Harry Potter and The Rise Of A Champion


Chapter One: My Immortal

"Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust" said a clear voice which was met with silence. That was all there was now; silence. No one dared to say anything, hoping that their hero, friend and brother would come back, but in their hearts they all knew that he was gone forever. Harry James Gryffindor Dumbledore Black Potter was dead. Killed by six killing curses shot from six aurors, directed by one man; the minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge.

Ginny still couldn't believe it was done. Some time during the battle fudge had awoken from his coma due to the headmastership being relieved from him and McGonagall taking over. He had saw fit to stop Harry before he got ahead and gathered his army and took the dark lords place. 'It was for the good of the people' he had said at a conference. 'He was using dark arts, he was unstable and had plenty of motive to turn to the dark' he had said at the hearing. 'He was a hero' was forever signified on his grave. The ministry had sent his body back Straight away after the Wizengamot had declared that he be left in piece and the arrangements were made for Harry to be buried next to his parents, the parents he had not remembered in life, the parents he would be meeting in his death. The turn out for the funeral was not what should have been for a fallen hero, instead it was what should have been for a tarnished hero, but Harry was no tarnished hero.

"Thank you all for coming, for honouring the hero, friend and family member that was Harry Potter" Dumbledore said from the stage, breaking Ginny from her thoughts. It was all done now. Harry was buried and that was that. As the crowd dissipated Ginny walked over to the grave and kneeled before it, reading it for what felt like the hundredth time.

'Harry James Gryffindor Dumbledore Black Potter'

'July 1980 – May 1997'

'Rest Well My Immortal'

Carved around the edge of the grave were Lilies and in the bottom left corner was a big shaggy dog, beside Harry's full title (Dumbledore had insisted on it, and Ron insisted on the Dumbledore part) was a stag standing proudly for his son and on the right side of the inscription 'Rest Well My Immortal' (They had all agreed it appropriate as it was one of Harry's favourite songs) was a werewolf.  Underneath it all in the centre was Harry's crest, his insignia of everything he believed in and hoped for. The lion Courage, the Phoenix loyalty, the Grim Destiny, the stars and moon tranquillity and the lilies Love. That one crest described Harry far better than any words could. With a heavy sigh Ginny Weasley rose to her feet and whispered to the wind "Goodbye my Love" realising too late what she had felt all along.

******************4 years later******************

"We are going to have to increase the guards at the gates, I have received intelligence that he is to increase his attacks, I don't think we will be able to hold out any more." Dumbledore said to his most trusted friend, Remus Lupin. After the death of his godson Lupin was in a terrible state, he wouldn't eat, sleep or talk. Indeed Harry's friends were in much the same state but once the funeral was out of the way they slowly made their way back to reality, but Remus would not, could not accept that Harry was no longer among the living. It took months of him researching all he could about raising the dead before he gave up, realising there was no way to do it and he finally cracked. He spent a great deal of time mourning but that had been cut short by the incident.

After the final battle the ministry had taken away the metal encased Voldemort for 'Safe keeping' but they soon found that safe was used loosely. Voldemort escaped, presumably with the help of the dark arts and some loyal followers that were still working within the ministry. It had taken a lot of power for Voldemort to break out and so he spent a great deal of his first year recovering, but after that things went sour. Without Harry there was only Dumbledore to stand in his way, but age, as it so often does, caught Dumbledore unawares, he was finally beginning to feel his many years and the threat of Voldemort weigh on his shoulders, and it was a weight that only got heavier as time went on.

The ministry had crumbled from within during the second year of the third war, leaving Hogwarts the only remaining institute of hope for the British Isles, the foreign ministries leaving the British alone so as not to draw attention to themselves and evoke Voldemort's wrath on their people.

"I'll get right to it. How is Hermione doing with the generator thingy?" Remus asked.

"She thinks it will be done within the week, and I hope her estimation is correct. Things look bad." Dumbledore replied.

"I don't understand how Harry was able to do that sort of thing so easily?" Remus said with a wistful look in his eyes, one he always got when Harry was mentioned.

"He truly was a remarkable man. I had no idea he was creating plans to incorporate muggle generators and magic together for defense. I wish he were here" Dumbledore said with a sad look on his face and in his normally twinkling eyes.

"We all do, Albus, We all do" Remus said before getting to his feet and leaving the headmaster to his thoughts.


