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The sky was dark, a cool wind blew overhead. Clouds bounced on the horizon; stars dotted the inky night sky. Owls hooted from hollow trees, crickets chirping in the brush. Colony 59 was quiet, the colonists asleep in their quarters. The sound of stream water trickling over a small falls could be heard throughout the small colony, lulling the entire village to sleep.

In a large gray building on the edge of the colony a secret meeting was held. Military tacticians, strategists, engineers and scientists had come together to put a stop to the Predator threat. The people of LV-1201 wouldn't be safe until the Predators were destroyed.

"We all agree that the Predator threat must be dealt with, but there are other ways of handling the situation! We can't destroy them! Think of the technology they possess. If we could find a way to communicate with them, we may be able to stop the attacks on colonies," a scientist fumed.

"We all share your concern Dr. Garb, but we've been doing all the research we can afford. Tests cost money, money we don't have. The only way we can end the threat is to exterminate them," said a general. Turning, he addressed the rest of the room. "Now, gentlemen, we all agree that the Predators must be exterminated. The problem lies herein. We don't know where the Predators are. In the past, they've always been the ones to seek us out. Now it's our turn to seek them out. Sgt. Peltew, what are we looking at?"

A young man stood up, clad in a blue Marines uniform with several medals. He was young, but ingenious. "General Hamland, sir, recent studies have shone that the Predators attack in family groups known as clans. Predators are fiercely loyal and very prideful. This is our key to defeating them. I propose we send out a couple of hostage Xenomorphs as bait. After implanting a tracking chip in the Xenomorphs skull, we can track the Predators as they take the Xenomorph skull for a trophy, leading us back to wherever it is they call home."

Several men exchanged glances, obviously swayed by the plan. Many were nodding and smiling, figured the plan would work. Others had disbelieving looks on their faces, unsure of the Predators intelligence.

"Very well... what if the Predators realize it's a trap?" General Hamland asked. A tall man next to Sgt. Peltew stood up. He had dark circles under his bloodshot eyes. He had obviously been very overworked as of late.

"Sir, the 3rd Infantry Division has enough fire power to make a hundred mile crater. I wouldn't be too concerned about them turning on us if I were you, Sir!" he said, saluting the general. After taking a seat, the general sat in silence for a moment.

"Alright boys, let's go to work." The general said after a moment. With that, the group got up and left the room.

Nytasha was dazed, unaware of her surroundings. She felt the chains on her wrists and ankles, the cold metal table beneath her. The air was surprisingly cold, and her skin was covered in a cold sweat. She could hear strange clicks and growls around her, echoing off the walls. Her vision was a blur, so she couldn't make out any shapes, but she knew there were several creatures around her.

She felt strange wires fastened to her head, and strange metal chips digging into the skin down her sides. She felt strong, monstrous hands grasp her ankles and pull her legs spread eagle. Tears leaked from her eyes, running down her chest. She felt strange clawed fingers probing her, spreading her apart. She began to whimper as she felt a slimy worm-like creature slither inside of her. She felt a strange metal tube placed in her mouth, releasing some sort of liquid, and then everything went black.

Nytasha awoke in a dark room, a bright white light shinning down upon her. The light hurt her eyes. She knew Death approached, and tears began to form at her eyes. She could hear strange sounds within the darkness, but couldn't make out any thing. The white light shining on her overwhelmed her pupils, forced her to squint. She was grateful when the light was dimmed, yet horrified at the same time.

When she was able to see, she found herself in a small metal chamber. Various machines were resting next to or mounted on the walls. No windows caused the chamber to be dark. She saw various Predators standing around her, staring at her with utter fascination. A loud shriek from a large menacing Predator sent the others scurrying for cover. The shriek was very high pitched, ringing in Nytasha's ears for seconds afterwards. The fact that it bounced off the metal walls didn't help any.

The Predator bent over her, examining her with keen intellect. It turned her head to the side, examining her neck. Though the creature had its mask on, Nytasha could see its menacing eyes beneath. They seemed cold, piercing through her. She shuddered, thinking what this creature could do to her.

