Duncan Matthews over Jean, and now was the sole leader of the X-Men. When he reached me he did something I was totally shock to see him do. I picked me up and hugged me while twirling. God help me. I think he might have been on crack.
"Rogue! I'm so glad your back! This team has missed you so much!"-he put me down and I was slightly red from the embarrassing show of emotions but it faded.-"Where have you been? I was worried sick! You leave when your seventeen after finishing high school and now your back three years later! Do you know how much sleep I lost over you?" I gave him the most confused look. He had missed sleep over my where-abouts? That doesn't sound like the Scott I remember. Wait! Scratch that it sounds exactly like the Scott I use to fight side by side with.
"Thanks for the warm welcoming Scott. You really make a girl feel welcomed." I smiled although my words were a little bit sarcastic. His mouth opened a millimeter and he caught what I was saying. It was about time his mouth and mind became as one don'tchaya think?
"Rogue that's not what I meant. I mean I missed you, Kitty more than anyone else and well Kurt could tie with her....." Jean came up next to him and poked him in the side. He scrunched back while Danny was put into his arms. Jean smiled warmly(which I wasn't expecting) and hugged me. That threw me off track somewhat too. I missed a lot I take it eh?
"Rogue sorry for Scott but honestly he has been worried sick."-Scott nodded glad his wife was on his side-"Welcome back. Hopefully you'll be staying....?" That was my cue to say something.
"Most likely yeah but I change like the winds do so I'm not promising anything. Although things look promising." Kurt ported next to me and I have to admit scared the crap out of me. It's been three years since my 'brother' has done that. Sue me! Just give me time to readjust and I'll be fine.
"Rogue you have to stay! Do you know how long you've been gone? You can't abandon your family right?" He pulled me into a hug and I kept a mental note of how many times I've been hugged the first ten minutes I was back. 'There probably more where this came from.' But I did miss the blue furball, he was family although in public you can't pry that out of me with any amount of money.
"Kurt it's good to see you. But if you don't let go where-ever I go after this world I can guaranteed that I won't be coming back." He had held me so tightly that I think I was the same color as him. There's the family resemblance if anyone asks. He let go suddenly and blushed.
"Sorry it's been awhile and I've been training more. I guess I don't know my own strength anymore." Kurt rubbed the back of his neck clearly apologetic for his actions.
"It's okay Kurt just don't try to choke me again and we'll all be happy."-He smiled and I picked up the duffel bag that had been on the floor since I first laid eyes on the photographs. I almost forgot it with everything happening around this place. Home sweet home I reckon.-"So is my room in the same place or did it get changed to equip the growing mutant population here?" Jean smiled at my comment when I less than obliviously directed it toward the already married couple.
"No we didn't touch your room. It's still across from my old one only now it's someone else's room." I nodded. I didn't need to know who was there. I was here to help the team whatever the problem may be, not to socialize. I waved good bye and headed to my room, hopefully it was still in my crushed velvet black and burgundy as it was before. But knowing Jean and Kitty I highly doubt it with all my being.
I walked like a mouse to my old room and it was so weird to be back after all this time. The big mess that happened was just to much to bare anymore and getting away did help, don't get me wrong only, I missed my family. I had finally mazed around the mansion a lot was redecorated and found the doorway to my temple; my room. I had to sigh. I just couldn't wait to get back here and to be safe again, what ever that means.
Only something caught me off guard. It was loud music coming from the room across from mine and it was muffled from the closed door so I couldn't begin to guess what type of music. It was a total deja vu. It was like that night that everything started. I began to tremble at the memories that began to enter my mind. I didn't want to remember this. Not now. Not here. And defiantly not during this time of night with a telepathic owner for a mentor. But to all my holding the repressed memories flooded me and I was drowning under the pressure to relive it.


