Title: Engwidh Vallen Chains of Gold

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Author: HanaHeart

Beta: Helena

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Pairings: A/L and others

Summery: Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain, you'll break my heart forever...

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Warnings: WIP, Completely AU, Slash, Drama, Angst, Mpreg, OOCness, Torture, Rape, Violence, Slavery, mention of Child-Abuse, Character Deaths.

Disclaimer: All of LOTR characters belong to the one and only Tolkein, except for any OCs.

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There are only four Kingdoms left in Middle-Earth: Moria (Dwarves), Rivendell (Noldor elves), Mirkwood (Sindarin and Silvan elves), and Gondor (Men), plus occasional Orcs, spiders, Uruk-Hai and possible hobbits.

Lothlórien's Elves had long ago sailed to the west, and who had remained took residence in Mirkwood.

Aragorn is half-elf on his mother's side; however, he is mortal…he's known among the elves as Estel. He is 20 years-old.

Gilrean is Elros' descendant, not Arathorn.

Elrond forced Isildur to throw the One Ring into the fires of mountain Doom…and since then, men hate elves and consider them bewitched creatures.

Legolas is 2592 years-old which is equivalent to 18 years-old in human years.

Male Elves can get pregnant! They just can without further explanations!

Aragorn, Éomer and Boromir are in the same age.

Gondor is the only known man-Kingdom in Middle-Earth…Rohan used to be a Kingdom before Gondor subjected it under its crown.

A small change in Geography, Fangorn is positioned south of the Shire not near Isengard…for later purposes! (Grins)

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Chapter One: First Meetings

--- --- --- --- --- ---

It was nearly midnight when a group of seven hooded figures rode through the dark forest as fast as their horses could carry them.

Suddenly the leader of the group raised one hand, halting everyone.

"Stop." He ordered. "We will stay here for the night. Prepare the camp and make sure that it is well-hidden."

Everyone dismounted and went to carry the leader's orders...everyone expect the youngest of them all, who walked to the leader.

"Is Imladris still far, Rymir?" he asked.

Rymir looked at the young one and smiled warmly.

"Not very far, Lasgalan." He replied. "We will arrive there around noon if we leave early in the morning."

"Oh," Lasgalan said. His hand unconsciously reached out for his hood and lowered it down.

"Lasgalan put your hood back up." Rymir ordered. "Do not lower your hood until we reach Lord Elrond's House. Now go and have some rest, little one."

Sighing, Lasgalan returned his hood. If he had known that traveling would be like this, he wouldn't have stepped one foot out his homeland. It had been like this during the entire journey to Rivendell; don't lower your hood, hoods must be up all the time, no matter how hot it gets sometimes...never speak to any stranger, even if they were dying in front of your eyes...always stay near the others; don't you dare go out of their sights...

/Orders...orders...orders/ Lasgalan thought grumpily, as he returned to the camp. /It is the same as being at home around Ada...don't do this, don't do that...It's all for your safety, little one/ he sighed deeply. /I hope things will get better when we reach Imladris and get some freedom...I hope./

Rymir watched the younger elf with amusement. It was understandable that Lasgalan wanted to be free in his first trip beyond their home's borders, to go everywhere and watch everything, but this was also dangerous to them, especially nowadays...especially to him. After all, Lasgalan was only 2592 years-old.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Estel lay on the grass, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. He closed his eyes, sighing in content as the birds around him sang happily to the trees and the wind. Estel smiled to himself. His soul was relaxed, happy and at peace; something that doesn't happen, when in his homeland.

Soon, the songs of the Rivendell elves were starting to lull him to sleep. He was half-way to dreamland when someone blocked the sun from him.

Opening his eyes, he saw Elladan and Elrohir looking down at him.

"Enjoying your time, Estel?" Elladan asked teasingly.

"Yes," Estel said, frowning mockingly. "Until you two came and ruined my peaceful moment."

