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Chapter 29

Hillary closed her eyes, trying to think calmly. She felt her friends around her, hugging her, trying to comfort her, but it was useless. Kai couldn't be dead! It was impossible. He was unbreakable, invincible....he couldn't leave her!
"Can you leave me alone with him for a while?" She asked suddenly.
Her 4 friends looked at her, concerned.
"Are you sure?" Max asked.
She smiled courageously and kiss him on his cheek.
"Yeah….don't worry, I'm fine! Please, just few minutes....I wanna….I want to say goodbye…"
They nodded slightly and left the room, leaving her alone with her boyfriend's lifeless body.
Tears began to roll down on her cheeks as she caressed his blue hair.
"You can't be dead...I can't believe it....I won't believe it! There must be a solution...."

"You can save him..." She heard a voice say in her head.
"You can save him..." It repeated.
"How?! What do I have to do?"
"Do you believe in him? Do you really believe in you two together?"
"Yes! Of course! I won't be able to live without him...I'll do everything for him!"
"So....there is a solution, but...you'll have to sacrifice a part of yourself."
Hillary nodded.
"I'll do everything for him!" She repeated.
"Good. Well, you will have to give him your blood...and your soul."
She jumped and looked at Kai's face.
"My soul? What do you mean?"
"Your soul will become his and his will become yours. You'll share your souls, your hearts and your bodies...forever."
"But, what if he doesn't want that?" Hillary asked, unsure. "I don't want to impose anything on him!"
"You won't be able to change or reverse this link if you decide to go through it. It will be between you two, for eternity."
Hillary hesitated. She loved him more than anything, but...maybe this feeling wasn't mutual.
"Do it." Another voice said.
"I know him. He loves you. He'll love you forever, no matter what happens!"
"It's your decision." Drak added.
"Trust him."
Hillary grabbed Kai's hand and breathed deeply.
"Tell me what to do." She whispered.
" You have to mix your blood with his, then, to give him your soul, you have to die as well, and you'll be united in the dead before being reunited the living."
She looked at Drak in her hand.
"I'll need a knife." She murmured.
With that, a knife suddenly appeared in her hand.
"Thank you..."
She took the knife and slit Kai's wrist, and then her own.
"I love you Kai. back!"
She closed her eyes and thrust the knife into her chest.

"Hey, sleepy beauty...."
Hillary opened her eyes with difficulty and jumped in her bed at what she saw.
"That's me."
"Oh Lord!"
She threw herself in his arms, crying.
"You're alive! You're alive!"
"Yes...I am." He smiled. "Thanks to you. You're totally crazy for doing what you did! You could had died!"
"I'm crazy....about you." She whispered in his ears, smiling too. "I can't live without you."
"I love you...." He whispered, smiling even more. " Someone told me that we're inseparable now."
"Yeah, but...are you sure you'll be able to support me all your life?" She giggled.
"I don't know..." He teased her. "Maybe not, but I'll do my best."
She smiled and rested her head on his chest.
"I forbid you to ever leave me! If you do that again, I'll kill you myself!"
"Alright. I'll remember."
He smiled and kissed her. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and the rest of the Bladebreakers entered in the room.
" Hey lovers." Rei said.
"Happy to see you both are alright! You really frightened us Hillary!" Max declared.
"Yeah! And what really surprised us was when we noticed that Kai was revived!"
"It's thanks to Drak and Dranzer and the craziness of my girlfriend!" Kai said. His bitbeast had explained everything to him as he was waiting for Hillary to wake up.
He looked down at her and noticed that she seemed sad.
"Hey...what's wrong Hil?"
She lowered her eyes and sighed.
"I...I just wanted to apologize. I....I didn't want anyone to be hurt. I didn't want to betray you...I..."
She shook her head and sighed again.
"I just wanted to protect you."
" We know. Don't worry." Max murmured, smiling.
"You didn't betray us!" Kenny added.
"Yeah! We all love you like a sister..." Rei started.
"...except Kai." Tyson cut him off, teasing.
"Shut up Tyson!" The guys groaned.
"We want to protect you too, you know..." Rei continued. "So we would have been relieved if you just told us what was wrong! We would have been able to help you!"
"Yeah! It would have been fun to kick this bastard's ass!"
"Oh! I forgot!" Kenny said suddenly. "Mr. Dickinson told me that Jonathan's been caught!"
"That's good news!"
"Yeah...it's finally finished..."

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