I head out; Twister was fine as long as he wasn't alone. I went over to the snowboarding place it looked tight. I could handle it. Twister had told me it was called the flat-stick fork and he had boarded here last year, when they came for their first time. I was watching the sunrise when Twister and his...I mean our friends came up.

"That's beautiful," Reggie sits next to me on the bench.

"You don't have to come out here for something beautiful, Reg. You can just look in a mirror," I compliment. I think that might have been one of the first times that someone really complimented her on her looks because she blushed. She turned redder then the sunrise.

"Oh man Reg you're so red," Sam catches.

"Are you sick?" Twister asks.

"Yeah Reggie's not that beautiful." Otto says.

Reggie frowns, and I put my arm around her, "You're brother's blind Reg," I say. I think Twister got jealous, at that point, he decided to sit in- between us. Otto and Sam sat on the other side of Reg.

"Hey we sat like this two nights ago," Sam points out.

"Yeah the night, Jeff..." Sam elbows Otto to stop. Twister was shaking at the thought of that night.

"Wow isn't that amazing Tito," Ray walked up with Tito.

"Yes all the little broddas, friends," Tito says.

"Hope its not just the sunrise," Ray says.

"That's not a question," Otto says, "I'm fine with Lars when he's all tame like this.

"Maybe it's from lack of food," Sam whispers.

"Food?" Ray questions, I stand up and walk away. I didn't need to be busted on. Why wasn't I eating? At first it was because of Reggie, but now was it, Twister? Why? Twister didn't mean that much to me. Yes he did. I guess I had just forgotten to eat because of Twister. I walk into the lodge, and look into the mirror oh man I was thin. No wonder Sam was worrying. I was paler too, almost as light as Twister, but I was never as light as Twister. It's just the lighting I'm fine. I head back outside all the teams are getting ready. I head back to mine. Twister is with Ray and Tito, they were going to wait at the finish line.

"I didn't say anything," Sam says.

"You should eat," Reggie adds.

"Yeah you could be doing serious damage to yourself," Otto says. I glare at them.

"We're just worried about you," Reggie says.

"You look so terrible," Otto points out.

"Aren't you hungry?" Sam questions.

I pick my helmet up and put it on and then grab my board, "If I eat I'll miss the race." I walk to the starting line. I wasn't hungry anyway.

"You look sick bro," Jeff says. "If you're sick you shouldn't compete."

"You'd like that," I say and he nods although he did look slightly worried. "Well I'm fine."

"Sheesh chill," he stands at the starting line.

I was fine. I thought except my stomach did ache, and I had a huge headache. I rub my eyes in agony. I had to win for Twist. People start lining up.

"Here Lars this is the course," Sam says. Oh my head, I'm fine. I shook it off and took the map.

"You forgot your com-link," Reggie says handing it to me. She blurs in and out of vision, I rub my eyes and I was cool. She looks at me worried like but didn't say anything.

"Places," Someone calls, the shell thing rang and I start down the run. Otto and Reggie were in front of me, but we left the others in the dust. Come on Lars pay attention, I tell myself as I did a 720 and land close to Reggie. I bent my knees and slip in front of her. Then I pull a 540 with a twist and got a good lead on her.

"All right Lars," she says though the link, "That was awesome."

I didn't have time to think I was closing in on Otto. Then my vision blurred, "Lars there is a jump in front of you," Sam says giving me a chance, I jump and land perfectly. I shook my head and I saw white and then black and then white and then Otto, man I was almost on top of him. I lean left and got along side of him.

"I thought you were trying to womp me," he says grinning.

"Sorry," I mumble, he slid ahead of me. Ugh I bent my knees and jump spinning the board at the top and then I pull some sort of flip, landing in front of Otto. I cross the line, gasping for air

"Lars that was so tight," Twister came over, "Where did you get that move?"

"Dude Twister Lars looks, uh...dead," Otto points out.

