Peace at Last

Once Optimus Prime and Shockwave had the treaty signed, all Decepticons, except for the ones who were on Earth left the solar system. They didn't want to be around the planet. They did agree they would help the Autobots rebuild Cybertron but they didn't want to be around the planet they saved.

When the Decepticons left, Alexis went over to stare at the Earth. She couldn't believe how beautiful the planet was from afar. As she looked, she thought of flying around the planet but her thoughts were interrupted when someone approached. She turned to see Starscream coming towards her.

"I have been looking for you," he said.

"Sorry. I just was planning traveling around the Earth and then visit my mom. I would like to surprise my mom."

"Would you mind I went along with you?"

"Well I was kind of hoping to visit her alone but if you wanted to come along, I wouldn't mind."

"If you wanted to visit your mother alone, I won't impose but right now Optimus is about to make a speech and he really wants you to be there."

Alexis sighed. "All right." As much as she wanted to see her mother, she knew it was hopefully thinking to see her this soon.

The two Transformers walked away from the view of Earth, heading towards the crowd of Autobots. When they reached the crowds of the Autobots and the remaining Decepticons. Optimus walked up to the ramp of his ship while Alexis and Starscream stood beside Hotshot and Scavenger.

"Everyone," he started. "We need to decide what our course of action will be. I would like a team to reside here in case of any problems. Who that team will be, I don't know. That is why I have called this meeting before departing to Cybertron. Unfortunately I will not be able to stay here on Earth. I need to be on Cybertron while the reconstruction gets under way. And where Alexis knows best about Earth than the rest of us, I will have her as the second in command."

Alexis looked at Optimus with shock. Her, the second in command of the team on Earth? She looked around and saw everyone was just as shocked as she was.

"Furthermore, I would like Jetfire to stay behind as well and command the team."

"I will do it with pride," Jetfire said with a cheery voice.

"Who else would like stay, that has to be determined? I already know that Starscream will stay as well. But who else will?"

"You know I will, Optimus sir," Hotshot responded.

Sideswipe looked at his bro. "Well if you're staying, count me in. Earth is too beautiful to leave it alone."

"I'm with you there," Blurr said and then looked at Optimus. "I'll stay as well."

"This place won't be the same without me being here," Hoist piped up.

"I've only been here a short time and I've started to like it," Blaster said. "And if that's the case, someone has to teach the new lackeys some good music."

Scavenger snorted. "You never change to do you?"

Blaster turned to the bulldozer. "Nope and that's the way you all like me too."

"Is there anyone else who would like to stay with Hotshot, Sideswipe, Blaster, Blurr, Starscream and Alexis?"

"Well considering a medic will be needed," Red Alert said. "I guess I'm the best for the job. That is after I complete my latest task."

"I'll stay too," Wheeljack said. "I've already been on this planet for twenty years might as well make this a permanent home for myself."

"Chromia and myself will stay too," Ironhide said for the both of them.

Chromia looked at the red van with annoyance.

Ironhide looked at his girlfriend. "Well I'm staying as well and I'm sure you don't want to be away from me again."

Chromia smiled. "Well if you put it that way…"

"Yeah I agree with Blaster. There are many areas of the sky, I'd love to scope out," Powerglide announced.

Scavenger turned to Cyclonus, Demolisher and Thrust. "What about you three? You must have stayed behind with the rest of us for a reason."

Cyclonus shrugged. "Probably was going to stay behind here. After being here for so long, Earth begins to grow on you."

"I haven't decided what I'm going to do," Demolisher said.

"You both have to be nuts," Thrust said. "I'm not staying and I won't be welcomed on Cybertron either."

Thrust jumped in the air, transformed before firing up his boosters and was gone. He never even gave anyone a chance to speak against his defense of not being accepted.

Optimus watched him until he no longer could see him. He shook his head and said in a low voice. "He's against the treaty. We haven't seen the last of him."