"Minister, his magic is doing something very strange, it seems to be increasing exponentially, I fear it will become hazardous to be too close soon." The researcher said to the very safe, very alive minister of magic.

After the rule for Harry's body to be returned to his friends Fudge had had an exact replica created and instead sent that while he and a group of researchers took Harry's body to his private offices in London. When he got there however he was unprepared for what happened next, after the body had been laid down on the table that was set aside for the research there was a surge of magic that came from the body, the wind picked up and outside the sky darkened, lightning flashed and thunder roared. When fudge looked back to the boy, he was no longer lying on the table, but floating above it. Within seconds of him noticing this a sound reached his ears, it was a most harmonious sound. At first the group of ministry officials thought it was phoenix song, but after a few moments they realised there was a different feel to this song, a different sound.

"What's going on?" The minister had asked but before any one could reply they all heard a voice, soft, delicate and full of emotion.

"Goodbye, my love"

And then the body of Harry Potter was hit by lightning, from where no one could say and reduced to nothing more than a pile of ash. Well that's what they thought at first but after a few moments of silence a clear sound rang out from the pile of ashes. It was the sound of a baby crying.

"No, it cant be, this is impossible. He was hit by 6 curses." Fudge exclaimed.

"Look, he has the scar and everything!" One of the officials said.

"What shall we do?" Another asked.

"We will raise the boy here, tech him to be loyal to the ministry, and then we will have our own defense should another problem arise." Fudge said excitedly, but as the words left his mouth the baby stopped crying and look at fudge, and then to everyone's amazement narrowed its eyes and blew a raspberry at him.

"Minister do you think he still has his own mind?" Asked another official.

"I am not the researcher here, why don't you find out!" fudge shouted at him. It took a few days of tests but once the results were in it was clear that the baby was still Harry James Gryffindor Dumbledore Black Potter. It took fudge many hours of thinking to decide what he was going to do until he came up with an ingenious idea. He went back to the ministry and ordered some dementors under the pretences that they were to guard you-know-who and took one with him back to his Private offices where he had the dementors administer the 'kiss' on Potter, all the while thinking of him as the evil dark lord Potter and the helpless baby that was in front of him now.

When the ministry fell and Voldemort came back Fudge had remained in his offices, using the Fedelius charm to hide until his researchers were able to give him the ability to either take Potter's magic or posses his body and thus save the wizarding world and be remembered as the greatest minister ever.


Cold. That's all there was in this place, if it could even be called a place. Coldness. All though to be fair there were the occasional screams of anguish filled horror from one of the older souls that had been trapped in the dementor.

Harry Potter had been aware of himself for four years now. He remembered the curses being fired at him, but not having enough energy to do any thing, but after that nothing until the feeling. It was the feeling that brought about his consciousness to the world, the will to stay on the earth, to protect that feeling. Had he been any one different he would have manifested himself as a ghost but as it was he was different and for once in his life? No existence he was grateful for the difference. He could still sense his magic and so he sought out his core and found the part he was looking for, his animagus forms, more precisely the second, Quezacotl. It was a long shot on Harry's part because he didn't know if he would have any of the magical abilities the actual animal had but it was worth a try and so he activated it with great effort (He was still only a spirit with very little influence over any energy) and at once felt as if he had activated a portkey as he was tugged forceful into his body and reborn, only to be tortured for eternity days later.

When he first arrived in his new 'home' he felt the full effects of a dementor, the coldness, darkness and the feeling of never ever feeling happiness again, but the effects of the dementor didn't last because eventually Harry was able to guard his mind with a feeling, the feeling that drew him back to the living in the first place. The feeling of love, the power the dark lord knows not. So for the last four years Harry had been absorbing the natural magic the dementor gave off and was storing it within his empty core until he had enough to break free, which he was sure he could do after having a look around. The inside of the dementor was very much like what one would imagine hell would be, minus all of the flames and fire. It was angular, dark, and dreary and stank! During his walkabouts Harry had noticed a small portal above him which had a thin thread of magic that stretched down towards him but disappeared before it touched him, which he assumed to be the mouth and the link he had to his body from the wandless magic channel he created to his brain and arms, but it was always closed so he had to find a way to open it. After much though Harry decided he would cast a Patronus and see if it made the dementor feel sick, once that was done he would follow his thread out of the dementor and hopefully back to his body. Now four years later (Though Harry did not know how long he had been there) he had absorbed enough to cast only one, now after this long wait he would be free to find the love that kept him alive. It was time to Return.


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