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"I can't believe it Kagura, today is your wedding day!" Tohru praised as all the Souma women gathered in the dressing room/ bathroom.

"I know...I get to walk down the isle and everything!" Kagura said with a dreamy sigh. 7 years have passed since Akito has died. Tohru married Yuki after starting collage, of which she was happy to do and Kagura began to settle down after some time, why, no one knows.

"You look so beautiful!" Kisa said smiling, "I can only hope Kyo matches up to looking good in his suit." Kisa and Hiro started dating officially about 2 months ago, and everyone thinks they are the perfect couple. Of course, to the Soumas, all couples within the zodiac are adorable.

"I've been meaning to ask you Tohru," Kagura said, "How soon until we can expect the babies?"

"I don't know, any day now!" she said with a sigh and ran her hands over her stomach. Yuki and Tohru Souma were expecting their first children, Tohru being pregnant with twins.

"Are they kicking?" Rin asked and moved to fell Tohru's stomach. Tohru nodded and then everyone came forward. Rin and Hatsuharu never got back together, instead, they both moved on and its rumored Rin has found someone else and Hatsuharu did as well.

"We shouldn't be focusing on me though," she said, blushing bright red. She was glowing, as an expectant mother should be, "I mean, we still have to do Kagura's hair!"

"RIGHT!" Everyone said, releasing laughter. Kyo had actually proposed to Kagura, saying he wanted to do the official way of getting married and Kagura barely managed to contain her excitement and Kyo had taken a blow to the head.

"I don't know, what were you planning on doing to it?" Uo asked. Uo and Hana remained close friends of Tohru and were bridesmaids at Tohru's wedding, although Uo stayed in a Tuxedo rather than a dress and Hana wore black rather than the light purple everyone else had on.

"Shall we braid it?" Hana asked quietly.

"I was thinking just putting it up into a bun," Kisa said, "It'd look nice and Kagura's hair is long enough it'd stay pretty well."

"That sounds good, oh, would you excuse me for a minute?" Tohru asked and after having Kisa help her up she made her way to the bathroom.

"I can only hope the boys are doing well too!" Uo said, "Who would've thought orange top would be getting married?" The laughter that followed Tohru as she made her way to the bathroom made her smile. She was loved here and she felt at home.

"Yes, we should all hope Kyo doesn't get cold feet..." Hana said in her soft scary tone and more laughter followed.


"Aw, Damnit all!" Kyo thundered, "This won't button up right!"

"Calm down you stupid cat, I'll help you with this," Yuki said, rolling his eyes back as he worked at the buttons on Kyo's tux.

"To think...now we have all these weddings to go to!" Shigure sighed happily.

"It was so much fun designing the dresses! Kagura will look so adorable when she's walking down the isle!" Ayame said.

"Quiet you two don't make Kyo nervous..." Hatori said, entering the dressing room the guys were in, "And don't make Yuki nervous for that matter either."

"Why? All we're doing is talking about all the weddings we now have to attend!" Ayame said, "Oh...wait, Tohru could be going into labor at any moment now, couldn't she?" Yuki turned beet red and fumbled with a button before regaining a sense of calm.

"There's something to be said about being a father. Yuki'll be great at it!" Shigure said, "And Kyo will make a good husband, so what are you telling us to be quiet about?" Hatori sighed, they did this at Yuki's wedding too, he thought, they made the groom so nervous he almost left the chapel in the middle of the ceremony.

"So long as Haru doesn't turn black I don't think anything will go wrong," Kyo said, turning slightly red himself. Yuki finished helping with the buttons and sat down in a nearby chair. He was smiling though, remembering the pride and joy and hope he had felt when Tohru said "I do" on the altar with him.

"Delivery for Kyo!" a voice began and Ritsu slipped into the crowd of men gathered in the room, "It's from Kagura!"

"What is it?" Kyo asked, grabbing the package and opening it. Inside the package was a pair of homemade socks, no doubt made by Tohru for Kagura to give to him.

"AH," Shigure sighed, "She doesn't want you to get cold feet!" Yuki found himself laughing, but that was only because they looked similar to the pair of socks he himself had received the day of his wedding.

"I won't don't worry," Kyo said, "I won't back out of my word!"

"Well, it's typical to be nervous. You should be worried if you weren't nervous at all today Kyo," Hatori said. He was still bitter about loosing Kana, Yuki realized; he never got to take her down the isle.

"Everyone will find someone," Yuki said, trying to ease the tension he saw on people's faces.