"Sir?" Optimus turned and saw Ratchet. Ratchet for the past several hours had been working on Sideflare with the help of Red Alert. When Optimus had called for the meeting, Ratchet told Red Alert to go and that he would continue working. But he was finished for now and went to hear what was going on.

"I fear we will see Thrust again."

"You're saying he's going to join the Decepticons who will be against the treaty."

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Optimus turned back to his men. "Men. We have heard from a good amount who will stay. Sideflare, when she is completely repaired will also be on this mission and I would also like the Ariel bots to also stay. If the Earth were to go under attack from anything, you'll at least be able to help protect. As it stands right now, the humans do not of us, but I'm sure we will soon no longer be in the dark to them."

"Optimus, sir," Ultra Magnus said. "If Jetfire will remain here who will help command back on Cybertron?"

"That's a good question," Optimus said. "But that has already been arranged. Jetfire and I spoke a little bit ago and he has agreed to give up his place at my side. It has taken me awhile to figure who will stand by my side and the only one I could think of and I shouldn't have had to think long of it. That one is Ultra Magnus. That is if he wants the job."

Ultra Magnus walked up to the leader of the Autobots. "I would be honored to stand by your side old friend."

Optimus nodded. "However if the time is called upon, Jetfire is still rightfully vice commander of all the Autobots. The fight may be over but the factions are still there. The Decepticons will do their own thing and we will do ours.

"Everyone else who is heading back to Cybertron must begin to make their way back. As soon as we get back, we will begin to work right away. But for right now, you all may rest and relax. We begin to depart in twenty-four hours."

Optimus turned and walked into the ship, indicating the subject was closed. When he was gone, everyone else began to mingle around.

Alexis began to make her way towards the Autobot ship that Optimus had just entered when Cyclonus stopped her.

"You know it doesn't surprise me that you have been picked as the second in command."

"I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult. It came as a surprise to me too. But you know yourself, you all need to know how the humans think."

"And since you were a human, you can…help us through the challenges."

"Exactly," she said. "If you'll excuse me. I need to talk to Optimus."

When Alexis entered the ship, she saw him standing not too far from the exit.

"I was expecting you."

"I'm sure you were," she said. "Can we talk in private?"

Optimus nodded and the two walked down a hallway into one of the rooms, Alexis had not seen before. She noticed it was Optimus's quarters as it had a desk and a picture of the kids when she was still human.

"What is it?"

"Optimus…" she began but suddenly got chocked up. She looked around the room before looking at her friend. She wasn't sure what to do or say. She quickly ran into Optimus's arms, surprising the leader.

"I'll miss you," she cried. "I don't really want you to go."

Optimus's arms softly went around her. "I don't really want to either. You are still getting used to being one of us," he said quietly. "But I must. In order to keep the peace, I must return to Cybertron."

"I know," she said quietly. "But I…just wanted to voice my opinion."

Optimus chuckled. "Alexis, you remember when you told your mother that I was like a father to you." Alexis looked up at her friend and nodded. "Well, I like to think of you as a daughter."


Optimus nodded. "Ever since the day I met you, I seemed to treat you like parent would a child and then the day you we met your mother, I began to recognize the treatment as it was. I promise that once everything is settled, I will be back."

"I hold you to that."

Optimus pulled her towards him again in another embrace before releasing her. "I have a request for you."

"What is that?"

"I want you to continue training. That is one of the reasons I want Jetfire to stay. I want him to help continue training you plus to help you with anything."

She nodded. She knew that even though the war was over, a warrior still needed to keep up with his skills. "Can you contact me?"

"Of course I will." He released Alexis, allowing her to reluctantly turn from him.

When she was out of the ship, she took a shuddering breath before she scooped up in a set of arms. When she was able to look, she noticed she was a couple miles away from the Moon and in Starscream's arms.

"What was that about?" she asked almost with loss of breath.

"I have been wanting a chance to have some time with you and since you won't have time to see your mother until after Optimus leaves, I figure right now would be the best time."