I came home one night tried and exhausted from shopping with Kitty. The girl shopped for fun, exercise and for the hell of it. She was like the energizer bunny high on something because she was just so fast. Pietro couldn't boast there. Anyway I went up to my room and there was a loud heavy metal band playing down the hall form me. That odd because down the hall was the boy's dorm and I knew not one of them liked that kind of music. Kurt had the easy rock, same as Scott only he liked country too. Petey had foreign music he had brought with him from his home country and Bobby had rap. You know the kind that talks about how big a girl's chest is, that sort of thing. And Remy had jazz so it baffled me to know who was playing it.
I followed it and it landed me at Remy's door. Again odd because this wasn't his music nor Scott's. It was wasn't his style. Trust me on this. So I did what any curious teenage noisy girlfriend would do. I opened the door. Boy was it dark and spooky kind-of. Now I'm not saying I was afraid of the dark but normally there is always a light on in their room. I looked over on Scott's side and he wasn't there so it wasn't him. I nodded to myself; I knew I had been right there. I fully opened the door and on the bed was Gambit making love to Belladonna. I had to re-blink and focus my eyes in the darkness. The shock overwhelmed me. I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out. A surge of splitting striking pain went through me and I closed the door in a daze.
I walked to the wall opposite of that disgusting scene leaned against it. I still remembered my original thoughts. 'Remy and I had been together for about a year at the most. Why would he do this?' Nowadays I can't pinpoint how long but it was around there somewhere. I slid down the wall and landed on the floor with a thud that didn't phase me. Hot burning tears ran down my pale cheeks and it hurt so much as to breathe. The pain just throbbed along with my sobs and it didn't stop no matter the force of my will power. 'He promised me protection and patience. He promised me his heart and me to him. And most of all he promised he wouldn't hurt me at all.' That's what burned the most. This man snuck into my heart and planted the seed of hope and love.
Because of him I tried to live normally as best as an untouchable could do. I actually laughed when I was with him and he was the cause for it. He didn't know how much I just needed him to be with me or how much I just wanted him to tell me that 'he loved me'. Crouching on the floor in the hallway it was silent. Not one person wanted to see what the music was about or the crying. In fact I was surprised that the Professor didn't sense my breaking heart.
They say love is a funny thing. Damn straight it is. There are two parts to it. The wonderful side where you feel free and warm and like your spinning around at full speed on a merry-go-round and your losing control but it just feels natural. Remy made me feel that way. But he also inflicted the horrible side to loving someone. The betrayal, the grief, the heartache. The pain was so intense that I swallowed to keep even more tears to run down my face.
I got up off the floor still feeling terribly sulked, and just plain angry with him and myself. I had let a boy to come into my shield that kept others at bay and myself safe. I let myself to get hurt and walked upon. I shook those thoughts from my head. I walked slowly back to my room trying to control my overburdening emotions, but I failed miserably. I had to get away. So I ran faster, faster and faster still until I was in my room out of that obscene area and away from the hurt. I sat on my bed waiting for more tears and they wouldn't come. They couldn't come. I had cried myself out.
A giant pulse ran through me and it startled me. The source was my heart. It had broken in half. People say you can't die from a broken heart but at that time it would of been heaven instead of the hell I was living. I suddenly felt extremely tried and got into bed. When I awoke the next dat I found my pillow soaked form the tears that had fallen during that tremulously long night. I made the decision then to live this place. My home.


So now as you can tell I wasn't really in the mood to deal with the whole household. Not after I heard from Kitty a few months back that Belladonna had joined the crew. That's right, she's an X-Men. I feel sorry for whoever she's protecting. Okay so maybe I came back for more than two reasons. I had to see the assassin at work. I needed to prove to myself that I was indeed better than her. Only time would tell right? But even if I don't get to see her in work then hey I could always start something with her. I owe her.
When I turned the knob to enter my room I held my breath. I shut my eyes and entered it. I really didn't want to open my eyes. I didn't want to see pink and blue drapes. Or a dozen different stuffed animals all over. I wanted my room back the way I left it. But I couldn't walk around the room eyes closed the whole time here so I took a chance and opened them.
