Rose Among the Thorns: The Third Evans Sister

By Jedi Blu, Lady at Large

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Epilog: And the Readers Will Revolt

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Severus Snape and Rose Evans were not to be completely trusted, of this they were certain.

"She's going by her maiden name again. What d'you figure that means?"

"No idea. She's always been a little off, though, so it might'n't mean anything," the second person said warily.

The first shrugged. "So why bother about them just yet?"

"To see what happens."

"Think they're still close?" the first asked. "It's been a long time."

"I've told you before, I don't know. But we need to keep an eye on them and see where their loyalties really are. Death Eaters or Members of the Order...either way they'll have problems getting on in life." The second sighed. "What a mess. Why did we get this assignment again?"

"Don't look at me—I'm just tagging along."


"But..." the first hesitated."You don't think...that you think the other side is going to be meddling with this assignment?"

"Of course. That's what they're famous for: meddling in our affairs. Neither side will give up that pair without a fight; they're a dangerous team when they want to be. Or don't you remember them at school?"

"We were just as dangerous."

"But not malicious."

"Not very often, anyway."

The second sighed. "I hate being in charge. Especially when you're so negative."


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