Chapter 11: Owari

Princess Sango

Inuya and Inuyasha Jr. had stayed with Sango for a little over a week now. Sango and Miroku are fine with it, sometimes.

Kagome opened her eyes after a week. Everything was still hazy, but she knew where she was. Kagome smiled as she turned to face Inuyasha's now open eyes. "How long has it been?"

Inuyasha turned to the electric calendar, "A week."

"The kids are still with Sango. I owe her big now."

Inuyasha nodded, "Definitely." She smiled at him, before allowing him to pull her closer to him. "You look different, Kagome. You have ears, like mine, claws, silver highlights, and golden eyes."

"Really? Does that mean that my senses are going to be as strong as yours and our children?" He nodded. "I feel like I don't want to get up. I just want to stay here."

"How about I carry you around?"

She shook her head, and snuggled closer to him, "It's the middle of the night. Let's just stay here for now."

Inuyasha let her, what was he going to say? 'No because we've slept for a week?' Knowing Kagome, she has the right to be tired. Kagome's the one going through more changes than anyone he knew. Fights with her parents, a disabled brother, two kids, and one on the way, who wouldn't be tired?"It's only seven, onegai? We'll go see Souta and catch a dinner and a movie. Come on, Kagome. You don't have to walk if you don't want to."

Kagome looked up at him in thought, "Yes, let's go." Kagome found new clothes and changed into them, after she took a shower. Inuyasha did the same thing before picking her up and opening the door. He noticed the quietness and shuddered, 'They must be out...'

Inuyasha smiled at Kagome before going down the stairs and exiting the house. Their car was still parked exactly where it had been, and Inuyasha set Kagome in the passenger side and he seated himself in the driver's seat. "What should we do first? Go see Souta or go out to dinner?"

"See Souta, I need to see him." Inuyasha nodded and drove to the hospital.

After a ten minute drive, they arrived at the hospital and went to see Souta. The nurse seemed happy that someone had the courtesy to visit him. "He's right down the hall in room 124."

When they walked in Souta smiled at them, "Welcome!"

Inuyasha greeted him back while Kagome looked around, "Souta, did mom or grandpa come and see you?"

Souta looked down and shook his head, "No..."

"Why not, Souta, when was the last time you saw them?"

"Last week, the day of the accident, they sold the house. They left you there to sleep and had Sango and Miroku pack up things that belonged to you and me. Our stuff is right here, mom dropped it off. She said goodbye one last time before telling me I was handed over to you. Do you know what that means?"

Kagome stared at him shocked but still answered, "She handed you over to me. So now I'm your legal guardian?"

Souta nodded before continuing, "She handed me over to you, as for the house, Sango and Miroku bought it. They didn't move into it yet, but they assured me that it was in good hands. Mom and Grandpa want to get away from us; she wants to forget we don't even exist."

"Did she tell you about where she was going?"

"No, Kagome, she told me that this would be the last time I would see her. She told me that she didn't want me, and she only made you pregnant as a going-away present. One last thing for you to hate her about, she told me."

Kagome walked over to him and cradled his head to her chest. "Souta, we'll take care of you. You know that we'll always do that, that's what I'm here for."

Inuyasha came up to them, after being really quiet. "Did they pay for the bill here?"

Souta nodded, "My going away present was them leaving two thousand dollars for me. That's enough to pay the bill and buy a wheelchair. The rest I'll leave to you."

Inuyasha nodded before Kagome questioned, "Do you want to get out of here?"

Souta nodded, "Yes!"

Inuyasha smiled at his eagerness, "Well the wheelchair is right there, and all I have to do is sign you out. Let me go do that as Kagome helps you into new, fresh clothes." He smiled and walked out of the room.

"Excuse me sir? Are you going to sign Souta out?" Inuyasha nodded as the nurse told him to follow her.

"You're now his legal guardian correct?"

Inuyasha nodded, "Does that matter?"

"No, it never does. Your relation to this patient is what exactly?"


"So you're married to his sister?"


She nodded, taking notes, "Just sign there and he can leave. I'm glad Souta-kun finally has someone to take him, after all we couldn't kick out a disabled." Inuyasha signed and nodded, and left without another word to the nurse.

Inuyasha walked inside to find Souta in his wheelchair smiling. "I'm ready to go now Inuyasha." Kagome was sitting there on the now empty bed. He smiled before zooming out of the opened door. Kagome and Inuyasha smiled and walked out behind him. Since they had room in the back, they turned down the back seats and placed Souta on the ground and placed the wheelchair right next to him.

"You stay there okay?" Inuyasha told him. Souta nodded and waited for them to come into the car.

When they did get in, they told him they'll get another car and house, so Souta could get around. "You don't have to do that; you can trade in the electric one for a fold-up."

Kagome looked back at him, "No really, an apartment is way too small for this big family."

"What do you mean? We only have five people in our family!"

"Not in eight weeks, we'll have six. The apartment only has five rooms, and then we'll be really cramped."

"I see what you mean," Souta answered sadly.

"We'll start looking tomorrow, Souta. Kagome still has to take care of her singing career, and I have a part time work place. The kids are in school, and so will you be, when we enroll you into a new school." Inuyasha had caught Souta's tense look, and tried to calm him down, "Don't worry about that yet Souta; we're enrolling you on an online course throughout eighth grade. You'll start in a new school by ninth grade."

"You promise?"

"Promise, both of us, Kagome and I. We're here." Inuyasha let Souta out of the car and put him in his wheelchair. "We're going to eat here, and then go to pick up the kids." He let Souta get himself up to theGarden entrance. They ate anything quick, and within a half an hour, went to pick up the twins.

"Kagome, Inuyasha, Souta! Welcome back to earth!"

They all smiled, "Earth's a great place."

"Sure is, do you want me to wake them up?"

Kagome shook her head, "Sango I have a question to ask. Do you have any plans to do with the house that you bought off of my parents?"

Sango shook her head, "We bought it so you could decide what to do with it later."

"Can we buy it from you?"

"Yes, you can, we got the house for six hundred. I'll give it to you for five hundred."

Inuyasha came behind her, "Deal." They shook on it and Inuyasha paid them in a check. "Now, we can just go from there, move out of the apartment and move back into that house."

Kagome nodded, "Yes, we shall do that."

2 weeks later...

Within two weeks, Souta graduated online. The house was unpacked, and summer came with new promises. They get hate mail from her parents still, and Kagome has attempted to talk it out. Her singing career will be active in ten weeks. Inuya and Inuyasha Jr. still wander what happened to their grandparents, but never asked. Sango is pregnant with Miroku's son, and their married. Kagome is expecting a girl in six weeks. Inuyasha was happy that they had finally found peace.