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Move #1-New Family and New Life

"Let me in!" She yelled. She was trying hard to go through, but the police won't let

her, "You don't get it there my family!" Her eyes was watery as she watched the

scene unfold. Souta, Li-chan, her mother was in there, "Let me in!"

"I'm sorry the fire is too strong girl, you can't if you do, you'll get burnt down." He


She looked at the inferno fire that refelected in her eyes. The water that they were

using wasn't even helping them at all, 'Those fire, those aren't normal fire,' she could

feel the power coming out of it, "Let me through!" the man blocked her path, "Those

aren't normal fire." More tears formed in her eyes as she looked at the man, "You

don't understand, tha-that is-isn't normal fire." Her words came in studder.

"I'm sorry, we cant risk your life, your family, probably will not make it." The firemen

looked at te girl with sadness in his brown orbs, "Please miss, don't try." He

whispered as she fell on his arm.

Her ouitfit was black as she watched the body burn into ashes. Tears started to form

deep once again, flowing down her cheeks. They had gotton the bodies out, but all

the people in there didn't make it. Many was there, some was crying, loudly,

"Kagome." A deep voice made her look up.

It's him, "What do you want?" Her voice was sad and harsh. He winced a little at his

daughter, "Came to laugh, or are you here to just pray their soul won't reincarnate?"

She glared at him, then at his hand.

"No, I came to take you with me, I'm very sorry for Kakore, Souta and outsan." He

wasn't crying, but his voice was sincere and his expression was sad, "I am your only

living relative and your my daughter, I came to take you to live with me at Kyoto." He

told her. She looked at him with defiant.

"I can't." she told him, "I can't leave this place." Her voice became soft.

"Kagome, you have no other choice, every relative you have is gone, I want you to

live with me and MY family." She could see her angry, "Kago-"

"You think just because your my father, you can command me?!" Everyone turned to

the booming voice and was surprised it was Higurashi, Kagome. She was the only

one that was alive from the burning accident.

"Calm down, I beg of you then." She looked at him angrily. Her face then turned to

the burning corpse. She saw something that amazed her greatly.

"Kagome, I want you to go . . .It is safer and Inu Yasha will just have to continue the

journey without you." Her mother was telling her from her.

"Sis, please don't be so sad because of us, we want you to live happy and Dad

probably won't treat you bad."

"Kagome." Her ju-chan's croaked voice, "Please enjoy everything and come to the

shrine, someday I wish you to fix it and become the priestess." More tears flowed

down her cheeks, "Someday, rebuild the sunset shrine and come back to reclaim

what is yours." The body faded with that.

She broke down and placed her palm on the ground. She then, cried as she could

no longer speak to them anymore, they were really gone, "Mother, Souta, Ji-chan!

No!" Everyone looked sympathetically at her as she shouted out their names and

screamed from them not to go to Spirit World.

It took the whole day as she cried on the ground. People left one by one out the

door. Her father looked at her as her body shook. He was looking the other way as

to not want to see his own daughter cry mournfully like this, "Fine, I'll go with you." He

was surprised as her soft voice broke his thoughts.

"Hm . . .I'm glad you've decided." He smiled gently at her as she looked at him with

a blank, empty expression. He took her hands and led her back to the hotel she

resided in for the time being.

He was well aware he had a step sister from his step father's side. His mother,

Shiori had remarried to someone by the name of Higurashi. The news of the sunset

shrine took his step fatehr by surprise. He left a note on the table and left off late at

night to Tokyo. His mother's been worried sick after she got the note.

"Mother, he'll be back, it's not like he's going to be staying at Tokyo and leave you."

He smiled reasurringly at her. She was always going outside every ten minutes to

see if he was there.

"I guess your right Suuichi, he is afterall a man with a pride." They laughed at that

little comment Shiori made, "I just hope he's alright." His mother then looked

solemnly at the ground.

"He is, don't worry." He then looked at the clock, "Mother, I have to be going to

school now okay?" He said, "Will you be alright alone, Mother?"

