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Living with Your Heart - Christmas Special . . .

Kagome tiptoed silently through the warmth of the hallway. Her hair fell silently over her shoulders as she stopped in an open door. It was dark and silent. Smiling slightly, she went in and stopped short at the small black-covered bed. Shaking her head, Kagome picked up the spike-hairdo boy and placed him on the bed tucking him in the comforts of his blanket.

She looked over the black bed, towards the dark navy blue bed. Kagome walked over there and placed the eleven years old girl under her covers. Tucking her long black hair under her small figure, she kissed the top of the child's forehead, easing the snoring.

Walking over to the young boy, Kagome kissed him on the forehead making the six-year-old boy smile in his sleep. As she tiptoed out of the room, she closed the door slowly as to not make a sound.

Using the black scrunchy on her wrist, she tied her hair in a low-ponytail. Again, she walked silently down the stairs, as to not make a sound. Making her way to the Christmas tree, Kagome made sure she didn't step on anything, which can cause her husband to wake up.

She smirked to herself, as she found her way towards the presents. Reaching in her apron, she reached out for the black object. Zipping it out of her pocket, Kagome clicked open the light. Smiling triumphantly, she searched silently through the boxes for her name.

Suddenly her eyes brighten when she found a neatly gifted-wrapped box with her name on it. The wrappings were nicely done in snowy flakes. Getting up from her crouching position, she sat quietly down on the couch.

Kagome furrowed her eyebrows as she moved a bit to get comfortable only to here a soft moan in her ear. Eyes widening, she stood up abruptly and turned around, dropping her gift in the process. She gasped slightly, as she recognizes those ruby red eyes. "Hi-Hiei?"

Kagome shunned the flashlight in Hiei's eyes making him squint in response. "What are you doing here?"

Kagome looked from him, then towards the stairs, back at him, then towards the stairs. Finally, her eyes rested on him, "B-but you were asleep, and I was . . .well, I just saw you . . .why . . .what . . .how-"

"After you tucked in the kids, I supposedly came down here." He said crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Mind explaining why you're up so late my dear wife?" He asked sarcastically. Kagome gulped and backed away until she hit the stairs. Glancing up, she smiled and laughed lightly as Hiei stalked over to her.

Kagome rubbed the back of her head then . . . made a run for it upstairs leaving Hiei to shake his head. 'Couldn't she think of any other way to avoid this?' He sighed and ran up stairs, passing Kagome in the process. He sat there on the bed waiting patiently for her to come.

Not any later, Kagome was panting and locking the door. He raised an eyebrow as she walked backwards towards the bed. His eyes widen a bit when she just collapsed on him making them both fall on the bed. He could feel her tensing over him as he groan a bit from her weight and the feel of her body above him.

She stood up abruptly and made her way to the light switch. She opened it and pointed her right index finger at him. "Hiei?!" Her eyes practically popped out of its socket. "But you . . .I was sure . . ." She opened the door and peeked outside. Looking back behind her, a gasp escaped her lips when she was faced to face with Hiei. She backed away until she hit the wall of the hallway.

"Kagome . . ." He looked at her show no sign of emotion as he held her wrist against the wall with her head between her hands. Kagome smiled nervously at Hiei as he pressed his body against her. Hiei whispered in her ear, "Wait a few more hours . . .Quit being so naughty."

Gulping nervously, she answered, "Then tell me what you got me, then I won't fuss over it and kick you out of bed." She said equally in tone. That made him shiver. Kagome may not be affected by his whispers, but he'll always be affected by hers. It's strange, probably because of her innocence even after they became mates.

He let go of her as she rubbed her wrist. "You're always so harsh." She whispered silently.

"I can be more harsh in many ways . . ." He said to her. She blinked in confusion, "What does that mean?" She asked.

Hiei almost fell over at Kagome's clueless face. Shaking his head, he walked back inside the room, Kagome following behind. 'She's still so dense . . .' He thought. "Kagome . . .please wait." He almost growled out.

She pouted, "Fine, be that way, you spoil sport." She stuck out her tongue at him. Hiei smirked, then grabbed Kagome by the wrist and pulled her to bed, not before he turned off the light and locked the door. Kagome looked up at him, "Hiei?"