"Well," Elrohir said. "That way we become even. It isn't fair that you enjoy your time, while ours is ruined."

"And who would dare to ruin Rivendell's most mischievous Lords' time?" Estel asked, chuckling as he rose to a sitting position.

"I can think of four." Elladan said, putting his hand under his chin thoughtfully. "Ada, Glorfindel, Erestor and an arrogant man called Estel."

"Thank you for thinking so highly of me, Elladan." Estel snorted. "But since this is the first time I have seen you two this morning, I think I can exclude myself this time...so who was it? Lord Elrond, Lord Glorfindel or Lord Erestor?"

"The three of them!" Elrohir huffed in annoyance. "Ada informed us that we are expecting some guests today and we have to welcome them and Erestor confirmed it. When we tried to seek Lord Glorfindel's help, he declined and supported Ada against us."

Estel laughed amusedly. "So finally, Lord Glorfindel had stopped supporting you against your father. It's about time." His laughs, however, ceased when he felt the twins' glares at him. "I'm sorry." He said, smirking.

"No, you are not." Elladan pouted. "I can see it in your eyes. However, you are lucky that we are busy today...but remember we always take our revenge."

"Yes, I know." Estel grinned. "But I'm ready to redeem my fault by spending some time with the two of you by the river today, what do you think?"

"Well, if that was your way of apologising for making fun of us," Elrohir said thoughtfully. "I reckon that we may forgive you."

"But not today," Elladan interrupted. "Ada said that we must keep our guests' company at least for their first day here. Tomorrow would be good."

"They must be very important guests." Estel mused. "Who are they?"

"We don't know." Elrohir shrugged. "Ada didn't say that much about them and we, since we don't really care, didn't ask."

"I see." Estel said, smirking evilly again. "Then I'm free from you for the whole day! How lucky I am!"

"You filthy human!" Elrohir exclaimed. "Just wait and you'll see what will come upon you!"

The three friends laughed merrily with each other. Suddenly a loud horn was heard announcing the arrival of Rivendell's new guests...and so the twins left Estel and went to welcome them.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

'Welcome to Rivendell, dear guests.' Lord Elrond greeted the group of hooded strangers that stood in front of him and his welcoming party.

Rymir dismounted his horse and stepped forward, and along with his companies, knelt in front of Rivendell Lords.

'Well met, my Lords.' He greeted respectfully. 'It's an honor to be in Fair Rivendell.'

'Raise, Captain Rymir.' Lord Elrond said, recognizing Rymir's voice. 'The honor is ours, to have such a brave and loyal Captain in Rivendell as our guest.'

Rymir rose to his feet and took off his hood, revealing the pale skin of his face, his sky-blue eyes, long blonde hair and proud pointed ears. Again, his actions were followed by the others.

Elladan and Elrohir shared a surprised glace. It was obvious that their visitors were elves, certainly from Mirkwood, since most of the Lothlَrien elves had sailed to the west, and who remained had took residence in the Mirkwood.

But why Mirkwood elves are visiting them? And why all this secrecy about their visit? The two young Lords wondered.

'My Lord,' Rymir began. 'I came, carrying an important message from my King accompanied by a special person to all of us.' He turned, gesturing to one of his followers. 'Allow me, my Lords, to present to you Lasgalan.'

The young elf stepped forwards and bowed slightly to the Lords.

'My Lords,' he greeted in low voice.

'Lasgalan, my dear child.' Lord Elrond exclaimed fondly. 'It had been so long since the last time I saw you. I can see that you have grown much since then.'

Lasgalan smiled shyly at the Elven Lord, feeling his pale cheeks turning to a rosy shade of red.

Lord Elrond laughed softly, glad that the shy innocent soul, he'd once known, was still untainted with the hardship of life.

'I believe you still remember Lord Glorfindel, my child.' He said, gesturing to the blonde elf next to him. 'He accompanied me in one of my visits to your homeland.'

