Chapter III

From The Shadow and Flame Exploded (p. 28)

The fire engines roared down the street and Carrie and Becky walked, both barefooted and with bloody war painted faces, stiff, and in trance like states.

(never play with fire)

Becky saw that they had arrived at the burning school. She wanted to make it extremely hot so that the whole building would be in flames.

(flashover…the most dangerous of all fires)

Becky had read about flashovers, that was when fire reached 932 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Celsius) and when you add oxygen, like opening a door for instance, smoke will burst into flame. The smoke detectors inside beeped loudly, fire alarms screamed…the firemen tried to open the doors, but they were locked. They took out battering rams and axes and began to chop down the doors; the smoke seeped under the door and sucked back in…the door opened and the explosion threw the firemen three, four meters back.

Then, she heard a car approaching…very fast. Becky could see them. Chris's eyes wide, licking her lips on her pretty face.

(I'd like to burn those pretty lips of yours, chris)

45 miles per hour, then 50, then 60, it drove.

(carrie, the car)

(I know, sister)

Carrie and Becky turned, seeing the car. The car seemed to have swerved and missed both girls and it flipped about ten times. There were terrified screams as the car flipped. Once it was back on the wheels, she smelt gas…horrible smelling gas…

(gas and fire)

Becky pushed hard with all her force, her head ready to explode and…

(remember chris, fire kills)

A fireball with orangey yellow flames came charging towards the car and it exploded into pieces.

They walked down Carlin Street, both tired and heads throbbing with a headache. Becky was soaked in a hot sweat as they approached their house.

"Becky?" said Carrie's voice.


"I…what happened?"

"I don't know. I can't remember anything!"

"Neither can I? What did we do?"

They walked up the steps towards their house and opened the door to the sad bungalow. Inside there were thousands of candles all over: in the kitchen, in the living room, all over. They glowed with a soft yellow flame, making the place seem like a church.

They found the stairs to their room and found candles on each step. They walked up the stairs; there was no sign of Momma…

(I feel her presence in the room)

They went to the bathroom and Carrie turned the water on in the tub. Becky heard the zipper of her dress and watched as her bloody panties were stepped out of. Her sister got in the tub; the water turned a bloody color as soon as she stepped in.

Becky remembered the time she and her sister bathed together as children. She too stripped off her dress, covered in sweat and stepped in the bloody bath, naked.

Becky washed her sister. Blood caked on her thin fingers as she washed her hair. She went from her hair to her shoulders to back to breasts to legs, feeling that smooth skin.

Carrie took the soap from Becky and washed her sweaty, pale skin. Becky enjoyed her sister's hands washing her, remembering how long ago it was when Carrie bathed her. The gentle movements of her hands, the soap on her body, the water being poured onto her. She liked it.

"Sing to me, Becky…" Carrie whispered, still in tears.

Becky remembered a song in a haunting voice equivalent to a child's:

Round we go, the world is spinning. When it stops, it's just beginning. Sun goes up, we all sigh. Sun goes down, then we die…

Becky felt weak and sick inside. They all laughed at her sister and her and now they were dead…dead and gone; now the world is quiet.

(sun went down, they all died)

After Carrie and Becky had their bath, they dried themselves and put on clean nightgowns. Becky pulled on her ugly green woolen robe, her blood feeling cold. She saw something in the back of her mind: a bloody knife.

(momma's here)

"Momma?" called Carrie, like a child in the dark.

(don't call her, carrie)

Momma came out of the shadows from behind the bathroom door, dressed in a silk nightgown; Becky could see her swollen breasts with taut nipples showing through the material. Becky and Carrie wept quietly. She hugged her two daughters.

"Oh, Momma!" Carrie cried. "It was bad. They all laughed at me."

"And me too," Becky sobbed.

Momma knelt at her knees, holding the girls' hands.

"Hold us, Momma," Becky said.

"I should've killed myself when he put it in me," she said clearly. "As you said, Rebecca, you were right. We did it the first time before we were married, but then after that he promised never again. Never again. But sin never dies. Sin never dies."
(slut slut slut slut…) Becky voice singing in the tune of 'Twisted Nerve' echoed in Momma's head.

"At first it was all right. We lived sinlessly. We slept in the same bed, but we never did it." Becky watched her eyes grow wide. "And then, that night, I could see him looking at me that way. We got down on our knees to pray for strength and he…touched me. In that place, that woman place. I sent him out for a few hours. He came home with whiskey on his breath…"

"Momma, be quiet," Becky said quietly.

"And he took me. And I liked it…" her voice was laughing now, head thrown back full of ecstasy. "I liked it. Those dirty hands touching me all over."

"Momma, stop it!" Becky said; the heat began to intensify and the candles melted faster. "You're sick!"