Smirking, he kissed her right in the lips making her smile and return the gesture.

Hiei's eyes open slowly open as the sun peeked out from the window. He squinted a bit as he let his bare arm travel to rub his eyes. He looked towards the door as loud knocking came forth. Looking to his side, he saw Kagome laying under the sheets next to him exposing her body to him. He smirked and got out of bed. He hurriedly placed on his leather black pants leaving his upper body bare and exposed as he went over to the unending knock.

Opening the door slowly, he looked down to face the two little munchkins that he was expecting. He smiled a bit before turning back into his stone expression. "What is it?" He asked gruffly. His eyes soften when Hieiko and Jaganji grinned up at him.

"Daddy, it's Christmas morning!" They both exclaimed happily, "Wake up Mommy now!" when Jaganji was ready to run towards his mother, Hieiko grabbed a hold of the little boy's waist.

Shaking her head, Hieiko held tightly to Jaganji. "No, that wouldn't be proper, mommy and daddy probably did something," she coughed a bit as a small blush stained her cheeks. "Privately, so let's just wait for Daddy to wake Mommy up okay?" She smiled down at her little brother.

He pouted crossing his arms, "But it's fun to bounce on Mommy."

"Not today, if you don't want extra training . . ." Replied Hiei, trying hard to keep from laughing at the small child.

"But what's so private about you and mommy?" He asked looking between Hiei and Hieiko. His bright eyes, that is so much like Hieis', widen in confusion. Hiei wonders why his daughter is more like him and his only son is more like Kagome. It's somehow strange that way to him.

He stomped his foot angrily getting Hiei's attention, "Anyone gonna tell me?" He asked crossing his arms in a Hiei-like manner.

Hieiko ushered the small boy outside, "I'll tell you later alright Jagan-chan?" She looked over her shoulder and winked at her father.

Hiei smirked at Hieiko and shook his head. Turning around, he walked over to Kagome's side. Placing a hand on her bare shoulder, he nudged her softly. But when there was no response for the fifth try, he nudged her, more aggressively. That end up making her jump out of bed and revert into a fighting stance.

Kagome squinted her eyes and then smiled at Hiei once she knew who he was, "Good morning." She said. Looking down at herself, a deep blush ran through her face as she used the white sheets to cover herself. Grumbling, she practically pushed Hiei out of the room saying she'll be dressed in a moment.

Kagome went towards the closet, but was interrupted again when the door open. Turning around a bit angry, she threw a pillow in Hiei's face, "Could I get some privacy?" She said harshly.

Hiei caught the pillow and smiled, "I need a shirt." He replied.

Kagome grabbed a black T-shirt from the ground and tossed it towards him. She ran over to the door and slammed it in Hiei's face.

Rubbing his nose, he looked boredly at the door. 'Privacy of your husband, smart.' He called out to her, "There is nothing that I haven't seen."

"Shut up you!" Was his response.

He smirked as he proceeded downstairs.

"Hey dad! Thanks." He looked up from where he was at the stairs. Hieiko had unwrap one of her gift and received a black aura sword. She swung it around at Jaganji as he dodged apparition strikes that came out of the sword. He placed his gift out and Hieiko ripped the present to shred revealing a pair of Santa Clause pajamas.

Hieiko cracked up laughing as Jaganji blushed. Jaganji grumbled. "This must be mommy's gift," he pouted, but smiled. He did complain of having a hard time sleeping, so she must've gotten that to cure it.

Hiei sat down on the couch and yawned to himself when the two weren't looking. Jaganji opened another gift and he smiled when he gotten those black motorcycles gloves that he wanted. He placed it on and challenged his sister to a sparring match leaving their other unwrapped gift behind.

Before they were about to dual Hiei reminded them, "Destroy the house and train in the mountains for five years."

Hieiko and Jaganji nodded nervously towards their father, 'K'so!' They've destroyed it last time and had to train in the demon world for a month.

Kagome came down moments later, running towards the tree. She was too absorbed in unwrapping her gift to pay attention to her children's fight. With one swift hand, she ripped open her present. Her eyes widen when she saw the black dress. Standing up, she unfolds it to only gape. Her lips then began to twitch as she looked towards Hiei. He was looking anywhere but her as a blush stained his cheeks. "Hiei . . ." She started, stomping over and stopped shortly in front of him, "This is for your purpose." Her eyes glinted evilly as she began to strangle her husband.

