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London, England

Mina pondered things over as she drove towards her sister's apartment. Having money made it so much easier to find people nowadays. Her brows furrowed in nervousness. She knew she had nothing to worry about; Serena would do as she wised. There was no way out.

That's not what had her uneasy at all. She was worried that her 'little' sister would not be able to keep up the act for that length of time. It was funny how Serena could easily be manipulated by Mina, but it would not be funny if she messed everything up. Even Mina, being the risk-taker she'd always been, knew that if she got discovered it would be the end.

Although she had a backup plan for everything, didn't make things look any easier. This was a risk she was willing to take. Andrew was really something else. He was so exciting and fiery, and just something about him made her go wild. Not that she complained of her husband Darien. He was the opposite of Andrew, so icy and composed. Sometimes he was colder than she wished him to be, but was hotter in other more intimate senses. Overall, he was wealthy. At twenty-seven years old, he was the heir of Shields Corporation. It was a major company known all over the world, and therefore; more valuable than Andrew.

Andrew was so fun though, he was so energetic. He was just so great. They had already been together for about eight months now, but both felt that they needed a vacation. So that's how the idea came about that Serena would be needed for this. If both were to be alone uninterrupted and not caught, then Mina's identical twin would have to be involved.

Now, it wasn't that Mina did not love her husband. Darien was everything she had always wanted to have in a man. She would choose him over anyone anytime, and having all that money really made matters so much better…

Yet, having an affair just made things more exciting. She did not understand why it was so wrong to have more than one lover at the time. She just wasn't ready to be with only one man. Maybe she would get around to that when menopause hit her.

She shrugged away all thoughts of her husband as she parked in the parking lot. Now her only focus had to be in getting what she wanted. She had to make sure that Serena would not screw up, and she would need to train her to be Mina Shields. Just so she could have everything she wanted. So that when Mina would return home, no one would know she'd been gone all this time.

It sounded like a solid plan to Mina. This was great. She felt chills run up her spine just thinking of all these exciting things she would encounter for the next six months. She was not a bad person; at least she did not believe it to be. It was simply that she was not used to not obtaining what she desired, and when things didn't want to go her way, she had to make them go her way.

Was that really being a bad person? She did not think so. She wasn't bad at all; she only got what she deserved.