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A Killing in the Night

We all walked into the grand study that was the Professor's. It was a large room, with a oak desk toward the other end of the door, and behind that was a huge window that over looked the front yard. There was a fireplace glowing bright red and orange ambers and only a few lights were on besides the fireplace that provided warmth but light. There was two medium size couches that faced each other each one to a side of the fireplace. The Professor himself sat in front of the fireplace in his metal wheelchair with his fingers curled at the sides of the arms of the chair. Scott, Jean, Kitty and Kurt sat in one of the couches, but Kurt wasn't really seating in the couch. He was on the back of the couch, hooked over Kitty watching the room around him. Storm, Hank and Gambit sat in the other couch. I walked to the near corner behind Scott's couch, hidden by the darkness so I could see what was happening.

"What's wrong Professor? What's going on?" Ororo asked as she sat forward with her elbow on her knees and the other ran through her white vibrant hair. I was always amazed at the grace and beauty that Storm held; I remember when I was younger I looked up to her to the point I just wanted to be like her. She had control, and I wished for nothing else besides that. The Professor turned to her and smiled slowly.

"A big problem Ororo." He rolled over to his desk and pushed a button underneath it and a giant size t.v screen popped up on the wall facing the fireplace. All the other occupants turned to it, and I followed suit. It buzzed a minute before it turned completely on and a news woman stood poised outside a warehouse building that was then erupted into flames. Kitty gasped at the sight and Scott gulped down hard at seeing charred human remains leave the building on stretchers with smoke and grimed covered firefighters carried them out. The t.v. was on mute.

I felt my body go numb as soon as my eyes landed on the scene unfolding before me. I had seen this happen twice before and each time was not a pleasant memory to remember. I shook my head trying to concentrate on what the Professor would want us to do with this mess.

"I don't understand what we are supposed to do here Charles. It seems to be taken care of, although the horrible things happening are....terrible to lay eyes on. What are we needed for?" Hank asked as he pulled his eyes away from the television screen. I looked to the Professor and his eyes locked with mine for a moment. He then looked at Hank and the others as he answered.

"This fire was caused my a criminal. It wasn't something that just happened. The news was doing a discovery of a known dangerous criminal that had moved from New York City to up here, and when the camera guy had gone inside the building exploded. Another man outside caught the footage and saw a woman dressed in leather jump from the warehouse moments before it broke into fire. I want all of you to find this woman." Scott stood up as I was left in shock. I remembered something, but it couldn't be the it?

"Is she a mutant Professor?" He shook his head.

"No, but she is looking for one as we speak." Jean looked around at everyone, except me because I was behind her and she looked up to the Professor eyes full with concern.

"What do you mean Professor? Who is she looking for, and how do you know if she is even looking for a fellow mutant? You have good powers but I doubt you could read her mind all the way here...can you?" My body tensed as the Prof wheeled into the circle of his highest trained peace makers. He folded his hands together and looked at the ground as he spoke.

"She's looking for Rogue." My mouth dropped open. 'So she is still alive.' I thought as Scott turned to look at me. He caught sight of my mouth hanging open from shock and glanced down at the Professor.

"Why? What could she possibly want with Rogue? And how does she even know she's back here?!" Scott yelled upset with the fact someone was trying to get to me when I have only been here for about a month at the most. I felt happiness swell inside of me, when I realized how much he cared. I didn't like the fact that he always had the last say in every matter, or how upsetting he could be, but for that one moment I was really proud to be called his friend.

"Who is she Prof?" I looked to the person who said it. Remy. He looked dead serious and his hand where drawn together clenching the sofa cushions in anger. I gulped at this.

"Why don't we ask Rogue?" 'Oh crap....' I thought as the Professor glanced at me and motioned for me to come forward. I did so reluctantly and stood next to the couch with Kurt hunched over the back. I bit my bottom lip in nervousness, but then I stopped. I didn't like to show any weakness and I wasn't going to start now. I clasped my hands in front of me as I let my gaze go everywhere in the room, never really looking at the people's face I was meant to talk to.

"W'at do ya' want t'know?" I asked quietly as I played with my hands. Remy cleared his throat as he sat up straight trying to suppress his urge to yell. I could tell. I could feel his emotions again, and worry was dominating over everything else.

"Who is she Rogue?" He asked, his voice slightly strained in frustration from not knowing what was happening. Only I could provide the clue to it. And my past.

"Her name is Black Panther." I said looking up from my hands and at him while looking at the others. (AN: By the way, I own her. She goes into my comic book I'm writing, but I've changed her to go along in here as a bad guy instead of a good one as in the comic. I'll explain later, just know she's mine.) Jean and Kitty turned to each other, stared for a moment then looked back at me. Kurt's face paled from worry as his eyes glowed furiously. Scott folded his arms and creased his eyebrows together trying to comprehend everything. Ororo watched me intently, not showing anything that would be considered judgement, and Hank rubbed his chin in concentration. Remy looked ready to pounce from the amounts of different energies I was getting from him. He was anxious, nervous, weirded out by everything so far and extremely interested in what I had to say. That caught me off guard.