"I can't help myself . . ." He held her wrist trying to catch his breath, "It'll look lovely on you."

"Only for you!" She exclaimed. Jaganji and Hieiko stopped and looked at their mother. Hieiko kept on her laughter as she saw what father had gave her. Jaganji tilted his head in confusion. It was a black dress (more like lingerie) that reached only passed her thigh, see through! Gapping at the gift in her hands, she missed Hiei tucking something under the couch.

Kagome calmed down with a sigh. "I should've known." Plopping down on the couch, she shook her head.

Hieiko and Jaganji stopped their dual and went on to opening more gifts. Kagome looked at them and smiled as they thanked them. According to their "list", they had received everything they wanted, but there were also some surprises. Kagome looked at Hiei, then grabbed something from under the couch.

"Here, this is for you." She smiled and thrust the small cloth-like object into his hand. Hiei undid the tie and was surprise that a white bandanna appeared. Looking at it, he turned it over.

His mouth parted open, as he became dazed. Suddenly getting his senses back, he turned to glare at Kagome. "What is this?" He asked through gritted teeth.

Kagome bit her lips from laughing, "Your Christmas gift of course . . ." She smiled then placed her right hand on lips trying badly to hold the laughter, "And I'm expecting you to wear it."

Hiei looked incredulously at Kagome, "Are you crazy woman?" He looked at it then at her as she started to laugh. It was a bandanna and the front has a small picture of Hieiko, Jaganji, Kagome, and himself . . .in-in chibi-form! They were all doing a small peace sign.

"It'll suit you dad." They looked over to Hieiko who appeared out of nowhere behind the peach-color sofa. Her head was on her arms, which were propped on the top of the couch. "Wear it out to the party tonight." She smirked at look of her fathers'.

Hiei turned back into his poker-face stare; "I refuse to." He placed the bandanna into a fold again. Hieiko's hands were swift as she took it out of his lap and tied it on his head, covering up the Jagan eyes.

Kagome leaned forward and poked his forehead, "It does really suit you dear." She said sarcastically. Hieiko and Jaganji laughed along with their mother as Hiei crossed his arm in embarrassment.

Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck with a grin, "Besides, it's everyone we know."

Jaganji grumbled irritably as his mother placed a scarf around his neck. "I don't need this." He groaned with a slumped shoulder. Looking up at his mother, his eyebrow creased low on his eyes, "Mother, is all this actually necessary?" He asked. He was wearing a black and white striped scar, white beanie over his spiked up hair, black comfortable mittens, a white down jacket over a black sweatshirt, and baggy cargo black pant. In Jaganji's opinion, he was overdressed.

Kagome smiled down at her son, "To keep you from getting a cold dear." She pinched his nose playfully. Looking towards the presence at the door, she smiled at Hieiko, "Remember to wear your jacket out okay?" She smiled kindly.

Hieiko smirked, but nodded. "Wait, how come she's not wearing a sweater?" Asked Jaganji frowning. Hieiko was in a simple black leather pant (which has striking resemblance to Hieis'), normal black boots, white sleeveless shirt, and a white beanie.

The young girl stuck out her tongue playfully, "Cause I'm not as young as you remember that little Jaganji, and besides I'm more mature." She nodded to herself.

Hiei came from behind his daughter and dropped a large oversized navy blue sweatshirt on Hieiko going around her neck. She blinked in confusion as she held out the sweater in front of herself. Looking at her dad with a glare, he just returned the fierce glare. "I don't need this!" She exclaimed.

Kagome got up from her crouched position and walked towards Hieiko and Hiei, "Course you do." She replied simply.

"And pray tell why?" She asked a bit arrogantly crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Kagome simply patted her head, "Even a half-demon can't stand the cold." She smiled kindly. Her eyes suddenly flickered as she smirked, "Or would you like to wear a warm, layered, comfortable kimo-"

"Don't finish that mother." The young girl said, rather harshly. Grumbling, she slipped into the sweatshirt. Her brother looked at her and started to tease her.

"Look who's walking about young, huh sis?"