"GUTEN TAG!" a voice piped in and Momiji strolled in to join the group. Of course he still wore girl's clothes, but they looked better than some he had worn in the past and he didn't wear dresses as much anymore. He was even rumored to have a girlfriend, but that had yet to be confirmed.

"Hello Momiji, it's good to see you well," Hatori said although the annoyance in his voice was apparent.

"What? What'd I do?" Momiji asked.

"Knock it off you brat before I do something I'll regret!" Kyo said, "Don't even try to mess up my big day!"

"Waaaah! Someone, Kyo's picking on me!" Momiji said, pretending to sob, and then he smiled, "Weddings are fun! I can't wait to see the favors I helped put together!"

"You mean the ones Tohru got your help in making?" Kyo asked and Momiji's smile didn't fade.

"Those are them!" Momiji said, "So, are we nervous?"

"Damn right I am!" Kyo said, "Once this is done I'm stuck with her!"

"You shouldn't be saying 'stuck' Kyo, or else you wouldn't be marrying her, right?" Shigure said in a teasing tone.

"..." Kyo didn't reply to that. If he did, he might have given himself cold feet thinking about it.


"The chapel looks so beautiful Tohru," Hana said as everyone was getting down to the last minute stretch, "But you shouldn't have worked so hard to help Kagura..."

"Why not?" Tohru asked, "It felt really good to keep busy, seeing as how Yuki wouldn't let me do anything else..."

"Speaking of which, how is the prince?" Uo asked.

"He's worrying over the children, he never expected twins!" Tohru replied with a giggle, "I know when their born they'll be underweight, Hatori told me that would be normal."

"Ah yes, two children," Hana said, "Does that make us Aunts?"
"Yes, I guess..." Tohru said thoughtfully, "They'll have lots of Aunts and Uncles and cousins and grandparents I guess... the Soumas are a big family."
"That I know," Uo said, "That's why everyone opted for the bigger chapel, right?"

"Yep," Tohru replied and place her hand on her stomach, "Oh, they're kicking!"

"Let me feel," Hana said and placed her hand where Tohru's used to be, "Ah, there they are... I think one will be a boy and the other will be a girl..."
"We know that already Hana-chan!" Tohru said with a giggle.

"I wasn't trying to predict the genders, I was trying to think of good names for them," Hana said with a slightly embarrassed blush.

"I don't know what we'll name them," Tohru said, "But I know all that I want to teach them and show them and have them both learn!"

"I know, you've only been talking about that ever since you got married," Uo said, "And even before then..."

"No I didn't!" Tohru said with a blush, "I merely said I couldn't wait until someday I became a mother!"

"Never fear Uncle Aya is here!" Ayame called, coming up to the three, "How are they dear Princess Tohru?"

"They're kicking, would you like to feel them?" Tohru asked and guided Ayame's to her stomach.

"Just what are you doing?" Yuki asked, coming up behind Ayame.

"Nothing but feeling the children kick out their welcome!" Ayame said, "I can't believe I'm going to be an uncle!"

"I really think you should leave," Yuki said and pushed Ayame's hand away and replaced it with his own, "They've really been active recently, haven't they?"

"Maybe they could sense their mother's excitement!" Ayame said, "After all she was doing so much to help plan the wedding!"

"Ayame, get over here!" Hatori called out and Ayame scooted over away from Tohru, Hana, Uo and Yuki.

"They're going to have their father's eyes..." Tohru sighed contentedly and Yuki drew her into his arms, "Remember our wedding?"

"How could I forget?" Yuki asked, "It was such a fairytale wedding, just the way you had wanted it..."

"..." Tohru merely sighed again and relaxed slightly against Yuki.

"I think we'll leave the parents to be alone and go make sure things are going according to plan," Hana said.

"Remember their wedding? Everything went wrong right before the wedding and it still turned out alright," Uo said and the two of them left.

"I just hope the children don't cause trouble today, it might ruin Kagura's and Kyo's big day!" Tohru said.

"I wouldn't mind," Yuki said and Tohru hushed him.

"Don't say that!" she chided, "They might hear you!" Yuki began to laugh at Tohru. He loved her with all his heart.

"I think we should find our seats, correct?" Yuki asked and offered his hand.

"I better use the bathroom again before the ceremony starts, I don't want to have to get up in the middle of it all," Tohru said with a smile, "So I'll join you in a minute Yuki..."

"Do you need any help?" he asked.

"I don't think I'll need help with that Yuki-kun..." she replied with a laugh.