"I'm sorry," she said. "But there is so much…"

Starscream placed a finger on her lips. "You don't need to apologize. Your surrogate father is leaving and you'll miss him."

"You're beginning to know me," she slightly chuckled as a tear slipped from her optics.

"I'm learning from the best," he smiled, wrapping his arms around her. "At least you'll have sibling bond with you and you have me."

"Yeah but I'll miss Optimus. But I know that he has a job to do."

"As do you."

"That's another thing. I understand why Optimus picked me but I don't know anything about being second in command. What would I do if Jetfire can't lead?"

"That's something we'll all teach you. Jetfire especially. Right now, I don't want to think about the future. I want to spend time with you. Let's do a trip. Take a trip around the world. See Earth from a different view."


Optimus watched his 'daughter' fly off with Starscream. He chuckled as Starscream tackled her, preventing her from do anything. He watched until they were no longer in sight. When they were gone, he left for the infirmary to see how Sideflare was doing. He knew that he couldn't leave until Sideflare had a new body. On his way, he came across Sideways.

"So she's still alive too?" he asked.

Optimus knew who he was talking about. He nodded his answer. "She is having a new body built, which will disable all her abilities. What about you?"

"I am disabled. I have no way of transporting myself like I used to. I am now a normal Transformer."

"And you're old self?"

"Still coming back to me. I'm starting to act like an Autobot again. Can you do to me what you're doing to Sideflare?"

"No. The only reason Sideflare is getting a new body is to prevent from reactivating Unicron or doing anything that was related to Unicron. If you are completely severed from Unicron, then you are in no danger."

"If my memories completely come back and I become an Autobot again, I don't want a constant reminder of my betrayal." Sideways looked away for a moment before letting out a growl.

"Sideways, you did not betray us. In a way I must thank Unicron you were revived. I didn't loose you completely. You were brainwashed into believing you were someone else and no one can condone you for that."

"But I can. I killed many Transformers…" Sideways clenched his fists. "I'm getting tired of this."

"Sideways you are still dealing with your mind as a Unicron Spawn as well as Beachcomber. Give it time."

"I don't want to give it time!" Sideways turned abruptly, about to leave Optimus in the corridor.

"Sideways, why don't you accompany me to the infirmary."

"Why should I?" he stopped and looked at the leader. "So I can see Sideflare?" he watched as Optimus nodded. He thought for a moment. "Why not? For once I can see her in a vulnerable position."

Optimus continued down to the infirmary, ignoring Sideways comment. There was a lot of healing needing to be done with Sideways and Optimus was going to give him time. When they reached the infirmary, they saw Red Alert and Ratchet hard at work.

"How is it going?" Optimus asked.

"A little harder than what was anticipated," Ratchet said and looked at the two bots. "Where she doesn't have a spark, it's going to be hard to transfer her mind."

"Maybe not. I'm no science officer but I do remember a time where we didn't have the technology to transfer sparks, we had to do a mind transfer."

Red Alert looked up from his work and turned to his leader and he saw Sideways. "That's it. We just make the machine."

"What can Sideways do? Optimus asked.

"Beachcomber knew about mind transfers."

Ratchet looked at the science officer. "Are you sure? He might not want to help as he is still Sideways, evil for Unicron."

"Ratchet don't talk about me like I'm not in the room."

"That might work," Optimus said, ignoring Sideways but then turned to him. "Would you mind helping?"

"Why should I help?"

"If we can't transfer Sideflare's mind, Unicron could come back. And I don't want to take any chances."

"Also is there any way we could get Alexis's help?" Red Alert asked.

"Negative, Red Alert," Optimus answered. "She is right now spending some time with Starscream."

"Starscream," Ratchet started. "Never thought I'd see the day. Is it true what everyone has been saying."

"That the two of them are bonded," Red Alert said. "Yes. Starscream must have had an attraction to her when she was human. And now that she is one of us, that attraction grew to something more."

"And you guys aren't worried that she could be hurt by him."