Kagome laughed lightly then looked towards Hiei as the children bickered. The family convinced him to wear the bandanna she got him. It was adorable, but embarrassing all the same. She hid his other bandanna from him and she told him if he doesn't wear the bandanna, he'll have to sleep on the couch for a whole month. He groaned, grumbled, and insulted (she insulted him back), but he had no other choice but to wear it out.

Jaganji and Hieiko ran out of their mother and father's room as they went in their own. Grabbing a few gift-wrap boxes, they ran back out to see their parent's, arms wrapped around each other, kissing under a mistletoe, "Ew . . .Stop that." Said Jaganji, clearly grossed out.

Hieiko laughed hysterically at her little brother. She stopped when Kagome and Hiei stared at her. "Sorry," turning back to her brother, she hit the back of her head, "I put the freakin mistletoe up there for a reason ya know!" She exclaimed.

Kagome and Hiei looked at her, Kagome smiling and Hiei having a smug look. "You seem to be maturing well Hieiko."

Hieiko, in turn blush at the suppose compliment. She rubbed the back of her head and stuck her tongue out playfully, "Being mature has its advantage." She grinned. Turning around, ready to walk downstairs, she grabbed a hold of Jaganji's hood and dragged him with her leaving her parent's alone.

Cocking her head towards the ceiling, she looked at the mistletoe, "I didn't even notice it was up there until just now." Looking, at Hiei, she looked down towards his arm. "And since when did you came and put your arms around me?" She asked with furrowed eyebrows as she stared in his eyes. "Well are you-"

Before she could utter another word, his lips claimed hers once again. The warm feeling of his tongue made her gave in as she returned the kiss.

When they were finished, Kagome was flushed and out of breath. Her eyes suddenly widened as she looked at the decoration of her hallway. "Oh! We're going to be late! C'mon, we got to get out gifts and head to Kurama's house." She looked at her watch, "We'll probably make it in time for Christmas dinner." She added as she ran in the room, towards the closet and took out red and green package.

Hiei, with a bored expression left downstairs. He saw Jaganji and Hieiko grabbing their gifts. "No, you both aren't aloud to bring those swords." He calmly told them.

"Come on Dad! Why not?" Asked Hieiko, almost pleading. But all she received from her father was that damn poker face. Making a pouting face, she stomped over and placed it back where all the other swords are. Jaganji, better to follow her sister, also placed his sword back on their stool.

Hiei waited until those two turned around before quickly getting the gift he left under the couch. He tucked it under his black trench coat pocket. Kagome came running down afterwards, then dragged them all out of the door.

It was a small Christmas party with Kurama, Botan, Koenma, Genkai, Yusuke, Keiko, Kuwabra, Shizuru, and etc(lazy to type the rest out). When they all spotted them, Yusuke and Kuwabara sputtered out laughing when they saw the bandanna Hiei was wearing.

Hiei directed a menacing glare at them as their hands fried up. They had to dump in the punch for it to cool off. "What the hell was that for?!" Yelled Yusuke angrily.

He closed his eyes and smirked as he went to Kagome. 'Nothing in particular, just a friendly welcome . . .' He told them in their minds.

Jaganji and Hieiko placed their gifts under the Christmas tree along with Hiei and Kagome. Afterwards, they joined everyone to the dining room where everyone was seated on a comfortable chair. Hieko went over to sit next to a blue-hair boy, same age as her. Jaganji plopped himself next to an orange-haired girl, only she was a tad bit shorter. Hiei and Kaome found themselves a seat next to one another between Shizuru and Genkai.

Since no one was eating yet, Hieiko was the first to dig in as she ate the small portion of fruitcake. Since the gesture seems to make everyone realize the silence, they all laughed amongst themselves. Out of pure embarrassment and humiliation forgetting that they all knew each other.

"Mmmm . . .This is good, even in the cold." Jaganji shivered slightly as he ate the small vanilla ice cream. He turned towards Sara the younger girl, "You want some?"

She shook her head frantically, "I-Isn't it t-too c-co-cold to eat ice c-cream?" She asked a bit hesitant shown in her voice.

"Nah, it's the perfect temperature, right sis?" When he looked towards her, he was hit with mash potatoe. When he slid off his face, a glare was directed towards Hieiko.