'I do remember, my Lord.' Lasgalan said softly, nodding. He glanced at the blonde Lord and greeted him with a slight bow.

Lord Glorfindel smiled with fondness at the young elf and nodded in return. 'It's a pleasure to see you finally in Rivendell, dear one.' He said. 'I hope that you enjoy your stay among us.'

'The pleasure is mine, my Lord.' Lasgalan whispered softly.

'This is Erestor, our chief counselor.' Elrond presented Erestor. Lasgalan acknowledged him with a nod. 'And these are my sons, Elladan and Elrohir.' Lord Elrond pointed to the twins.

'It's a pleasure to meet you, my Lords.' Lasgalan whispered, bowing slightly.

'The pleasure is ours, Lasgalan.' Elladan greeted, smiling at the young elf.

'I hope that we will become good friends, Lasgalan.' Elrohir said.

'As do I, my Lord.' The blonde elf whispered.

'There is no need for formalities if we are going to be friends.' Elladan said. 'You may call us by our given names. I'm Elladan and he is Elrohir.' He said, pointing to his twin.

'Yes, my Lord.' Lasgalan said nervously.

The elder elves laughed softly, which made Lasgalan's face turn completely red.

'Elladan, why don't you show our guests to their rooms?' Elrond suggested. 'I'm sure that all of them need some rest and after that you can give Lasgalan a tour around the house.'

'As you wish, Ada. Please follow me.' Elladan said, addressing the blonde elves.

Bowing to Rivendell's Lords, the Mirkwood elves followed the twins inside.

'He has become a remarkable young elf.' Glorfindel said, eyeing Lasgalan's retreating figure. 'Though his soul is still pure, innocent and naïve.'

'I wonder how long it will last that way.' Elrond whispered wistfully.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

It was nearly sunset when Lasgalan woke up; Orange and red rays filled his room with beautiful shades. Getting up from the bed, he went to the bathroom to refresh himself. After talking a warm bath and changing into some comfortable clothes, Lasgalan went out to check on his companions. He found that none of them were in their rooms. Apparently, they woke earlier and let him to continue his sleep.

Not knowing where to go, Lasgalan wandered aimlessly in the large house; entering all the rooms and checking every corner.

Upon hearing soft rippling, Lasgalan assumed that there was a fountain somewhere near, so he followed the sound, which led him to a small hall with a beautiful fountain in the middle.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Estel was reading a book in his second favorite place in Elrond's house after the gardens, the hall of The Last Alliance. It was called that way, because there hanged some paintings of the last battle. In addition, there was a shrine in front of a fountain where the broken sword was lying on.

Suddenly, Estel sensed the presence of another. He looked up and saw a young elf, oblivious to his presence, regarding a painting of Isildur and Sauron.

Estel stared curiously at the elf. The elf was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in his life. With shoulder-length shiny golden hair, tall, slender, well-shaped body, pale ivory skin and soft innocent features…

Suddenly, the elf turned his face towards him and Estel was lost in two large pools of Jade-green eyes.

'You are no Elf.' The beautiful elf stated.

'Men of the South are welcome here.' Estel replied with a soft smile.

'Who are you?' the elf asked, studying the young man with great curiosity.

'I'm Estel, a friend of Lords Elladan and Elrohir.' Estel said, placing his book on a nearby table and walking to the elf. 'I'm also a descendant to Lord Elrond.'

'A descendant?' the elf asked. 'How?'

'It's a rather long story.' Estel said, chuckling. 'I'm not sure you want to hear it.'

The elf smiled sweetly and Estel felt his heart burst from its place with joy.

'I'd love to hear it.' The elf said. 'I love to hear all the stories of the elders.'

'Well, then I'll tell you one day...' Estel's voice trailed off. 'May I have the honor of knowing your sweet name?'

The elf blushed shyly. 'I'm sorry. I am called Lasgalan.'

