Getting Even

By: Marauder3Moony

*An On Purpose Accident*

Disclaimer: Everything here belongs to J.K.R. I own nothing from Harry Potter.

A/N: I wrote this story as a short story having nothing to do with Harry Potter in seventh grade. I changed it slightly and it is being told from Lily's P.O.V.


Ten o'clock in the morning...

I yawned as Professor Hector, the substitute teacher, gave a long speech about all of the possibilities of accidents that could happen while making the Draught of Living Death. I knew them all because I had read a book on Potions while in detention yesterday. My first detention and it was all James Potter's fault.

My emerald green eyes glanced over at the conceited Gryffindor and his three best friends: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and worst of all, Sirius Black. Together they had earned more detentions than the entire house of Gryffindor combined.

"Is everyone clear on the directions?" Professor Hector asked the class.

"Yes, ma'am," the kids in the class dully mumbled.

"Very good. Now then, Mr. Severus Snape, why don't you come forward first and show the class how well you can perform?"

My stomach turned as I realized that Potter and his goons were sitting in the front of the class, which could spell out trouble for the Slytherin fourth year. As Severus strolled to the front of the classroom many snickers could be heard from the Gryffindors and even a few came from the Slytherins. It was clear to everyone that Severus wasn't popular among his peers.

"The ingredients are on the table," said Professor Hector. "Well what are you waiting for, Mr. Snape? Get a move on."

As though he were nervous, Severus's hands stayed almost glued to his sides as he picked up the tube and set it over the fire. The first ten minutes went by smoothly and without a single mess up. As soon as Severus added the porcupine quills he stirred the contents and took it off of the fire (after using a cooling spell).

Severus tilted the tube toward the class and as they leaned forward to look inside it I caught the evil glint in his eyes. Without warning the tube exploded and I ducked under my seat. When the dust and smoke cleared I stood up and I realized that I was the only one who hand managed to get away from the black liquid that now covered the classroom.

I looked at Potter who was wiping slime off of his robes with a disgusted look upon his face. Next to him Sirius Black was doing the same. I felt sorry for Lupin who was brushing some goop off of his brand new book, but I couldn't help but smile in satisfaction as Pettigrew struggled to his feet.

As if I just remembered that Severus was still around I looked about for him only to find that Professor Hector was dragging him out of the room by his ear, saying, "Just wait until the Headmaster hears about this!"

Severus, however, smiled to himself and mumbled so that the class could hear, "That was a bigger explosion then I thought."