The Predator placed a hand on her neck, squeezing gently. The Predator didn't hurt her, but Nytasha was scared either way. The Predator's surprisingly warm hand moved down her body, sliding over her firm breasts, stopping at her abdomen. The creature seemed to take great interest in her belly button, seemed amazed at such a thing. Poking a finger in, the creature caused Nytasha to laugh, startling it immensely.

After regaining its courage, the creature bent, staring straight into Nytasha's eyes. Her laughter turned to a whimper as her fear washed over her. Knowing the creature's intentions, it couldn't be good. She though it would kill then and there, yet, in its eyes she detected a greater intelligence. This Predator revealed something no human ever thought possible.

"You are strong and well built. You will serve us well," the creature said in a husky demonic voice, revealing its ability to speak. The being began to undo the metal straps around her limbs. "Arise, and we shall speak of this matter as civilized beings."

Nytasha was utterly amazed at the Predator's ability to speak, let alone speak fluently. She was speechless, but rose at its command. She felt embarrassed to be naked, felt herself blushing deep crimson. The creature ignored the change in her color, obviously not caring whether she wore clothes or not. Nytasha saw her clothes lying on a small table to her left and grabbed them.

Nytasha quickly dressed, then faced the Predator. It was immensely large, standing at least two heads higher than her. The Predator moved towards her, reaching out a hand. Afraid it might do something dangerous if she moved quickly, she held still. Surprisingly, the creature took a strand of her hair in its hand, rubbing it between its thumb and forefinger.

"What is this web sprouting from your scalp?" the creature asked, having obviously never seen it before. Nytasha smiled at this, discovering this creature to be only partially educated in the ways of humans.

"It's called hair. All humans have it. Some loose it when they grow older, but most people keep some until they die." She said, her voice soft, alluring. The creature looked at her, understanding what she said. Nytasha knew the Predator would leech any and all information he could from her, but she was determined to get something from him in return.

"Tell me, how did you learned to speak English?" she asked softly, hoping to get an answer. The creature answered without hesitation, as if eager to unburden some of its knowledge.

"I am part of an elite team of scientists. We first began making voyages to the planet you call earth decades ago centuries ago, studying your kind since you were fighting each other over the teachings of a book. We needed to learn your language to study your habits. There are twelve members of the Hen'Tymin or 'Clan of Intelligence' as it would translate. Each has memorized each of your languages. Your race has come far since then, yet you still hold onto the past. Even now, when your planet is trapped and dying, your people are divided and competing. The Ta'Jente or 'Predators' as you call us, are superior to your people in every way". The Predator said.

So, these creatures truly are civilized, Nytasha thought. They been studying us since medieval times....but how have we not noticed them? And what do they want with me? Do they possibly think I am a scientist, hoping to study me? Or do they merely wish to take slaves? Questions wracked Nytasha's brain till it hurt.

"Why have you brought me here? What do you want with me?" she asked. The Predator laughed in its primal growling way.

"Ah, yes. Your purpose. You are special. Your build is perfect for breeding. Few humans have bodies that would be capable of carrying a Ta'Jenten child. Thus, you have been chosen to bear the hybrid, the first of a new race of Ta'Jente." The creature said, amused at the horror displayed in Nytasha's face.

The news hit Nytasha like a punch to the gut, her breath literally knocked from her. For what seemed like an eternity, she tried to regain her breath, to comprehend what had happened to her. She hadn't known the evil these creatures were capable of, had hoped they contained some small strand of light. Now she saw their darkness. It wore it around them like a cloak, black through and through. Staring the Predator in the eye, her face hardened. She feinted anger in hopes that that the Predators would deem her unfit to carry their child.

"I won't do it. You can't make me. No, I won't be your guinea pig!!" she shouted. In a desperate attempt to escape, she knocked over the small metal table to her right and bolted for the door. The Predator grabbed her wrist with lightning speed. He released a throaty growl and stared at her.

"It's too late. You have already been impregnated with a Ta'Jenten seed. Within three weeks the child will be ready for birth." The Predator said.

Nytasha sank to the floor, her face in her hands, sobbing quietly. The Predator stood staring down at her, gloating over her reaction.