"Ahh!" Twister screams, "Oh man Lars are you..." his voice fades Woah what was going on. I had said I'd give anything to win, but if I had to lose Twister, or worse if he had to lose me, I didn't know if I wanted to win. Everything went white and then black, pitch black; worse then night because there were no stars, no nothing, not anything. I stayed in that warm black place for a long time. The last 2 weeks flashed by me. Then it was gone. I was alone for what felt like forever, and then I hear something. "We'll have to keep him on life support." "Will he be ok?" "Well, without life support he'd die. He's been in the comma for 2 months. His vital signs are shutting down." "But, Lars isn't going to die." "That can't be said for certain." "He's my brother. He can't. I need him." "It's ok Maurice." "No he promised he'd watch me. He said we were friends. He said he was ok. If he dies it will hurt so bad." "We know Maurice, your mother and I feel the same way." "But is he in pain?" "We can't be certain no one is ever certain." "Lets talk about this outside, I can't look at him like that." "But Mom he needs me." "Maurice." "Dad I need him." "Maurice." "I love him." "Come out in 5 minutes." It was quiet. There was a never ending sob. I wanted to stay in this black place, it was warm and peaceful there was no pain, no hunger, no sadness. Not for me, but there was no feeling; no happiness, no joy, no excitement, no LOVE! Twister said he needed me, he need me and I hand to go back, I had to make it better for him I couldn't hurt him again. Reggie had been right and she had been right on another thing he loved me. I loved him. I did. I loved him. The black place began to fade. I start waking up I could smell the hospital smell. Then I felt the weight of Twister on me. Then I could see light thought my closed eyes. I open them slowly. I lay in a bed not in mine, but in a hospital room. There was a picture of flowers on the wall in front of me. There were flowers and balloons, everywhere, real ones, which read get well. The window was closed, but the blinds were half- open. There was a table on my right. An I-V thing on my left it ran into my arm and one in my nose I think. I wiggle my nose to make sure. There was Twister lying on my bed with me. His head facedown on my chest, he rose with my breathing. He looks just the same as I left him, except, he wasn't smiling. He was crying. I move my right hand onto his back of his head or his hat, and I began to rub his head to comfort him. I slowly move my hand to his back still rubbing.

"One more minute, please, Mom. I might not see him alive again," he says, "If I leave."

"Of course you will. I'm not going anywhere," I say.

"Mom you sound like," he jolts up his head, "Lars! Lars!" His face glows, "You're up, oh Man," he falls off the bed, "Mom, Mom, Dad!"

"Shh, Shh," I shush him, "Not so loud."

Mom and Dad rush in, "He's up," Twister smiles from the floor grabbing those crutches and standing.

"Lars," Mom says kissing my head.

"Are you ok?" Dad asks.

"Did I win?" I knew I won, but I had to ask.

"You did," Twister points to the crown and medal on the table, "then you collapsed."

A few doctors come in and check me over, "He'll have to stay another week at least."

"Si," Mom says walking out with Dad and the doctors.

"I'm sorry," I say to Twister.


"I promised not to leave. I scared you did Jeff..." I ask.

"I'm just glad you're ok," he says, "You almost died."

"I know," I yawn, "What are the flowers for."

"Ocean shores worries about you," Twister says, "We're still in New Zealand."

"We," I ask.

"Ooh just you, Mom, Dad, and me, they came when they heard," he explains, "The Rockets, Sam, and Tito went home they had to, but they sent you things," he points. "They must have told people."

"It's ok," I say. Twister is quiet for a long time, "What?"

"Its just you were sleeping for along time 2 months. I missed you, I thought I might never see you again or hear your voice," his lip quivers, "I was more scared then I ever had been before Lars. You really scared us. I couldn't protect you the way you do me. I thought it might have been my fault. I thought I had lost you. You my brother. My best friend." Tears soak his checks, "I prayed for you to be back even the old you who was never my friend. I wished it. I wanted you back, and now you are." I reach out and touch his hand. I then wiped his cheeks free of those tears. He leans down and hugs me, and I hug him back.

After a few minutes, I finally have to say something, "Where's my hat?"

Twister pulls away and takes his hat off; he removes my hat and hands it back to me. "No Twist you keep it," he grins sniffing, "Bring me my winnings," I yawn.

"No Lars you rest. I'll come back," he goes to leave, "Don't leave again."

"Twister," I call as he opens the door. "I Love you too," he smiles, comes back in, and sits down in a chair next to my bed. Not saying anything, he just stays there as I go to sleep. I had done it. My initial plan to get Reggie hadn't turned out, but I got something better. I had my brother back, my weakness, and my best friend.

That's not meant to sound like Spiderman trust me it just happened