"Oh praise the lord! My room's safe!" I threw my hands up into the air and laughed at my ridiculousness. I had to expect. It was a ver important thing to do. The pillows were the same. Same bed, same curtains, same colors. I was in bliss. Then I made my way to my dresser. I was praying they didn't throw out any of my old perfumes. I missed my vanilla and rose scents. I inspected like I was in a crime scene, barely touching anything and just picking up one thing at a time. My perfumes were still there, dust extra. I looked into the mirror that had plagued my existence through my high school years.
But something caught my eye clipped into the vanity just sitting there. The edges were folded down and was slightly dusty from not being moved. It was a bit yellow but if you looked fast you couldn't tell. It was the playing card Remy had given me when he kidnaped me all those years ago. I picked it up and turned it over in my hand. The back was just the same as the front dusty and all. I felt new emotions at that moment. Hatred clouded my mind and the next thing I knew the card was in the waste bucket. 'Good bye my past. Good bye Remy. Hello my future.' That felt uplifting. But there was the small problem of unpacking my stupid shit but I guess there was always that problem when moving back to a certain place huh? Can't always win. Scott should take a class in that.
I spilled my duffel bag on top of my bed and thankfully my radio was still intact. I blared the music. I think I top the person across the halls volume, and proceeded to put my clothes away just as how I use to when I was seventeen. I threw them in the draw. Why mess with traditions? During this entire time I was humming to get my mind off of the past and looking forward to seeing everyone. Boy did I miss everyone except a few choice people, but I won't say their names only because I don't want to gag on those words.
I continued to throw my clothes in the dresser and didn't even acknowledge that someone had been pounding on my door for the past five minutes. What can I say? I'm a selective listener. But I soon found out who it was for I looked up and saw that my door was glowing a red/pink/orange color. 'Oh no! Not him! Of all the god damn people to come to tell me my music is too loud it has to be him? No matter. I'll just make sure he doesn't do this suicidal thing again.' I ran over to my stereo system across from my bed and turned it down all the way. I looked back to my door and it was still charged.
"Jubilee Bobby get out of that room right now! You both know you ain't allowed in there!" This was incredible. He thinks I'm the two newest members of the group fooling around in here because I'm bored! How thick headed can one freakin' Cajun be? The door stopped glowing and knew then that he had finally realized he was accidentally charging it. The guy sure could be stupid when he wanted to be. I put my ear to the door and listened. It was dead quiet out there. 'Maybe he gave up and ran back to Bella?' I had to say it. Nothing wouldn't of fitted better. But to my amazement a loud thud came from the other side of the door. He was still at it!
"I know both of you are in there. Get the hell outta there right now!" The pounding was incessant and frankly it was giving me a headache. I've had enough of this. Before he was able to get another hit on my door I swung it open and stood there quiet and calmly. He took a step backwards when I did this, I almost positive that his mouth hit the floor and made a b-line for the basement. He looked so surprised at my entrance, I fought the urge to smile. It would of given him the wrong idea as to what I was smiling about.
"Yes? Can I help you with something Gambit?" He blinked regaining composure and gawked at me. Yes I was really showing more skin than anyone has remembered me of doing but that gave him no right to just stare mouth ajared and all.
"Rogue it's been a long time." His voice seemed tiny and almost boyish. Not the smouldering voice that sent chills through my spine when I was a teenager. He looked me up and down and if I wasn't use to this attention from NYC then I would have felt embarrassed but I was calm cool and collected. But it did piss me off that he was checking me out. I mean doesn't he remembered how he treated me or how he made me live my safe haven just to get away from him. It sent me over the edge.
"Not long enough." I was even surprised at the coldness in my voice. I wanted it harsh so I meant it only it startled me the way it came out. And the drop of his voice made me happy that I did. I wanted him to at least act hurt at the way he acted and I just fulfilled that right then and now. I slammed the door closed in his face and I felt a surge of relief. I wasn't in the mood to deal with my old love.


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