Title: Toy Soldiers

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chapter 17

They found the twins and opened the door to the outside. It was a beautiful day and the sun was beaming down, Estel and Legolas had longed to see a day like this again and got ready to run off down the stairs, but were caught by the collars. "You two will be staying with us today. We just got you back and we will not be letting you out of our sight again so soon."

This normally would have been met with groans, but today they two young ones clasped their father's hands and descended the stairs with them. They went to the nearest table and looked at the many treats. Estel's eyes became big as he spied the raspberry tarts and turned to the elf behind the table. "May I have one of those if you please?"

The elf bowed his head and placed a tart on a plate for each of them. They took their treats and set down on the bench by the garden. They ate and talked for hours. They walked around all of Imladris and enjoyed the many sights and sounds of the celebration; from the tastiest cakes to the most colorful of the fireworks set off by Gandalf. It was a blissful day and once or twice the fathers saw the young ones break into huge smiles. Elladan and Elrohir had declined all offers from the she elves and spent the rest of the afternoon with the four. They had chased Estel and Legolas in a game of tag until they had all fallen down gasping for breath. This seemed to amuse the elf lords and they chuckled at them.

Oh father, so you think you can catch us? " Elrohir said mockingly "Or has too many centuries passed you and the King of Mirkwood.

"I think we have been challenged my friend" and with a nod he and Thranduil chased the twins around the small garden; as Gandalf and the other two laughed until they almost burst. Estel fell over clutching his side in laughter as two very distraught elves were caught and picked up by the elf lords.

"Old indeed! That will teach you that no matter the years in Middle Earth I can still catch elflings." Elrond said and a snicker was heard from of all people Thranduil. They were about to get up and bid all their guests goodnight as yawns were seen from the two younger ones, As they stood a scream was heard off in the distance, and everyone on the grounds turned to see Ataria running from her house onto the grounds. She ran right up to Lord Elrond not noticing Estel or Legolas who were now cowering behind their fathers.

"Lord Elrond have you seen my sons? I left them alone in the house and when I returned just a few minutes ago they were gone. I do not know where they could have gotten off to."

Elrond could feel Estel trembling behind him and he turned to look at Thranduil who gave him the same look. Behind him Legolas was frozen where he stood. A fear had overcome him and he could not move. Estel began to whimper and Elrond turned to pick him up.

Ataria gasped "Lothen, Dernen how did you leave the house and why are you here bothering the Lord and King."

Elrond became angry as Estel began to shake uncontrolably in his arms. "My dear Ataria this is not your son. This is my son as this is King Thranduil's son. We are sorry for your loss, but that gave you no right to kidnap ours. I am afraid you will have to go with the guards now."

Two guards came to take Ataria away but Estel and Legolas still shook violently. Estel wiggled until his father put him down and he retched behind the tree. His fear crept up into his heart and he could not stop shaking. Elrond came over and rubbed his back until he calmed down a little. He put Estel's hand in his and started to lead him back towards the house. Estel stopped dead in his tracks and Elrond leaned down to see what was the matter. When he did Estel wrapped his arms around his neck and Elrond picked him up in his arms. Off they headed again to the house as the twins glared at Ataria. How dare she do that to them. They saw the fear in their eyes, the way she made them tremble by the mere sight of her, and this made them boil with protective fury. They had almost reached the house when a bellowing cry was heard. They all snapped their heads around to see Ataria break free from the guards and head straight for the bridge over the Bruinen. When she got there the guards were hot on her heels and she climbed up on the railing. With one final look she jumped and her body soared down and met the rocks below head on.

A loud gasp was heard from Elrond as he saw the she elf leap to her death. Any life taken in grief or war was tragic. He hung his head and then turned to go back inside, but was stopped as he heard Legolas speak.

"Ada will she finally be with her sons again now?"

Thranduil looked at his son thinking his heart was one of the purest ever. He looked from him to Estel who stared at him waiting for the answer and replied. "Yes my son she will join them now and be free from her pain." Thranduil could not get over the fact that the the little ones could still show compassionate thoughts for one who had hurt them. He knew in his heart these two would be an asset to the world and show them a kind heart but a fierce death should anyone try to harm the other.

Upstairs the two fathers tucked their sons into bed and went to leave the room. As they reached the door they were stopped in their tracks by the screams of No. Each turned and saw fearful eyes; pleading with them not to leave. Each one nestled down in the bed and settled in for a peaceful nights sleep. It was not long before two sets of identical feet came into the room and scooted in beside their father and friend.

Gandalf had taken care of Ataria and saw to the guards. He was exhausted and went to find Lord Elrond and tell him all was well and turn in. He went to his room and found no trace of him there. He then went to his study and yet again came up empty handed. With a small smile of awareness he entered Estel's room. There on two beds which had been pushed together was the entire family of Elrond and Thranduil.

He went across the room to pull the covers up on them all when a little hand shot up and grabbed him by the sleeve.

"Come on Gandalf lay down here and close your eyes. I will see that you are safe for the night." Estel even though his eyes were still closed in sleep held a firm grasp on the wizard. Gandalf saw no other option and the act of love touched his heart. He scooted the child over and laid down beside him. Estel finally seemed content and rolled over throwing his arm over his father and went to sleep.

The morning sun brought a small group of elves into the courtyard. There upon a snow white steed sat none other than the Lady of the Golden Wood. She had traveled long and hard when she had heard the news of their return; and she wished now to lay eyes on them. She had sent Haldir inside to announce their arrival but he came back stating that no one was in the kitchen, or anywhere else. The lady found this strange and went to investigate herself followed by her husband. She left Haldir to tend the horses and then come and seek her out.

Galadriel was about to search downstairs but she felt an overwhelming sense pulling her to the upstairs. She went straight to the door which seemed to call to her and opened it slowly. Inside was a sight that would live with her for all the years she remained in Middle Earth. Not only was there fathers and sons heaped all in the big bed but even a wizard. Celeborn stood just behind her and wondered what had brought the smile to her face.

As he looked in he saw, and asked his wife if they should waken them to let them know of their arrival. She shook her head no. "This is the most beautiful and purest thing I have ever seen. I have never seen anything in my life that has brought me a greater sense of hope than this". She went over to place a kiss on Estel's brow and he nestled closer to his father and a smile appeared on his face. He was at last at peace again. Looking at him Galadriel went to the door to leave the families time to dream of happiness to come. She knew of Estel's and Legolas' future, but now was not the time for that, now was the time for the innocence of childhood and the love of family. She turned to her husband and saw a rare smile cross his face. Never had he seen a more unusual sight and he would take that very image over the sea years later and tell of the jumble of elves, one child, and the wizard. Although each one different, the bonds of love outstretched pulling them all into one family.

and that is THE END!!