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Batman's Perception on Time

Time. He's never been on my side. He's the one enemy that no clever plan or
gadget of mine can defeat. Only he has been able to win against me again and

Time had not aged me enough to know how to save them. I was simply too young. He
had not left time enough for me to grow up and help them, to change their
bloody fate and perhaps my destiny.

Time moves always too slow or too fast and never the way I need him to. He moved
too fast for me when the bullets ravaged the one I looked on as a daughter and
when I raced to recover her lost spirit. And when the pain of the memories
becomes to great to bear, he stops and ticks by inches just to mock me.

Time also is the one who stands between me and her. There is just not enough
time to be who I am today and love her too. She is untouchable by time and will
remain forever as she is but I someday will die. I will die alone and without
love because of time.

Time will laugh at me as he causes me to grow old and feeble. The irony-first I
was not old enough and soon I will be too old. He strips me of the strength in
my arms, the speed in my legs, the edge to my mind. He will waste away my body
until it is gone, killing me piece by piece.

Time is the one enemy I've been repeatedly defeated by. He is never on my side
and laughs at my futile attempts to fight him. He waits silently until the
moment when he can do the most damage to me those close to me. To wreck my life
is his mission and he fulfills it well, but somehow I sense that one day we
will compromise and the battles between us will cease. Too little? Maybe be.
Too late? Most likely. But I can only hope.