She grinned as she turned towards the emerald eye boy, who has the blue hair, "That was perfect aim, right?" He smiled at her and nodded, but eyes widen when a small portion, spoonful, of vanilla ice cream hit her dead in the ear.

He could see Hieiko shivering from head to toe as she slowly turned towards Jaganji.

"Why you little . . ." Instead of finishing her sentence, she threw peas at him. Not just one pea, but a dozen, which cause it to spread as it hit a boy with hige brown eyes, and slicked black hair.

"Hieiko . . ." The boy, same age as Hieiko, said threw gritted teeth. He picked up his fruit cake and threw it at her, only to cause it to hit the boy with blue hair next to her, she dodged his assault.

The boy with blue hair looked at Keisuke, smiling, "I owe you this!" He threw his whole plate of food at the other boy. His eyes widen and ducked, which caused it to hit his father.

Yusuke wiped the mess of food from his face and turned to whoever had thrown that. What he saw was an empty handed Kaiiten, and a laughing Kuwabara. That in turn cause him to scream, "Food fight!"

Everyone in the room tried to dodge every food that was thrown at them, but couldn't dodge all, as they had to return the onslaught. It lasted for at least thirty minute when Kurama, a bit annoyed stepped on his table. "That's enough!" He called to everyone. They all stopped, but cracked up laughing all together as vanilla ice cream hit Kurama's face, dead on.

It took awhile for everyone to get cleaned up. Even so, they had to borrow clothes from either Kurama or Botan to Kaiiten or Tanakin. Once all the kid's were dressed, they all just ran outside to finish their game.

Hieiko and Jaganji went outside to join the rest of the children. They were all playing a game of snowball war. Hieiko smiled evilly as she followed her brother. The other kids greeted them. She went the opposite way to the other teams from Jaganji. 'Time to meet the frosty queen everyone.'

Kagome nodded at what the Keiko said. She was complaining of how Yusuke was always leaving her to do everything around the house as he go on another Koenma's missions. Botan came jumping over awile later, "It's almost time to open the gifts. Let's go now you two." Nodding, Kagome sighed.

A few minuted later, the door opened showing a couple of kids panting covered in snow. They shook it off, but shivered afterwards. "Hieiko, please try not to go so rough anymore." The girl with the red hair and lavender eyes hugged herself shivering.

"I think she's actually planning to hurt someone." Replied the boy with emerald eyes and short blue hair. He was hitting the side of his head to get the snow out of his ears.

Jaganji glared dagger at his sister, "You always do this, every year ice queen."

He was patted in the head by a boy who was old as Hieiko, "Quit being such a sore loser aight, it was just a game." He had short black, slicked hair and wide brown eyes.

Shaking his head, the little spiky hair boy said, "Tell that to Hieiko."

A small girl with orange hair and blue eyes timidly smiled at Jaganji who was almost a year older than her, "I think sis went too hard too." She blushed embarrassed as she walked quietly away from the smug-looking Hieiko.

Shrugging innocently, she walked towards her parents, "Ah . . .You're mistaken, I was always like this." Averting her gaze, she looked at the gift that was handed to her. She called out to them as they stood there at the door, some glaring behind her back, "Hey, if you guys don't want your presents, I'll be more than glad to take it." She smirked as they all piled around the Christmas tree with their parents. Everyone had played secret Santa this year.

Hieiko unwrapped hers' and she said a small yes. She received a whip from her uncle Kurama. Actually, she really doesn't know how to use one, but enjoy any gift as long as their weaponry. Looking at her uncle, she grinned. The card read,

I heard from your mother how much you train, it seems you have worked with every weapon that is known, but there is one that you're not an expert with, the whip.

Kurama . . .

Kurama looked at his gift and found it to be some sort of strange magic-like pouch read the card, and was surprised it was from Koenma. He looked at the card and found it said one simple word, Fox. And a chibi Koenma making a peace sign.

Koenma opened his and smiled lightly at the gift, it was a white pacifier. Not what he was expecting, but enjoyed it. He looked at the card and wanted to fall over. Looking over at his secret santa, he smiled nervously at the young girl. It was from Sara, Kuwabara's daughter, the shy one with orange hair and blue eyes. He read over the card,

Uh . . .I'm sorry if you didn't want this, but . . . Mr. Koenma I always see you with a blue pacifier and I always wondered if you needed a new one.