"Then…after you were born, Carrie…we swore never again. I should've given you up to God when you were born. Then, he came home again on that night, drunk and angry. Threw me on the bed, ripped my nightgown to shreds…he took me again…o god! He was so rough when he did it…I liked it even more…his mouth all over me…"

"Momma, shut up!" Becky whispered.

"I liked it when he was so rough with me…so hard and rough. Then, I carried you, Rebecca. When you were born, you were Satan's own image…sickly, ugly with his black eyes. I should've given you up to God when you were born…now, the devils have come home."

Becky said nothing, but the heat went up slowly. She had enough being called 'Satan's child'.

(I hate you)

"We'll pray, Carrie and Becky," she said, her voice high, yet soft.

"Yes, Momma," they said quietly.

"For the last time, we'll pray."

The girls pressed their heads against Momma's bosom; Becky's head pressed against a large breast; it was warm and soft, her finger brushed her nipple beneath the smooth silk, it was hard and stiff.

(you suckled me there, momma yet your milk sour as gall and lethal as poison)

I did, beck, I did

"We'll pray," she said again, stroking the girls' hair.

"Our Father…" Momma began.

"Who art in heaven…" Becky said.

"Hallowed be thy name," said Momma.

"Thy kingdom come…" Carrie said.

"Thy will be done…" Momma said.

Then, Becky saw the knife raised above Carrie's head.

"NO!" she screamed

Momma leaned forward and the knife came down fast in a shining arc on Carrie and she shrieked and fell down the stairs.

"You cunt!" Becky screeched.

"All I ever wanted was you and your sister, Rebecca…" Momma said softly.

She wrestled her on the floor, her head just at the edge of the stairs, ready to stab her in the throat. Blood began to ooze from around the handle and drip onto Becky's neck like cold droplets of water. With all the strength she had, grabbed Momma's strong wrist; she could feel the bone and blood in her veins hot and hard against her own hand and the knife hovered over her neck.

With her free hand, Becky grabbed the front Momma's nightgown and ripped it open, exposing her breasts. The breasts had grown swollen and the nipples were pink circles, hard and rough, puckering outward.
The heat intensified faster, Becky's head was ready to split as she thought about fire…her fire…

(don't play with fire, momma…it burns)

The blade scrapped Becky's shoulder…she ignored the pain and grabbed Momma's left breast. Momma screamed and bloody milk sprayed from her nipple onto Becky's face…it felt scalding hot and there was a white handprint with red around the outside. She tasted the hot milk and it was sour.

(like gall)

"I've always waited for this moment, Rebecca Anne, nearly sixteen years," said Momma. "The day you would die. And in the soon future, the Lord will bless me for expiating you and your sister and send you two back where you belong: in Satan's palace."

"Bitch," Becky whispered between her teeth. "You don't have a future."

Momma pushed her down the stairs. She tumbled, her brain liquefying inside her skull as it bumped against the twisted wooden steps.

Momma came down the stairs, her nightgown ripped open, breasts leaking bloody milk, and both had tiny red handprints. The knife was bloody and her face with a dreamy look, making the sign of the cross over the girls. They crawled to the kitchen towards the door, trying to get away from the madwoman. Carrie grabbed the doorknob and tried to open it.


Momma came closer, her face looked as if she were living in a fantasy world, and the knife raised above her head, ready to deliver the final blow…then, a knife came flying and hit her on target in the hand that was holding the knife. She gasped with pain. Then, an apple peeler with the apples in the left breast, next a fork from the sink in the right breast, then a cake knife in the liver area, then a butter knife below the left breast and lastly…

Becky communicated with Momma telepathically:

(I can see your heart, momma it's a big red muscle)

what about my heart, rebecca

(mine becomes hot and beats fast when I use my powers now you'll know what it's like to be me)


Becky could see Momma's heart beating faster and heat coming from all sides.

(see, momma? my blood becomes hotter feel how hot your heart is?)

I do

(doesn't it feel like it's burning? Being consumed in flames?)

Soon, Momma screamed. Beck saw a hole formed between her breasts and a heart beating faster with smoke coming out. Soon, the beating heart burst into flames. Momma screamed even more as it burned. Soon, a fork flew across the room, impaling her between the breasts, right into the burning heart. The girls watched the blood trickle down onto her white gown, both her nipples and her body.

Momma, her head thrown back, crying with pain and ecstasy, a grin spread across her face, her eyes wide open. Becky looked at Carrie, in a corner, terrified about what she had done. The cries from Momma lasted for nearly five minutes and then, her head bowed to the left and the fiery heart came to a stop. Soon all was quiet.

(we killed her)

Becky watched as the blood trickled down onto her white gown, her naked breasts exposed and bleeding. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth seemed to be smiling. But her heart was gone…nothing but ash.

(sweet jesus)

Carrie and Becky got up. They walked away.