"Don't take too long then," he said and headed into the chapel to sit down. Tohru sort of had to waddle over to the bathroom again, the kids really were heavy.


"I shouldn't cry..." Tohru said through tears and Yuki handed her the box of tissues he had decided to keep handy, "But ah, they look so cute up there!" Kyo had a deep red blush upon his face and Kagura was smiling at him so joyfully.

"You cried at our wedding," he commented with a grin and Hatori tapped him on the shoulder, motioning for Yuki to keep it down.

"But..." she tried to argue but Hatori tapped Tohru on the shoulder as well and Tohru blew her nose, "Alright..."

"It is a beautiful ceremony," Hatori said and Yuki turned around.

"This is what we call a hypocrite," he said and Hatori rolled his eyes.

"Both of you hush!" Tohru said and Yuki turned around, "I still shouldn't be crying like this!"


"Finally, we're here!" Tohru said, "And I can sit down!"

"You were sitting in the car ride over," Yuki said and Tohru smiled.

"That and I have to use the bathroom," she said and Yuki sighed.

"At least you didn't have to go during the ceremony," Hatori said, "Yuki, you should put your coats away over there, and we should get situated before the extended family comes."

"Sounds like a plan," Hatsuharu said, coming in with Shigure and Ayame.

"We finally made it!" Shigure said, "Aya, you and Haru both have the worse senses of direction I've ever seen!"

"We've always known Haru has a bad sense of direction. I always thought Ayame's was decent, even though he exaggerates," Hatori said, "Right?"

"My sense of direction is just fine!" Haru said with mock offense.

"I'm glad we're all getting along so well!" Aya proclaimed and Hatori sighed.

"Let's go get our seats, everyone's coming..." Hatori said.


The reception was full when everyone arrived and there was much cheering when Kyo and Kagura arrived. Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed themselves. Tohru ate the most of everyone and all the little kids either wanted to feel her stomach or to see Kyo and Kagura kiss. Yuki couldn't even hide the pride on his face as a father to be which seemed to make Kyo mad and the two got in an all familiar banter that was only resolved when the cake was brought in. Kagura and Kyo after they had eaten their cake danced slowly to their first dance as husband and wife. It was truly a romantic sight.

"Reminds me of our first dance," Yuki whispered to Tohru who was eating another piece of cake.

"Is that what you're going to do from now on?" Tohru asked after swallowing a mouthful, "Sticking to the past now?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You compare everything to our wedding day here..." she said, "It's not like this'll be the only wedding...!"

"Alright, fine, I'll stop," Yuki said, "Hey, do you think you'd be up for a dance?"

"Really?" Tohru asked, "That sounds wonderful!"

"Come along than Tohru," Yuki and took Tohru's hand to lead her to the dance floor.

"Oh Yuki," Tohru said, "How are you going to dance with me when I'm like this?"

"I'll manage," he said, "Miss Souma, would you care to dance?" Yuki awkwardly took Tohru into his arms, and then decided to have her back to his stomach and he wrapped his arms around her so it was easier for them to dance together.

"This is nice..." Tohru said, nuzzling against Yuki.

"It is, isn't it?" Yuki murmured in Tohru's ear, "You're so beautiful, you know that?"

"Sure...oh!" Tohru let out a little gasp and fell to the floor. The dancing stopped and everyone turned to face her.

"Is something wrong?" Yuki asked and Tohru nodded.

"I think my water just broke!" she exclaimed.

"Damn," Kyo muttered from where he stood, "Now who's the center of attention?"


Yuki paced back and forth in the waiting room waiting for the results to see if Tohru's water had really broken or not.

"Sit down, I'm sure she's fine," Hatori said, "Sit, you really are making the rest of us nervous!"

"We had to leave MY wedding reception for this," Kyo said.

"At least her water didn't break during the ceremony," Kagura said, "That was nice of them!"

"Well, now they'll get all the attention because it'll be their birthdays and everyone will forget it's our anniversary date now!" Kyo said resentfully.

"No, this one will be hard to forget," Yuki said, "We never thought you would get married..."
"Are you looking to pick a fight?" Kyo asked in a dangerous voice.

"My wife might be giving birth soon; do you want to pick a fight when I'm uptight?" Yuki asked and Kyo backed off.

"Mr. Souma?" a voice asked and Yuki turned to face the doctor.

"Who are you?" Yuki asked with annoyance and the doctor smiled.

"Dr. Green," she said, "I'm going to be the doctor overseeing the birth of your children."

"So her water really did break?" Yuki asked.

