Just One Little Mistake

By: Princess Sango

Kagome felt shock run through her body. "Inuyasha what do you mean?"

He blushed and said it again, "Why are you with pup?"

Kagome almost collapsed, "I don't know what you mean! I do not have a pup!" Inuyasha looked at her, she had no idea what he was leaving out.

Then something inside her mind clicked, "No! Inuyasha sit! Sit, sit, sit, sit!" Inuyasha fell to the ground and he looked pissed off. "Now you give me that second scent right now or I'll go ask Shippo!"

His eyes widened and he said, "Mine..."

Kagome almost collapsed, "Great. Inuyasha would you help raise this child of yours? Will you be able to forget Kikyo for once?"

He looked at Kagome solemnly, "You know that I can't, sorry Kagome. Also, I'm not qualified to be a father. You know so too."

Kagome looked at him, "How could you leave me with this? Are you sure, positive?"

He nodded and said nothing more. Kagome sat down and started to cry; Sango and Miroku came up to comfort her. "Inuyasha, how could you? You know that Kikyo is dead, you'll never have what you really deserve with Kikyo," yelled Sango.

"G-guys I think that I should go home. My mom has a right to know." Sango looked at her friend with sympathy and said, "Imbed a jewel shard in my back, I'll go with you. It should work after all." Kagome nodded and pulled a jewel shard out of the bottle container. She threw the jewel in her back and they walked off together. When they reached the well, they both jumped inside.

Kagome bit her lip as she walked inside her house. "I'm nervous Sango, my mom, I'm scared what she will say."

Sango knew that this was hard for her, "I know, but I've got your back. I'll help you if Inuyasha won't."

Kagome nodded gratefully and walked around to find her mom. When she finally found her mom, she was in her room folding towels. "Mom?"

Her mom looked up, then she looked surprised. "Kagome, why the long face? This has something to do with Inuyasha doesn't it?"

Kagome took a deep breath and told her story. "I'm so sorry mom."

Kagome was crying and Sango and her mom were trying to comfort her. "It's okay, sure I'm mad but it takes two." She hugged her daughter, "Thanks for sharing though. Also Sango, thanks for helping her here."

"Your welcome, me, Miroku, Kaede, and Shippo are always there for Kagome. Anytime, anywhere."

Four weeks later...

Sango and Miroku both moved in with Kagome and her family. Sota didn't know why Inuyasha didn't show up, but he thought that it was huge break for Kagome. Though when she was told that in five weeks she was due to give birth, she almost fainted. "That's animal time! I must be on animal youkai time! Great!" Sango noticed Kagome getting depressed. Miroku went back to his time line, saying he would be back soon. Kagome often cried at night and Sango would get up along with Miroku.

Those, nights were the worst. She didn't go to school after the fourth week of this. Tonight was one of those nights though. Sango was there sleeping on a spare futon in Kagome's room tonight and was there in an instant to tend to her friend. She had crashed here because she felt lonely in the room without Miroku. "Kagome-chan? Do you want to tell me what is going on? Miroku-sama isn't here, you can tell me." Kagome sniffled and looked at Sango.

"I'm wondering about the future. People who have children without a husband are shunned here, unlike your time. Inuyasha probably won't have anything to do with this child or me. He'll be with Kikyo and will not be allowed to come see his child. I don't even know if I'll have the strength to raise this one myself."

Sango hushed her quiet, "Why don't you go see Shesshoumaru then? He would be able to knock more sense into his brother than any of us."

Kagome laughed for the first time, "You're right but would he help?"

Sango wasn't so sure about that. "I don't know; I'm not too sure. It's worth a try though."

Kagome shook her head, "Never mind I don't want to think about it."

Five weeks later...

Kagome had twins and was faced with double the trouble. Inuyasha wasn't there and he was invited too. She was bedridden and Sango stayed with her. "What are you going to name them? One boy and one girl, they're both beautiful."

"I was thinking Inuyasha Jr. and Inuya. After all they do portray their dad. I just wish he was here."

Sango shushed her friend, "Do you want Kaede to see them?"

She nodded, "I want her to see them, let's go see them today. I'm fine anyway." Sango had gathered up the babies and they both left. They jumped through the well and headed off into the village. Miroku was inside Kaede's hut and then Kagome sensed Inuyasha! Kagome turned around on her heel and was ready to make a run for it. "He's in there Sango! I can't go in, it's too much!"

Sango told her she should confront her fears and pushed her inside the hut, and then she followed. Kaede was there looking as calm as ever and Miroku watched in pure suspense. "Hi, Kagome," greeted Inuyasha quietly. Kagome just nodded and held one of her children in her lap. Inuyasha looked at the two children, "Are those...?"

Sango nodded, "Yes Inuyasha, the children Kagome had. Your children."

