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Furiza tapped his fingers impatiently on the armrest of his floating chair, his gaze riveted towards the door that slowly opened up to reveal his right-hand warrior. The beautiful green-haired man strolled into the large room purposely, a body thrown over his shoulder carelessly. The protrusion, like a mock eyebrow, above his eyebrow rose slightly at the odd sight, curiosity written on his pale face.

When the striking changeling stopped a few feet from Furiza's chair, he dropped his burden on the floor, making a sickening thud. The powerful ruler glanced down to the body, blinking once in surprise at the fragile-looking female his right had brought him. The little female was clearly unconscious, having been beaten violently if the large purple bruises and dried blood all over her once pale skin were any indication. Her flat hair was light lavender in color, spilling onto the floor around her still form, covering her exposed skin, as her shredded clothing did not.

Furiza blinked and cocked his head questioningly at the man before him. "What have you brought me, Zarbon?"

Zarbon bent over and reached down, his hand moving under the silky lavender hair, and pulled out something that made Furiza blink in shock. A furry, lavender tail.

"A tail?!" the powerful being exclaimed. "Purple, too."

Zarbon nodded. "She resembles those monkeys almost exactly, Lord Furiza. Outside of her flat hair, her coloring, and her strength."

Furiza frowned. "*Is* she a mutated Saiyajin, you think?"

Shaking his head, Zarbon dropped the appendage. "I don't think she is, or at least I don't think she's all Saiyajin. Maybe a hybrid."

Furiza floated out of his chair to land beside the unconscious female. "How is that possible? I destroyed all the Saiyajin with their planet except the little prince and his two nursemaids." Walking around the figure on the ground, he frowned thoughtfully. "Where did you find her?"

"On Planet Yousei, Lord."

"Hmmm," Furiza began, his eyes roaming over the fragile female. "Her coloring isn't that odd compared to those... creatures, but it's still slightly unusual. Possibly a hybrid with one of them, you think?" He paused. "Did you have to fight her?"

Zarbon nodded. "Yes," he answered with a grimace. "Her ki is negligible, although she can use it, which is odd on that planet. That's what first made me suspicious."

"I see. Can she use their unique magick?"

Zarbon nodded. "Yes, only again, she's not that powerful compared to them as well."

"Then why wasn't she just knocked unconscious? It looks like you may have had some problems subduing her, Zarbon," the pale creature commented, giving Zarbon a look that made the beautiful warrior nervous.

"She has other capabilities, too, Lord Furiza. The combination of ki and Yousei-jin magick seems to be quite interesting. She also seems to be quite strong in her mental powers as well, which the Yousei-jin do not possess. And Saiyajin only possess telepathy." He fidgeted. "And she's seems to be a genius with weaponry and other machinery. She is the reason it took so long to purge that planet."

"I see," Furiza murmured. "You did good by bringing her to me, my dear Zarbon. Take her to Koohii and make sure he keeps her drugged. I want him to find out exactly what she is, understand?" After receiving Zarbon's nod, he continued, "And make sure this stays confidential, Zarbon. Vejiita and his little friends must not know that we have a female we suspect may have Saiyajin blood, got it? So no one outside of this room and Koohii will be privileged to this."

"I understand, Lord Furiza," Zarbon said, placing a hand over his heart and bowing slightly. He bent over and picked up the small female roughly, throwing her over his shoulder again, and striding from the large room.

Furiza floated back to his chair, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. 'That female may be of use to me, if the chibi ouji doesn't find out about her. It's hard enough to control the monkey as it is.' He pressed a large button on the scouter over his left his eye. "Dodoria, send the monkey prince to me," he said suddenly.

"Right," he replied from the other end.


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