From The Medical Files of Rebecca White (p. 44)

Sue drove down Carlin Street, in total shock about what happened that night. In that high school gym, over 209 people were dead, absolutely no survivors. No investigator could explain how the fire started exactly for there was no accelerant, no matches, no electrical fire, nothing. It was indeed a great mystery how the fire exactly started and how some people were burned to death.

Sue walked past the White bungalow. The house was glowing softly with candlelight and seemed quiet. Where were Becky and Carrie?

She saw two figures: one was kneeling, cradling a body in her arms and the other lay in her arms. She saw it was Becky, her nightgown drenched in blood, rocking her sister who stared up at her, dying. She gripped her hand tightly.

"Carrie, don't…" Becky said. "Hold onto me."

"I'm leaving this world, Beck," she said.

"You can't!" she said. "You cared for me. I'll be lost."

"And you to me. And you won't be."

"Please…" Becky sobbed. "Please, Carrie…don't leave me alone."

"I'm sorry, Becky…sometimes, you have to learn to let go."

She felt tears prick her eyes. She sobbed quietly, her body trembling.

"I love you, " she managed to say. "Beck…"

There was a rattle in the back of Carrie's throat. Her body went stiff and her hand was still grasping tightly onto Becky's hand, cold and stiff with rigor mortis and blood spilt out of her mouth and onto her Becky's white nightgown. Tears formed in her ebony orbs.

"I love you," she sobbed into Carrie's hair.

She let out a loud series of sobs that echoed all over Chamberlain.

"Becky?" said a voice.

Becky heard the soft voice of Sue Snell.

"What are you doing here?" asked Sue.

"Shhh," said Becky. "I'm caring for Carrie." Becky began to sing: "Round we go the world is spinning, when it stops, it's just beginning…"

The song echoed throughout Chamberlain…and voices echoed in her head:

They're all gonna laugh at you…

Plug it up, plug it up plug it up…

We're all so sorry about this incident, Cassie…

Trust me, Carrie, you can trust me…

The voices mingled with laughter, loud and chaotic that Becky could've sworn she nearly made the push come out.

From Interview with Rebecca A. White (p. 30)written by Detective John Mulchaey

"Carrie died in my very arms. They questioned me about my sister's murder. I ended up in the psycho hospital," Becky said. "I remember it all like the back of my hand. The shower. The prom. The night after. Everything. Funeral for all the dead students was a few weeks later."

I stared at Becky with shock and wonder, how such a young girl would remember the past.

"How did you end up here?" I asked.

Becky sighed. "Sue Snell found me with Carrie's body. My nightgown was all bloody. They thought I killed Carrie, but I was proved innocent. Sue had me spend the night at her house, I heard those voices from Prom Night…I went insane. They sent me to the chronic ward."

"How about Sue? Do you remember the last time you saw her?"

"The last time I heard from Sue Snell was her mother had found her in a shocked state. They're planning to leave because…well, the trauma was a bit harsh on her. She came to visit me the other day, telling me she had a dream about my sister's bloody hand reaching up and grabbing her. She experienced this dream three times, she told me. She too went to the institution, not here, but in the city."

"I'm sorry to interrupt," said the nurse, opening the door. "But visiting hours are over."

"Thank you, nurse," I said. "Thank you, Becky."

Becky got up and went back to the barred window. She heard the clicks of the lights as they turned off and the locks of the door slam shut.

We revealed Rebecca White's testimony in court…the story never came to a full conclusion on what exactly happened on Prom Night or how Mrs. White was killed. It all seemed impossible and beyond the theories of physics. The case was left unsolved.

Rebecca White was released from Chamberlain Psychiatric Hospital. She was last seen visiting where the White bungalow still stands. The white sign that said 'For Sale' had written in black paint: CARRIE WHITE BURNS IN HELL! Below that, it read: YOU'LL BE NEXT, BECKY WHITE! There was a skull below it with cross bones and X-ed eyes.

I went to the White bungalow and found everything disturbed. Religious pictures were knocked over, crosses broken, chairs and tables turned over. I went to the girls' room. There were fresh roses in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the corner. I found on the wall in blood:

I hear the haunting tune of Bernard Hermann's 'Twisted Nerve' echoing inside the White bungalow.

Some say she committed suicide. I checked all the death certificates, nothing showed up. Some say she left Chamberlain and changed her name, in fear of the government finding out about her and her sister and their powers. I checked the Witness Protection Program, no one under that name had changed their name since the date of her release at Chamberlain County Psychiatric.

Some say she was transferred to another mental institution in a different county or state. I had checked every mental institution in the county of Maine or other states, but every one said that no one had a patient under that name.

We sent out missing reports all over the news to find her, but no one claimed to see a girl that matched her description. Whatever it is that happened to her, no one knows where she is or what happened to her…

Rebecca A. White is missing…