Optimus sighed before speaking. "Ratchet. I trust Starscream with my life he would not harm her. Red Alert, I want you to do me a favor. After the rest of us have left, I want you to keep me inform of how's she's doing."

"Yes, sir."

He watched Optimus turn and leave, Sideways remained. "I suppose I could help you in constructing the mind transfer machine."

"What kind of a favor was that?" Ratchet asked.

Red Alert turned to the main medic of the Autobots. "Optimus thinks of Alexis like a daughter. Alexis feels the same way about Optimus, a father."

"Amazing. Optimus having a human daughter."

"Alexis has a family away from her family. She once had a brother but he was killed in front of her when they were small children. But after meeting us, she began to develop a sibling bonding with Hotshot and then with Sideswipe. Along the way, Optimus became part of that bond. She thinks of all us as family."

"She's quite the person. She opened her heart to someone who tried to kill her family and consider robots as her family."

"Starscream also tried to kill her as well."

Ratchet shook his head. "She is very forgivable."

"That she is and we love her for that."

"Yeah I can see why Optimus would scoop her up as his daughter. And that explains why she is treated differently than other female Autobots."

"And that is the reason Jetfire was asked to stay and command. She is still getting used to her new body and she needs someone here to help her. I volunteered in case she has problems with her circuits."

"I suppose she has much to learn. Does she even know how to do a self dynastic?"

"No. She's only in training and with Unicron she was forced into battle when she wasn't completely ready."

"Well she held her own pretty good."

"Can you two stop talking mushy stuff, you're making me sick."

The two medics looked at Sideways and then at Sideflare. They began their work, this time on a machine to transfer Sideflare's mind to another body.


Alexis was huddled in Starscream's embrace as they watched the sunrise at the Autobot base. They had only been sitting there for a short time, when the sun began to rise. Before they arrived, they had flown around the world, which took them a good portion of the night to do.

Alexis saw something moving below the mountain. She looked down, using her infrared to see what was making the movement. She smiled when she was able to home in on the movement only to find Rad and the others moving around, heading off to school. She figured they probably did not sleep a wink and stayed up all night, talking about the battle.

"What are you smiling at?" Starscream asked.

Alexis looked at the one beside her. "Rad. I'm sure they did not sleep. I can see them down below. They are getting ready for school."

"Didn't they say that today was the last day?"

"Yeah. We should head up. They maybe starting to worry about us, considering Optimus is leaving soon."

"He'll only leave after Sideflare has a new body and he won't leave without saying good-bye to you."

"I know but there's also some other Autobots that I haven't met yet and I don't know when I'll see them again."

Starscream sighed. "All right."

The two stood, transformed, and flew off towards the Moon. They did not know they had been watched when they transformed. The ones, who watched, had known smiles on their faces. When they were out of sight, they returned back to heading towards their school for the final day of the year.


It took Ratchet and Red Alert, with the help of Sideways to build the mind transfer machine. In that time, all but Optimus's ship had left Moon's orbit. The Moon now seemed very lonely with everyone gone and it also seemed much bigger.

Alexis was standing alone watching the sun move over the Earth, indicating a new day for the humans. Something that she would never enjoy quite the same again. She was so engrossed at the Earth that she didn't even know that she was no longer alone.

"Thinking of home again?"

Alexis turned quickly to see Optimus and Starscream. "You startled me."

"We will soon be leaving."

"I know…" she said sadly.

"Why don't we warp down to the planet and you can show us some human traits?"

Alexis looked surprised. "I'm not sure I understand."

"Show us Earth from a different view."

"You…you mean as human?" her eyes widened as he nodded. "Who would be going?"

She looked behind him and saw her extended family waiting patiently. She even saw a female Autobot that she didn't recognize but beside her was Sideways. She guessed the unknown Autobot was Sideflare. Considering beside her was Red Alert and Ratchet.

"We are waiting for an answer," Hotshot said with excitement. He couldn't wait to try out being human.

She looked at every one of the Autobots, a smile forming as she looked at her dear friends. When her optics was back on Optimus, she jumped. "What are we waiting for?" she cheered.