'Lasgalan.' Estel repeated, staring at the beautiful elf with adoration. 'What a beautiful name for a beautiful elf.'

Lasgalan dropped his gaze, blushing to the tip of his ears and murmuring a soft 'thank you'.

Estel smiled, reaching out his hand and lifted the elf's face up. 'Would you like a tour of the house?' he asked softly.

'I would love to, my Lord.' Lasgalan whispered softly. With that, the two left the hall.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Elrond placed Thranduil's letter on his desk, sighing deeply. Glorfindel and Erestor looked at him worriedly.

Earlier in the day, Rymir had given Elrond a letter from King Thranduil regarding Mirkwood's latest news with Gondor. It also included a personal request from Thranduil. The three Lords were in Elrond's study discussing it.

'What's wrong, my Lord?' Erestor asked. 'What did the King's letter say?'

Elrond looked at his two trusted friends sadly and shook his head.

'This situation is getting worse.' He said quietly. 'The attacks on Mirkwood's borders have become a daily event. Many of the Sindarin and Silvan elves were being murdered, which made Thranduil order the evacuation of all villages near the borders and raise the alarm on the edge of the woods.'

'Gondor!' Glorfindel spat.

'I'm afraid so.' Elrond said, nodding. 'Arathorn has lost his mind. And Thranduil will not be patient for much longer.'

'I can't understand that human.' Glorfindel said angrily. 'Wasn't enough that he has subjected Rohan to his rule! Why attack Mirkwood?'

'There are no limits to the man's ambition.' Erestor said. 'Mirkwood is a wealthy and powerful Kingdom that guards the entrance to the eastern region. Besides like his predecessors, King Arathorn is well known for his hatred to our kin. He thinks that the mere presence of an Elven Kingdom such as Mirkwood is a threatening. And we all know why men feel that way...' Erestor trailed off, glancing at Elrond.

'Indeed, Erestor.' Elrond said. 'After I forced Isildur to cast Sauron's ring into mountain Doom during the Last Alliance, men began to distrust us. They think that we forced them to destroy something that belonged to them.'

Glorfindel snorted in disgust. 'What had they expected you to do? Allow them to possess something as dark as the One Ring!' he sneered. 'Wasn't it enough that many elves lost their lives in that battle, just to ensure Middle-Earth's safety and freedom? Destroying the One Ring was the only thing that made all the lives we lost worthwhile.'

'You are forgetting that men's hearts are easily corrupted by power and fame.' Elrond said. 'I was fortunate that I managed to force Isildur to cast the ring into the fires,' he sighed deeply. 'I might have failed. As for Arathorn, he thinks that Thranduil will take Gondor the same way I had taken the One Ring from Isildur in the past. However, this isn't our concern now. Thranduil had requested that we let his son stay in Rivendell for the time being. He's afraid that his son's life may be in danger in Mirkwood...he wants us to let him stay in Rivendell until he sends after him.'

'So that's why little Greenleaf was finally allowed leave his father's side!' Glorfindel chuckled softly. 'I was surprised when I first saw Legolas among the messengers. I didn't think that Thranduil would ever allow Legolas out of his sight!'

'Lasgalan, Glorfindel.' Elrond corrected. 'As long as he is among us, he will be called Lasgalan.'

'Why, Elrond?' Glorfindel asked. 'It is safe here. And if he is going to stay then it will comfortable for him to be introduced as Legolas Thranduiliôn.'

'No,' Elrond said, shaking his head. 'There is a possibility that the news of Thranduil's only son's arrival may reach Arathorn's ears. And then the child's life will be in danger. It's a miracle that nothing happened to him on his way here, thanks to Rymir's wit and courage. I will not take any chances of putting Lasgalan's life in possible danger. No one will know that Lasgalan is actually Prince Legolas of Mirkwood except for those who already do. Am I clear?'

'Perfectly,' Glorfindel said. 'I take it that you will not say anything to the twins either?'