Inuyasha stared for a few long hard minutes until saying, "Can I see them? If it's okay with Kagome that is." Kagome nodded and handed the baby to Sango who passed the child to Inuyasha. Inuyasha surveyed the baby, a boy; it looked like his clone. He handed the baby back to Sango and asked Kagome to talk with him outside. She had gotten up and walked out with Inuyasha, following him to the well. He stopped and turned around to look at her. She was beautiful; she had grown taller and slightly fat, but still the same.

"I'm sorry for leaving you. I was a total idiot, Kikyo is dead and I've come to realize it now. I love you, but it's hard for me to be a father. Do you understand?" Kagome just looked at him, a face full of distrust and sympathy. Then Inuyasha continued, "Miroku came and talked to me everyday. Soon I came to grips with reality."

Kagome nodded, "I love you, but I don't know if I can trust you. You left me alone for nine weeks and you didn't come to check on me. I'm not sure if I ever could trust you."

Inuyasha took a step forward, "I promise to give you all the time you need. I won't force you to do anything with me again till you trust me fully."

Kagome looked shocked, "You're actually offering me that time? It would probably take a long time though, are you sure?"

"Yes Kagome, whatever time you need. I'll try and give it to you."

Kagome hugged him tightly, "Inuyasha, thank-you so much. I didn't think that I could take care of them myself."

She started to cry into his shirt, "Thank-you so much!"

He hugged her back hesitantly, "Is this okay?"

She nodded, "Just hugs and kisses. That's all right now."

They headed back in total silence and saw Sango and Miroku playing with the babies. "You okay Kagome?" asked Sango warily while glaring at Inuyasha. She nodded slowly and picked up little Inuya.

"This is your daughter Inuyasha, I named her Inuya. The boy is Inuyasha Jr. is that okay with you?"

He nodded slowly, "Beautiful names."

Kagome felt relieved and then she was ready to go home. "I better get going home, my mom will wonder where I've been for awhile. Will you come Inuyasha, please?"

Sango watched as Inuyasha nodded and got up. He had his daughter in his arms, while Sango cradled the boy. "I'll stay in my time for awhile, is that okay with you Kagome? So will Miroku." Sango sent a smirk over to Miroku who looked away embarrassed. Kagome took Inuyasha Jr. and bid her farewells. They jumped in the well and soon returned to the right time for Kagome. She scaled the well with her son and Inuyasha merely jumped.

"Show off." She hesitated to say anymore when Inuyasha looked at her.

"Kagome! You didn't leave a note, where were you?" Kagome smiled at her mom and pointed to Inuyasha behind her. Her mom was then staring at Inuyasha, 'Why would she bring him back here? I hope your doing the right thing Kagome.'

"I'll explain later mom. It's their mealtime right now, so I'll go, um, feed them. Come on Inuyasha." Inuyasha followed, only giving Kagome's mom a smile.

She had Inuyasha busy with something as she fed them. After that she would just change them and set them off to bed. Her job as a parent was pretty easy for now; Sango had helped her at first till she had adjusted. Soon her mom would tell her that Inuyasha shouldn't be here. Though it wasn't his total fault, Kikyo played the role too. 'It was all one mistake but I can't say that to these two. No, I can't.'

5 years later...

Kagome was now twenty and she had still not completely trusted Inuyasha. I mean she would let him do things after she felt comfortable with it. After the first year she let Inuyasha on her bed with her. He was sleeping on the couch the first few months, then on the floor in Sota's room. Until finally she let him inside her room! Inuyasha wasn't grumpy at all and Sango and Miroku keep going back and forth from time to time. She herself was busy running around getting their kids ready.

Inuyasha loved Kagome and was being really good about letting her have space. He was happy to have kids and praised them for even the littlest thing. Kagome wasn't there in the afternoons but he didn't mind showing the kids around the feudal era. Shesshoumaru had met the kids more than twice and was very quiet around them. Kikyo had come upon them also, but she seemed to have another person now. Kikyo had walked away from them.

Inuya and Inuyasha Jr. thought that it was weird that their parents acted strangely around each other. They just thought that it was normal, but now they want to know the real truth. Whenever they asked, it was ignored. The twins tried several times to get the truth. Kagome would shake her head and Inuyasha would grunt a response. Then they asked Sango who looked at them with sympathy. They asked Miroku and he did the same, though when asked again, they got more information.

"You're parents have a wide history. One of them is from the future and past. They love each other, but they never admitted to it. You guys came along and that's when it started. I won't say much more for fear of you're father pounding me to a pulp."

They laughed and nodded for getting that much information. "Thanks."

They both hurried to discuss the new info. Sango walked up to Miroku, "They ask you?"

He nodded, "I only gave them the whole love part. I said nothing about the mistake. They seemed happy enough."

Sango didn't seem too worried. While Inuya and Inuyasha Jr. talked hours on end. Then Inuyasha came inside, seeming happy enough.