Sara smiled when she stared at her gift. It was a small cd player. She had asked for one of this, but her father always forget. Reading the card, she looked over to her uncle Yusuke. He remembered for her father. As she read the card, her eyes glittered brightly.

Hey kiddo, I heard you wanted one of these, so I got ya one. That idiot Kuwabara probably forgotten all about it I'm guessing. Oh yeah, try to be more open, take your dad for example . . .

From your Uncle Yusuke

Jaganji pouted again, he received an orb. As he shook it, wondering if it actually do anything, his eyes lit up when the orb began to glow and a light surrounded his body. He began to feel weak as his eyelid drooped. "The Orb of Drowsiness." He whispered as drool came to the side of his lips as he fell on the floor. "Why thank you Kai." He mumbled before falling into dreamland. He missed his chance to read his card as it says,

I knew you would just jump for the gift instead of looking at who it is. Well, Jaganji, you're the second youngest of all the kids here, so remember to watch out before jumping into conclusions. Maybe you'll realize . . .After you wake up.

Kaiiten a.k.a Kai . . .

The boy with blue hair and emerald eyes smiled. He was the son of Kurama and Botan, named Kai. He was as old as Hieiko. He was the one who gave the gift to Jaganji. It was meant to be a practical joke. As he looked down, he unwraps his gift. He waited until Jaganji opened the gift to see the reaction. It was as he predicted. He raised an eyebrow when he saw a book. He looked at the card and blushed. He looked over to Hieiko who was busy trying to snatch the Christmas tree down. She was stopped shortly by her mother. He read over the card,

I always see you read a book when your alone, so I hope you enjoy this cause I have no clue of what you favor. Eh? . . .Oh yeah, try to visit Tokyo and play with me more often would ya

To: Kai, Lonely BlueFox

From: Hieiko, LonelyEmber

Keisuke, the boy with brown eyes and slicked black hair, unwraps his gift. He looked confused at the necklace, 'Guys don't need necklace.' He thought. Keisuke is Keiko and Yusuke's son. He looked at the card and eyes widen when it was his aunt Kagome. His eyes popped out of it's socket's as he read the card,

Try to protect what's important to you, become responsible of your little sister inside your mother's tummy.

Always, Kagome

Kagome shook her gift as to guess what's inside. There was no card so she couldn't find who it was. It was decorated neatly in a puppy's wrappings. Slowly, she tore out the wrappers and slowly took out the tissue papers. Her eyes widen when she saw the silver necklace with the small diamond for the chain. They only had one and she remembers correctly that someone had bought before her. Reading the card, she blinked in surprise,

. . .Meet your secret santa out in the porch at midnight . . .

Botan looked at the object her younger daughter had gave her. It was a small golden bracelet with Botan and Kurama engraved on it. It was sweet really. she giggled slightly as she read the card,

Always and forever, hope you and daddy never fight -which obviously you won't-and stay our true and trusting parents, forever and ever . . .oh yeah, give a lecture to Kai, cause it's obvious he's crushing badly on sis, ya know . . .Hieiko


The girl with lavender eyes and red hair scanned through the card a bit angered. The gift she received was quite nice, two icy flowers like earrings, but what he said in the card was so childish. She was Tanakin, Kurama and Botan's child, a few years older than Jaganji. He was practically making fun of her. She really doesn't mind of what he says, but he's being so immature considering he's fairly older than she is. She looked over the card,

Hey shrimpy, hope ya like the gifts. It's nothin' big, but it'll do considering you're just a small kid. Oh yeah, try not to act so mature all-like, it doesn't suit you at all. ;P Stay small and shrimpy, grow up, you'll be all old and wrinkly.

From your bro's best friend . . .Keisuke

Yusuke unwraps his gift and looked at the small ring. It was silver, but the main part of it was a blue small gun. Reading the card, he looked towards Keiko and smiled slightly.

Dear Yusuke,

I knew this had cost a lot of money, that why you didn't get it in the first place, but I wanted to show how much I love you. And if you don't mind, STAY HOME MORE OFTEN!!!!!!