'No, I will not.' Elrond said. 'However, I must inform them to keep a close eye on him and never take him outside Rivendell's borders or even near them for that matter.'

'Or put him in dangerous situations!' Glorfindel smirked slyly.

'Yes, Glorfindel.' Elrond said dryly. 'In a matter of fact, I want you and Erestor to ensure Lasgalan's safety when he is around the twins.'

Glorfindel gave Elrond a skeptical look but didn't say anything.

'My Lord,' Erestor said. 'What are we going to do about Estel? Surely, we can't hide Lasgalan from him. Moreover, the fact that we are hosting some elves from Mirkwood may make the young man uncomfortable.'

'I have no fears concerning Estel.' Elrond said. 'We have known him for a long time now. We can trust that he won't say a word to Arathorn. Besides, he has never interfered with Rivendell's inner matters. As for Lasgalan, I can not see why Estel cannot befriend him, as long as his identity is kept a secret. I will personally speak to him about this matter.'

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Meanwhile in Lord Elrond's gardens, night had fallen and stars twinkled happily, as they observed a young man walking side by side with a beautiful elf.

Estel and Legolas were walking through the rosebushes, talking and getting to know each other.

'The stars are beautiful.' Legolas whispered softly, glancing at the sky. 'Back at home, the trees of the wood are too thick, that they covered the sky. The sunrays are barely able to get through them. No one was able to see the faint light of the stars from the woods.'

'I see.' Estel whispered back, staring at that beautiful elf beside him. 'However, I don't see the need the need for me to watch the beauty of the stars when I have the moon with me.'

Legolas looked at Estel in surprise then looked away, blushing. 'You are exaggerating, Estel.'

'I'm not.' Estel said, stopping and halting Legolas with him. 'You are as beautiful as a full moon.' He said while looking deeply into Legolas' green eyes.

Both stared at each other silently; Green eyes against steel-gray ones until Legolas looked away blushing, breaking their eyes' contact.

'Thank you for the compliment,' he whispered. 'Though I still think that you are exaggerating.'

Estel laughed. 'I'm sure that one day I will be able to make you see how beautiful you really are, Lasgalan.' He said softly.

Legolas chuckled and looked at Estel with sparkling eyes. 'Are all humans as skilled in words as you are? Or you are an exception?'

'I don't know.' Estel said. 'What do you think?'

'I can hardly tell.' Legolas lowered his gaze shyly. 'You are the first human I have ever met in my life.'

'The first one?' Estel asked, raising a surprised eyebrow. 'How? Even though you don't look so, you are surely over one 1000 years old!'

'Actually, I'm 2592 years-old.' Legolas blushed.

'See! You are very old enough to have met one of my ancestors.'

'Well, I haven't met any humans, simply because I have never left Mirkwood,' Legolas whispered in embarrassment. 'My father hadn't allowed me to go outside our borders until now.'

'And I can't blame him.' Estel said, with a smile. 'No one in their right mind would have such a jewel and let it out of their sight.'

If it was possible, Legolas' face turned redder than it already was.

'I think we should go inside,' he whispered. 'My companions may miss me.'

'As you wish.' Estel said, offering his hand. Shyly, Legolas took it and hand in hand, walked back inside with the young man.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Legolas laid down on his bed, thinking of his first day in Rivendell. He sighed with happiness as he remembered his walk with Estel in the gardens.

After they went back, they separated, only to meet again at dinner. However, during dinner Legolas didn't get to talk to Estel for he was surrounded by the twins and the old Lords, while the man kept a distance between himself and others. He merely nodded his greetings when Lord Elrond introduced them to each other, then Estel went to his seat at the far end of the table, satisfied to observe what was happening and send small smiles to him from time to time.

/Maybe he was nervous because of Rymir and the others./ Legolas thought. After all, elves and men weren't at best terms. Besides, Rymir was staring warily at Estel most of the time.