"Yes, but it will take some time before the children are born, would you like to see her?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm the one who practiced all the breathing exercises with her and all too you know," Yuki said.

"I'm sure, follow me!" she said and beckoned Yuki to follow.

"Wait, we're coming too!" Uo piped in from her seat and she and Hana stood and came over to Yuki, "We're her closest friends and we need to be there for her."

"You can come too, but in the later stages I will have to ask you to remain out here," Dr. Green said.

"Then we're coming too!" Kagura said and dragged Kyo along. Hatori and the other members of the Zodiac stood as well and made their way over to the doctor.

"All of you wish to come?" Dr. Green asked.

"Is that a problem?" Hatori asked and Dr. Green sighed.

"I don't want you all to cause her a lot of stress," she said, "But you might as well, but at the first signs of increased contractions you get out of there when I tell you and no questions asked, except for Mr. Souma..."

"Agreed!" everyone chortled and made their way down the hall.


Everyone was anxious waiting out in the waiting area, everyone wanted to hear the news and everyone seemed very impatient. Hatori was the only one looking calm and so he tried to get everyone to settle down.

"Sit down, she's fine, she's probably killing Yuki right about now but she's fine," Hatori said and only Momiji and Kisa sat down.

"What if something goes wrong?" Kagura asked Hatori, "Could something go wrong?"

"I wish you were the one delivering them Hari, and then I would feel safer about Tohru," Ayame said and Hatori turned a few shades of red.

"I'm not that kind of a doctor," he said solidly. A nurse appeared in front of them and the crowd gathered around her, and she backed up a few steps.

"What's going on?" Momiji asked, "It's been a lot of hours!" It had been almost 2 full days of labor!

"Is Tohru okay?" Kagura asked.

"If anything has happened to dear Tohru I can't be responsible for what happens next," Hana said and the nurse looked really nervous but managed to gather herself to speak.

"She's fine, I was told to come and tell you she's given birth to two beautiful children, a boy and a girl," she said, "And you can't come in, she's resting and the children were put on breathing assists, they're both underweight."
"As to be expected," Hatori said, "Is Yuki managing?"
"We're uh, treating his neck and arms as we speak..." she said, managing a weak grin, "Miss Souma was quite... how I should put this? Vocal and otherwise violent..."

"The pain must have been quite intense," Hana said, "Tohru is normally such a sweet girl..."

"Of that I have no doubt... don't worry, you should all go home and get some sleep..." the nurse said.

"We've been taking turns and doing shifts, we're alright," Kagura said, "We'd like to stay..."

"Have you eaten anything?" the nurse asked with a sigh. This big family was almost too much for her to deal with.

"We have," Shigure piped in, "Aya and I went out to get something to eat for everyone..."

"Alright then, I'll be back to tell you when you can see the children and Mr. and Mrs. Souma, is that okay?" the nurse asked, sighing with relief. At least this family wasn't crazy.

"Fine with us," Momiji said, "I'm ready to wait again!"

"Okay then," the nurse said forcing a smile and then made her way back towards the door into the hallway.

"Hey, what do you think they'll name them?" Kisa asked, "I hope Sissy names them something cute!"

"I'm sure she will," Kagura said, "But while we wait now, why don't we brainstorm a list?"
"..." Everyone remained silent and Kagura stared at them.

"But it's something to do!" she said.

"Fine," Kyo said, "Just in case they don't think of their own names..."


"Hey Yuki," Tohru said sleepily and Yuki got up from his chair and came to hold Tohru's hand, wincing slightly from being sore. Tohru could sure have a firm grip when she wanted one.

"What is it?" he asked.

"What should we name them?" Tohru asked, "I was thinking of some names..."

"You were? But you should be sleeping love, you need your rest!" Yuki said and Tohru smiled and gripped his hand.

"I did for a while..." she said, "I was thinking, how about naming one of them, the girl June and the boy Kiseki?"

"Why Kiseki?" Yuki asked, "Why miracle?"

"Because he is a miracle," she said, "Why not?"

"We can argue that later, love," Yuki said, "You should still get some sleep."

"I know..." she said and yawned, "Hey Yuki, everyone's out there waiting, aren't they?"

"I think they haven't left at all, why?" Yuki asked.

"I think they're probably creating a list of names," she said, "If we don't come up with our own..." And after that she fell into a dreamful sleep.

"They probably are," Yuki murmured and sat down in his chair again, still holding Tohru's hand, "They probably are..." And with that Yuki joined his love in the realm of dreams.

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The End

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