Love, Keiko An angry chibi Keiko was neatly drawn after the wording.

Keiko neatly unwrapped her gift, and took the tissue paper out. She looked cluelessly at the small hat. Blinking in surprise, she gasped when she read the card.

I hope you like this little small hat, it's really for your infant inside your stomach actually. I'm really sorry about the gift, but I truly had no clue what you had wanted.

Please forgive me, Kagome H.

P.S. I know how lame the present is so I'll make it up to you somehow

Kuwabara grinned from ear to ear at the small gift. It wasn't much, but the thought had always count. It was a small sword key-chain with the word "K" engraved on the handle. He read the card,

Sorry Uncle Kuwabara, I was short on money, my allowance was only a nickle an hour that's why.

From a small penniless dude, Jaganji . . .

Hiei looked at the small pearl he held in his hand. Smiling slightly, he looked at his little sister. She had grown into a beautiful woman, but he had to drop his smile once he remembered whom she married. That idiot Kuwabara, why him of all people. 'At least the bastard's been keeping her happy.'

Brother, I'm still surprise that I am your sister. I know the bad things you did in the past, but I don't hate you. I just wished you could've told me sooner. I know I never had the chance to tell you this but . . .I really am proud to have a brother like you.


Yukina unwrap her gift slowly. A small smile lit her face. It was a small crystalized crane. She looked at it warmly as she read over the card,

I had known you wanted this, so this is what I got you


Gekai looked irritated at the small gift. It was a pikachu pillow. 'Great, that moron actually think I'll use this.' Tossing it aside, she continued to read her card,

Hey Genkai, I'm short on money, so I hope you appreciate this gift.

. . .Kuwabara

Shizuru looked boredly at them as she sighed. She was didn't join in on the Secret Santa, nor did Yusuke's mother. It was too premature for them so they both is now on the couch, getting themselves drunk.

(hopefully I'm not missing anyone!!!!! '- -)

Once everyone had opened their gift, they started talking among themselves. Everyone had gotten up and went to get a few snacks. Kuwabara and Yusuke went to get punch. Kuwabara had poured some on his cup, but had to turn around when he heard his daughter call out to him, "Dad, can I be excused to go outside to ge-get some-something?" Sara asked timidly.

"Sure honey!" He called out.

When Kuwabara turned around, he stared blankly at the angered Yusuke. He was crushing the small paper cup in his hands. His pants seems to be wet, "You stupid moron!" Yusuke yelled in his face and dumped the whole punch on Kuwabara's head. That in turn caused the two men to punch each other in the face.

"You guys stop it, children are watching." Keiko tried to say.

Kaiiten just watch and shook his head. He sighed to himself, 'Grown-ups can be too immature sometimes.'

"Hey, we don't mind." Butt in Hieiko, "We're more than happy to see adults start a scene." She walked right next to Kai as she called out, "Knock each other out, whoever wins I want to battle."

"Hieiko!" She jumped slightly at her mother's tone.

Sara, who came back from getting a doll, watched in horror as her father was kicked everywhere around, "P-please st-stop-"

Hieiko tilted her head towards Sara and winked, "Don't worry about them, their grown men, and besides, I get to dual whom ever wins."

"Hieiko . . ." She gulped when she turned her head towards her mother. She put her head downcast in shame when her mother glared hard at her.

At the end of the fight, the victor was Yusuke as always. "My turn!"

"Hieiko! Please!"

"Okay mother." She turned to Kai and whispered, "My mother can be so bitchy sometimes."

'Hieiko . . .'

"Gahh!! I promise I won't do that anymore dad!" She sigh a relief and looked down. 'Shimatta!!'

Kai laughed lightly at her. She was always so spunky, "Try to hold your temper." He whispered in her ear. She looked at him with an evil glint in her eyes, "Who says I have a temper? I'm not like Jagan-chan. If you're implying that I'm angered, you want me to take it out on-"

"Hey, look it here, aren't they a cute couple?" Keisuke interrupted them. He placed his arm on both their shoulders as he looked at all the adults.

The girls giggled, Yusuke laughed hard, and the other men just smirked. "I suppose your right Keisuke." Replied Kurama.