"Why? Why do you want to create a hybrid species?" Nytasha asked. The Predator was silent for a moment, thinking about the answer.

"The Xenomorphs have become inactive. They are our source of food. Without them, we will die. We create a new hybrid species in hopes that they will be able to mimic your society, be able to survive without hunting the Xenomorphs," It said.

Nytasha looked up at the Predator, her eyes wet with tears. It stood unmoving, compassionless. It stared at her, features as hard as stone. She felt terrified, chilled to the bone. She had to wonder how they impregnated her. Did they put it inside me with a tool, through my stomach maybe? Or did they do it the way humans do...? The thought disgusted and horrified her. She didn't want to think about it.

Nytasha climbed to her feet once again, bound and determined to get out of this alive. Staring at the Predator scared her more than ever, yet she stood strong. She stared the Predator in the eye, glaring back with a look of determination.

"How did you impregnate me?" she asked, her voice cracking.

"In the same manner as you would normally be. We released several Ta'Jenten eggs into your canal hours ago. They should have reached your fertile embryo already. Ta'Jenten grow quickly. You may find yourself experiencing nausea, convulsions, and severe headaches."

The news was a great shock to Nytasha. She didn't want to be pregnant, didn't want to be alive. She was only sixteen. She had her whole life ahead of her.

"What's going to happen, now that I'm pregnant?" she asked. The Predator chuckled, in its own alien way.

"You will live and nurture the child for approximately three weeks. After that, we will operate on you and remove the child. If you survive, you will be kept to bear more hybrids," the Predator said.

Nytasha was decimated. If she survived? Was the removal really going to be that difficult? She prayed to god she died fast. Then the memory of what happened hit her, the attack on colony 64. Was it the Predator's that caused it?

"Tell me, was it you who were behind the tremors at colony 64?" she asked shakily. The Predator guffawed at her question.

"No, that was a natural tremor caused by the Xenomorphs tunneling underground. Still, we did capitalize on the situation, slaughtering your kind," it said, compassionless.

Nytasha's thoughts stopped on one thing: Jeddeck. He was supposed to meet her that day, at noon, in the mall where she worked. She knew he was dead, and tears fell freely from her eyes. The thought of her boyfriend dead angered her. He wasn't supposed to be due back for two weeks, but he had some higher-ups get him off early for her. For her. She didn't deserve him.

Looking up at the Predator, she saw the inhumanity there. She saw the cruel, compassionless monster. She knew what she had to do. She would never let the abomination growing within her see daylight.
The night was dark. Stars dotted the sky, silvery moonlight flooding the ground. A slight breeze blew through Colony 59, rustling the kizek trees. Inside of the gray concrete buildings, the inhabitants of the colony slept peacefully. Outside, a diabolical scheme to destroy the Predators for good was underway.

At the perimeter fence, soldiers were stationed all around. Snipers were posted in towers, gunners stationed on the inside of the perimeter fence. A hundred yards out, two aliens were just waking. Alien immune systems were incredibly strong, but still susceptible to drugs they had never encountered. That was just what allowed these two to be captured for study.

The aliens slowly came to, still under the influence of the drugs. A lookout stood atop a sniper tower, a pair of motion-sensing binoculars in hand. He scoured over the landscape, searching for any movement. After a few moments, he smiled, finding what he had hoped to find.

"Crow's nest two, you see what I see?" he asked into a radio.

"Affirmative. Target acquired. There are two of them, fast moving. They're closing in, thirty yards from tracer. Twenty yards," came a reply that ushered from every soldier's radio. Snipers cocked their guns, taking aim at the aliens. Gunners readied their pulse rifles, prepared to defend the colony if the need arose.

"Five yards."

General Hamland stood behind the two gunners at the main gate. He stared out at the aliens, night vision goggles over his eyes. A grin wrought itself upon his face as he watched the aliens come under assault by an invisible foe. In their dazed state, they never stood a chance. The general watched as the futilely batted out at the air, their bodies filling with wounds. Within half a minute they were dead.

"Ready the troops. We move out in an hour," General Hamland said into his radio.