"Yes, you can go now." She said with a smile, "Be back home as soon as your out

of school!" She called out from the gate. He waved reassuringly at her.

"Yes Mother!" With that, she saw him leave until he was out of sight.

"Hm . . .Sunset shrine, that is where his first wife lives." Her eyes then widened, "It

couldn't be, she can't be . . ." She then shook her head, trying to forget what she


The black car parked in front of a house. It has been a week since he came back.

He was already missing his wife. He saw his daughter come out of the passenger's

seat. she somehow still seem sad, but the only part that shows it was her blue orbs,

"Kagome, this my home." He told her. He saw her examine it and then turned to him

with a smile.

"I think I'll like this place." She said. She doesn't have any clothes so she walked in

with her father into the house. HE opened the door and was greeted by a woman

that looks to be about 30 to 35. She was glad that her husband was back, "Where

were you, Shiro!?" She yelled.

"I was . . .at he sunset shrine." Shiori let him in, but she was surprised to see a

young teen at the door, "Hm . . .Shiori, I like you to meet Kagome, my daughter." He

told her, "Kagome, this is your step mother, Shiori."

Kagome bowed respectfully at the woman, "Nice to meet you Mrs . . .Do you go by

the name Higurashi too?" She whispered quietly.

Shiori giggled a bit, "Why yes I do Kagome."

"Well then, it is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Higurash-"

"If you your not comfortable saying that name, you may call me okasan." She told


"Um . . .I'm not really sure." Shiori then remembered somethng, "Honey, is Kagome

living with us?" She asked her husband, who nodded, "then what happen . . .Oh

no!" She gasped putting a hand over her mouth.

"I'll explain once we get inside." Mr. Higurashi led the two girls to the couch.

Kagome sat on the sofa as Shiro(Kagome's father) and Shiori sat across from her.

"Well, Shiori, the news on the television said it the sunset shrine had burnt down

from something unknown." She listen carefully, "My first wife, my son and my father-

in-law died in that accident as they were inside. NO one could put out the fire and it

was said that if disappeared all by itself the next day." Her told, "SO this is how

Kagome ended up here."

Her gaze went to Kagome who just smiled sadly at Shiori, "Kagome, I'm sorry . . ."

"No need! The past is the past, I can never change it!" she said as she grinned.

They both could see behind those false cheerfulness.

"You poor thing!" Shiori embraced Kagome as Kagome could only frown with her

smile fading and her face turned into one that is sad. She then smiled again,

thinking of somthing to change the subject, "Hey, step mom, where's my room?"

She asked.

Shiori lookat at Kagome, "I-I'll get one ready for you." Shiori was about to cry as she

could feel Kagome's sadness through thise blue orbs.

"Well, this place is homey, look it the same place where my room was located at the

shrine." She opened the window and smelled the fresh air. she then caught a scent,

'A yokai? Over here?' She was mildly confused, 'He doesn't seem to be a threat

though.' She shrugged it off and decided to go and give her mother interrogation

about the whole family.

She walked out of the room that was plain-for now that is- and into the where she

smell the beautiful delicious aroma, "Mmmm . . ." She came towards the source and

saw Shiori smiling up ay Kagome with a pot in her hands.

"Kagome, would you help me with this?" She quickly took the pot away from her and

placed it back on the stove, "Okay, why are you out here, you should be sleeping,

you must be tired Kagome." They sat on the table.

"Um . . .I just wanted to know who lives with you other than my father." She said,


"Oh, I'm so glad you ask." She said, "There's two more boys, oh! I forgot to mention,

one is you have a half-brother!" Kagome then looked startled.

"Half . . .brother?" She asked, tilting her head.

"Yes, um . . .he's still in my stomach." She stated, sheepishly, "Oh! And don't tell

Shiro this, I don't want him to find out quite yet." Kagome nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh yes, Suichi . . .He's my son, exactly the same age as you and I'm pretty sir my

son is a gentlemen, he's your stepbrother." She smiled at the questioning face on

Kagome's face, "Well, you'll meet him when he come back from school." She told

Kagome with a smile, then got up and continued cooking.


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