Hieiko, having no clue what their talking about, threw Keisuke towards the couch and landed on Botan's lap. "What are you all blabbering about?" She asked.

"Look up," said Hiei boredly. Hieiko and Kaiiten slowly cocked their head up. What they realize on the ceiling was a small bushy mistletoe. Blushing lightly, they turned towards another. Gulping nervously, they leaned towards one another. Once their lips touched, a flash was directing at them.

Hieiko, surprised, turned to the perpertraitor. It was none other than her own mother, "Mom!?"

She swung the camera around with the black string playfully. "What is dear?"

"Th-that was un call for Mrs. Higurashi." Kai said blushing furiously, 'Now she's going to hate me.' He thought glancing nervously at Hieiko.

Once it hit midnight, Kagome walked straight towards the door. The kids were surely asleep and some were sober. "Hey Kagome, where are you heading too?" She was stopped short when she touched the doorknob. Turning, she saw Kurama's eyes brow raised in inquire.

"Nowhere special, just went to get fresh air is all." She smiled up at him.

He smiled, then reached in his pocket, "Here, I wanted to give you this for Christmas, hope you like it." He shoved the small box in her hand.

Smiling, she was about to open it, but was stopped by Kurama, "Not yet, when you get home." She nodded a bit confused, but held placed it under the tree instead, "Thanks Kurama." She whispered silently as he went back to Botan, "Promise to get you something in return." She turned back tot he door, and walked out into the cold.

Botan placed a hand on Kurama's shoulder, "It's alright, you still love her don't you?" Kurama shook his head as he smiled sadly towards Botan. She furrowed her eyebrows, then closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she whacked him on the head.

"Botan?" He looked at her rubbing his head at the sore lump, "I . . ."

"Quit kidding yourself," she smiled kindly at him, "I've been with you for this long, so I know how you look at her . . ." She mumbled the last part. Looking deep in his eyes, she kissed him on the lips, "But I just hope that you know there is also someone else around you."

Kurama sighed and watched sadly as Botan walked upstairs to tuck the kids in. "I truly am sorrry, I had thought that if I had married you, I would forget about Kagome. But someday, I'll return your love, I promise."

Kagome looked around for her secret Santa, but found nothing but the cold snow. She looked up at the sky and saw the Milky Way. "A long lasting row of stars." She whispered, "Beautiful."

"The real beauty is its gazer." She jumped slightly when soft breathing hit her ear. Suddenly, she feels two arms encircling her waist. She turned her head quickly, to only relax once she met two ruby orbs. "Surprise?"

Kagome smiled lightly, "Maybe . . .or maybe not." She replied.

He tightens his arms around her, "What is it?" He asked placing his chin on her shoulder.

"I could've guessed it was you, considering the part you wouldn't let me meet someone out this late." He put his face in her ebony hair and inhaled her scent. The freshness of sakura blossom, jasmine, and the hint of vanilla.

"Mmm . . .Hmm . . ." He mumbled in her hair. She grinned and looked towards the snow-covered ground. "I don't think I can ever get used to your scent."

Surprise, she used her eyes to look at him, but could only see the dark portion of the porch. Hiei lift up his head and placed his chin on her shoulder. Suddenly he felt a warm glow ingulf his body. He glances towards Kagome, only to see her smile with her eyes closed. He smiled at her blissful look, 'She doesn't even notice.' He smirked as they were gently lifted towards the sky. 'This was like the time she told me I was her soulmate.'

Hiei rubbed his cheek with her own. "Hm?" was her response. "Look down," he answered. Opening her eyes, her head tilted downwards. Suddenly she laughed lightly to herself.

"My mistake . . ." She whispered.

"Sometimes, I think you're doing this on purpose," he whispered huskily in her ear. She stuck out her tongue childishly.

"Not the first time." She turned in Hiei's arm and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Kagome hummed a tune lightly to herself, "Sometimes Hiei, you can be really romantic ya know?" He lifts up his arm and grazed her cheek. A smirk adorning his face.

"Really? Do tell."

A laugh erupted from her throat, "Weird part is, I never knew that until I mated you, or in the human word would say, married you." She leaned her head towards him. His lips met hers as they kissed until New Years.

'Ai shiteru . . .' They said in one other's mind.

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