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Author's Notes: This is my first thing to include Yuri EVER, so don't bite my head off.  And Shao-Lang, this is for you.

The Empty Cup

By: Chi Yagami


'Tis what a once fair face said to me.

I saw her

In the afternoon breeze.




I see you in the trees,

In the moon, sun and stars

Do I beseech

Autumn flows through her hair

And tears run down your cheeks…

She was mine once

But no more

Don't cry for me

For you, or her

Hell screams harder and faster

I am coming…

Don't leave me

You are not she,

And she will never be


The heart is a fragile thing

And mine is bent

You, king of games

Don't shed another tear

For I will heal

And find another

Poor boy whose soul

Is rendered

Can you not forgive me

For being this way?

Surely the two of you

Can build strength upon each other

Whilst I have her not…

Oh, Serenity,

Sweet lips upon mine

How could I have failed you?

We had everything


Is what I heard true?

About you just being curious?

To be queer can be shocking indeed

But I manage

First Mai…

Now you

Who will ever understand me?

Not you,

Not Yami

Nor Yugi

Not even I…

Oh, Tea,

Oh my!

Tea, I cry

What have I done to Serenity?

She used to love me… Tea

Now I'm an empty vessel

Floating in a sea of blood

Blood from my eyes


And lips

See no evil

Hear no evil Speak no evil

Hah, that's a first

Serenity was everything to me

But I must be strong

I, Tea Gardner, vow to be

The best girl I can be

Even if it means

Life without Serenity

Oh me, oh my

I shall not die

Of despair and loneliness

Or wallow in self-pity.

My heart has been broken,

But like an empty cup,

I shall be refilled.