"All right," everyone said.


A group of humans appeared out from nowhere on a deserted island. Rad, Carlos, Fred, Billy and Sandy were also with the group. Rad and Carlos looked around and realized they were once on the island before when they were after a Mini-Con. It was the deserted island that had an abandoned amusement park. Beside Rad and Carlos was their friend Alexis who was being cuddled very closely by…Starscream but as a human. His sandy blonde hair blew in the wind.

The boys had been quite surprised when Alexis told them by email to go the base. When they arrived, they had the surprise of their life…

Sandy was also there and she was getting a little chummy with a human. But why were there humans at the Autobot base, which was originally a space ship. It didn't take them long to find out that the humans were the Autobots and that Sandy was chumming up with Jetfire. Everyone who were staying on Earth were human expect for the Aerial bots, Sideflare, Cyclonus and Demolisher. Also Elita-One and Sideways were there.

Carlos took another look around before shouting, "Last one in the water is chicken." He began to run towards the water. But he wasn't the only one running towards the water.

Before too long, everyone was in the water except for Optimus, Starscream and Alexis. Alexis laughed as Carlos ended up being the last in the water, as the Autobots raced him to the water. He stood on the edge of the water stunned.

"Seeing Earth from a different view is…" Optimus began as he combed his fingers through his short dark but slightly silvered hair.

"Strange," Starscream finished.

"Well being a Transformer is strange," Alexis smiled.

"And it would be after being one way all your life."

"Why did you want everyone to come here? I mean why human?"

"I wanted to see Earth from a human's point of view and I thought it would be nice for all of us to have one last day together. We depart tomorrow after he are back to normal."

Alexis leaned her head down, not wanting to show her tears that were obviously forming. Optimus walked up to her and placed a gentle finger under her chin, lifting her chin so he could see into her eyes. "Alexis, I won't be gone forever. Just for a little while and perhaps I will come for a visit or you can visit Cybertron."

"I will miss you," she whispered.

"Now we didn't come here to say good-bye yet. We are here to have a good time. Now go have fun with your friends."

Starscream stood from sitting on a blanket that Alexis laid out for her and him. He grabbed Alexis's hand and headed for the water. She couldn't even protest and by the time she had the chance, Carlos splashed her.

She quickly got over what she was about to say and charged at Carlos, dunking him before he had the chance to move. Everyone around laughed.

Optimus watched on as his 'daughter' played in the water with her friends and bonded family. He knew he was going to have to keep a close watch over her and her new developments but wasn't quite sure how he was going to do it.

Before too long, Optimus saw Jetfire walking towards him, his shoulder length brown hair sticking all around his back, dripping with water. When the vice commander was standing in front of his leader he spoke.

"You're worried about her aren't you?"


"Well sir, you could change your mind and stay here and I'll go to Cybertron."

"No. Shockwave is expecting me. I need to be there. I need to get word to the other planets that the war is finally over."

"Well you won't have to worry too much. I'll keep her safe."

"It's not keeping her safe I'm worried about. It's more what is to come for her in the times yet to come. She still has many obstacles to go through. But I'm just worried of how much I'm going to miss her."

"You'll be back. Even if it's only a short visit and I'm sure you'll contact once a day."

"You know me well."

"Why don't you go and enjoy yourself too. You still have a long road ahead of you as well," Jetfire suggested. "Starscream, Red Alert and I will keep a good watch over her. Not to mention her bonded brothers which is starting to lengthen."

"You're right," he chuckled as he watched Starscream pick Alexis up and then threw her in the water as she screamed in excitement. Optimus knew this was the only day for rest for him. He knew once he was to arrive on Cybertron that it was going to be work all over again. But for now, he was going to settle with being human and not having to worry about an attack.


Finally the story is now finished. I never thought it would take me this long to write the story nor as long but here it is. And I am in the plans of doing a sequel…when that will be I do not know. I have other fics that now need to take my attention. Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying my very first Transformers fic.