"Continue Rogue. How do you know her?" The Prof asked as I sat down on the edge of the couch on the arm. I sighed and spoke.

"Ah fought 'er in New York. She's a big tyme crin'mal, as ya' said Professa, but that's not all. She lykes t'go out in a bang, and evatyme she robs a place, she makes it go up in smoke. Ah found her one nyght on patrol of the city and we had us a fyght then, she left." I stopped there. I knew they would have more questions now with that tid bit of information.

"Vhy vere you on patrol Rogue?" I half smiled and replied with:

"Ah lyke t'help people Kurt. An' when Ah got t'New York, Ah found some people that wanted meh to go and work wit' them, to try and save th' city from the evil doers." Scott started to pace. I cleared my throat as it had become to soft and small when I spoke my response to Kurt.

"Who are those people? Why does Black Panther want to seek you out? What happened that night and every other night you were in New York Rogue?" Scott asked as he made a trench in the carpet in the Study. I looked to the Professor for help and he nodded in acknowledgment.

"Scott, calm down. Now please sit." He motioned to a spot next to Storm and Scott did as he was told. I sighed in relief.

"Those people Scott are my friends. They took meh in, gave meh a place t'stay an' one of those girls got meh a job at the bar Evergreen Palace. Ah bartend there now. Ah was trained with more stealth to use as my a'vant'ge when Ah fought, and I learned some seduction techniques while Ah was down there. They helped meh Scott. Ya' don' hafta worry 'bout them none, Ah assured you." Storm sighed and raised an eyebrow at my explanation.

"So they're girls then Rogue?" Storm asked gently.

"Yes ma'am. There's Vixen, who taught meh some seduction techniques and got meh the job. Elaina who is the head of the team, and she's a seasoned hero down there. She's fought so many tymes it's unbelievable, and she helped me more than th' others. Ce-ce, Candice is her real name is younger than meh, around the age of sixteen. Meh an' 'er are kinda close being lyke big sista, little sista."

"How did Elaina help you Rogue?" Jean whispered. I knew she didn't want the answer but I had to give it to her. I felt as if I was betraying them somehow with what I was going to say, but it needed to be done,

"She gave meh control of my powers." I said and I looked down at the carpet finding the shade red very interesting right then. Jean exhaled deeply, I guess she was holding her breath and sat back. The room was deadly silent and no one wanted to talk. I glanced up and saw how everyone wore looks of pain, to joy, to hurt, and finally to betrayal. I winced involuntarily at those looks.

"How?" Kitty croaked out. I gulped again and watched the ceiling as I replied with:

"She, Elaina, is a smart girl. She has so much technology that she could give ya' a run fo' your money Professa." I gazed at the Professor and he smiled kindly back. I took a chance and followed to the others to see them. The expressions they wore didn't change. "But because she does, it helped t'find meh a cure. There were brain scans and the prob'em that caused my here power suckin' was located up there. So afta finding what made it happen, we did a lot of them tests, drawin' meh into my subconscious to tackle the prob'em an' Ah finally got t'th' point where my own power would work only lyke the othas."

"By your emotions." Hank said for me and I nodded in response.

"Ryght. Ah feel something that could make it happen, an' Ah suck that there person." It was quiet again, before Remy voiced a question.

"What happened to make Black Panther your enemy chere?" I felt my head dip downward as I felt my heartache out for my friend Elaina. I stared him back in the eye and said:

"Ah tried t'kill 'er."

"What!" Kitty, Jean, Kurt and Scott screamed at once.

"Why!" Hank shouted.

"Oh my Goddess..." Storm muttered.

"Non, I don't believe it!" Remy hollered. I recoiled from it all. I winced when each of them yelled and it stung me to say what I tried to do so long ago.

"Rogue, perhaps you should explain?" Professor prompted. I nodded.

"One nyght there was a lot of crime happenin'. We were all out runnin' and catchin' the bad guys, even Elaina. She normally doesn' leave 'er home t'fight because she stays back wit' 'er computer t'track us and kind of be our protector as we protect the city. But th' crimes were so much that she left th' house an' went wit' us. Black Panther had stayed off the radar fo' awhile, because well...she just didn' do any more crime or cause any trouble. But she watched us. An' she watched w'at Ah valued most in th' city. My friends. She saw that Elaina had a boyfriend, who she cared deeply fo' an' Ah have to admit Ah wasn't th' most enthusiastic when she told meh th' news that he knew all of us....as helpers of the police. But Black Panther....she found a way t'get even with meh fo' crashing 'er party b'fore."