/If only he knows how gentle and noble Estel is/ he thought, smiling to himself.

Contrary to what he had heard about the race of men, he found that Estel treated him nothing but kindness and gentleness.

In his heart, Legolas was sure that Estel was a trustworthy person.

It saddened Legolas, though, that he had to hide his identity from Estel and claim to be someone else. He wanted to trust Estel; something from inside told him that he could do so.

He wanted so badly to tell the young man the truth but he knew better than that. He was the heir to Mirkwood's throne and his life would surely be in great danger if the news of his presence outside Mirkwood spread and reached the ears of Gondor's King.

If the King of men could get his hands on the young prince, he may try to use the elf as leverage against the Elven King. He may also decide to just kill him or just keep him prisoner to antagonize the elves.

Legolas suspected that his father had sent him here to be away from any danger...to avoid putting him in situations where his father would be forced to choose between his life and Mirkwood.

/Well/ Legolas sighed deeply. /I can't go against Ada's orders, can I? Besides, if this will help Ada focus more on our land's safety, so be it. I will just have to wait here until he sends for me.../

Soft knocks on the doors snapped Legolas from his thoughts. He rose from his bed and walked to the door.

'Yes?' he said, opening the door slightly and peeking out.

'May I have a word with you, my child?' Lord Elrond asked, from the hallway.

'Certainly, my Lord.' Legolas opened the door, and moved away allowing the Lord of Rivendell to enter.

Elrond smiled and walked into the room. He sat on a couch near the window and patted on the space next to him, gesturing for Legolas to sit.

Legolas sat on the offered place and waited for Lord Elrond to speak.

'Legolas,' Elrond began.

Legolas smiled sweetly; glad to hear Lord Elrond addressing him with his real name for the first time since his arrival.

Noticing Legolas' smile and its reason, Elrond sighed deeply.

/This is going to be harder than I had thought./ he thought.

'Legolas,' he began again. 'There is an important issue I want to talk with you about...It's about the reason of your arrival to Rivendell.'

/So my suspicions were true/ Legolas thought.

'I know why I am here, my Lord.' He said quietly, looking directly into Elrond's brown eyes. 'Or at least, I have my suspicions.'

'You do?' Elrond raised a questioning eyebrow. 'What do you know, dear boy?'

'I know that Mirkwood is being attacked daily by men from Gondor.' Legolas whispered, lowering his gaze. 'I know that Ada is worried about me and had me sent here to be away from any danger.' He sighed and looked up at Elrond. 'Ada doesn't seem to accept that I have grown up and can take care of myself. He doesn't allow me to attend his court, saying that I'm still young to bother myself with politics. I'm his only heir and yet he still thinks that I'm not old enough to help him ruling Mirkwood.'

'Perhaps your father doesn't want you to burden your soul with responsibilities so early,' Elrond said, noting the strange look in Legolas' eyes. 'Don't misunderstand me, Legolas. Although you have grown up, you are still considered young in Elven years...and I know how much your father loves you and wishes to see your smile always upon your face. You are still very young to want to disturb your young soul with the burden of ruling. However, I didn't come to discuss your father's feelings or intentions. I just wanted to call your attention to several things. First, you will stay here until your father sends for you. During your stay, you will remain as Lasgalan. I want you to never mention your true name to anyone, not even to the twins. We will all treat you with the respect you deserve but you have to keep your true identity hidden from everybody. Do you understand me, child?'

'Yes, Lord Elrond.' Legolas whispered softly, staring at his feet.

'Don't worry, my child.' Elrond said softly, lifting Legolas' face to meet his gaze. 'You'll see that your stay in Rivendell will be enjoyable. Just don't take any unnecessary risks.'

Legolas smiled at the elder Lord. 'I shall, my Lord.'

Smiling back, Elrond wished Legolas a pleasant night and left the room. Yawning, Legolas went to his bed and soon he was delivered into a peaceful sleep.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

To be continued...