"What did she do child?" Ororo asked fully looking at me. I licked my lips and continued.

"She watched as Elaina's boyfriend went inside afta we had left, an' she pounced then. Inside she killed him, blood marked the carpets an' walls. She just left 'im there as she went ova t'th' computer Elaina used all th' tyme. It was a high possession t'have, it contained all th' secrets all baddies wanted, an' she hacked int' it. Black Panther got t'th' security and changed it so only she could be in th' house, not us.

"When we was done, we went t'the bar fo' a few drinks. It was late an' no body was there, they had closed up. Then we got a call. Black Panther was on it, tautening us an' telling us w'at she had done. Elaina broke. She slammed th' phone into th' opposite wall an' started t'pound on th' wall. Vixen tried t'stop 'er but was just pushed 'way an' Ce-ce was too scared to do anythin'. Pretty soon, she gave up an' fell t'the floor in a heep sobbing 'er heart out. Ah walked over t''er an' she cried on my shoulda as Ah tried t'console 'er. Ah was so angry at myself fo' gettin' my friends hurt that, Ah quickly got up an' went back t'the house. Th' othas followed close behind.

"When we got back home, Ah only wanted blood. She had killed a love of a friend an' it was because of meh. Somehow thanks t'Ce-ce's trainin' we found a way int' th' house under th' alarms an' broke in th' top windows. Th' rainin' glass distracted Black Panther but she wasn't alone. She had ordered so many allies t'come t''er aid b'fore we got there that it was an all out brawl. Firs' Vixen fought Black Panther as th' rest of us battled th' other goons, an' my powers, your powers came in handy very fast. We were out numbered but Ah neva felt alone when Ah had all of y'alls in my head helping meh wit' th' fyght. Then Ce-ce got 'er shot at Black Panther but being young it didn' last long 'til she was knocked out cold fro' th' whole fyght. Vixen at least survived it an' took on some othas as Black Panther tried t'get 'way. Elaina then tried t'git Black Panther down. But she teased 'er so badly an' made 'er clumsy as th' tears flooded her eyes that she could barely fyght. She too was knocked out.

"But Ah wasn't. Ah jumped on Panther, pinnin' 'er down an' started t'slug 'er out. She finally got control of th' situation; she had two big gashes on th' side of 'er face wit' cuts bleedin' fro' my nails. She pushed meh away quickly but Ah wouldn' give up. All Ah saw was red. An' then Ah let 'er have it. Ah used Cyclops beam at 'er an' knocked 'er into a wall. Then my head throbbed an' Lance's power was activated as Ah knocked that there wall on top of 'er. She escaped by mere inches so Ah teleported ova t''er side, an' threw 'er into a wall using Jean's telekinesis. She landed wit' a deep thud an' she didn't move. Ah thought Ah killed 'er.

"Ah looked around th' room tryin' t'spot where Ce-ce an' Elaina had gone down, or where Vixen was still fyghtin'. But th' fyghtin' had stopped. Th' otha goons cleared out b'fore Ah had knocked th' wall down, prolly 'fraid of th' earthquakes Ah caused. Th' three women walked ova t'meh an' th' expressions they held made meh want t'cry. They weren't happy an' Ah knew why, Ah had killed a livin' person. They had th' same rule as we did, they don' kill. That nyght Ah went t'bed feelin' horribly sorry fo' everything Ah had done an' all the pain Ah caused...but Ah got a call. Th' Professor asked meh t'come home, sayin' that he wanted t'see how Ah was doin' and that things here needed t'be attended to. Now Ah know that he wasn' just talkin' 'bout th' problems between meh and Remy huh Prof?"

"You're right Rogue. I sensed some trouble from you and it grabbed more at me when I used Cerebro. The powers that it mapped out disturbed me and I called you so I could make sure you were alright. The fact something happened between you and Remy that needed to be address was just icing on the cake." I nodded once again and felt a tear run down my face. A blue fuzzy hand appeared on my cheek wiping it away swiftly.

"Rogue, don't beat yourself up over zhis. It's not your fault. You had to do it, for your friends. And zhe iz still alive, you didn't kill ver. But are you still friends vith zhose women in New York City?" I shrugged.

"Ah consider 'em family, lyke y'all here, but Ah don' think they could eva let meh join 'em agin." Kurt wrapped his arm around my shoulder and leaned in on me, as a one sided hug. I leant into it a bit. Remy watched me and shook his head in disbelief.

"I don't believe it chere....how...why..."

"Ah tol' ya' Remy, Ah've seen things that someone my age shouldn' hafta. An' Ah've done things that Ah shouldn' had ta do eitha. Guess ya understand now?" He nodded.

"Yea, now I do....."

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