Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I just play in their world.

I dream of her on nights when the sky is clear and the stars are shining their brightest. She enters my dream on a silver mist, glittering and faint, echoing through my mind like a ghost. She has my face, but she is not me. There is something different about her. Her hair is darker, and her eyes a brighter shade of blue. But her lips are mine, and her manner. Her grace is recognizable to me as my own, and her spirit is just as strong.

I do not know why I dream of her, but something compels me to. It does not happen often, but there are times when suddenly she is there, and I cannot force myself into wakefulness for I am intrigued. I crave her appearances, for it is though I am watching myself through the eyes of another. I watch her dance under the trees, and laugh as another whispers something in the pointed ear that so closely resembles my own. In my dreams I see her watch the sky as a dark cloud grows in the east, and I want to cry at the sadness I see in her eyes as she watches this darkness spread. I watch her as she falls into the embrace of a handsome man, a crown upon his brow and love lighting his features. This man is unusual. I do not recognize him as Elf, but nor is he fully mortal. They are both an enigma.

I even feel her emotions on nights when I myself feel lonely. I feel her happiness, anger, fear, and love. I feel her love strongest. It is consuming. It is hopeful and intense and unwavering, like the moonlight that stretches across the stone floor of my bedchamber to rest upon my untouched pillow. Such love I myself have never known. Perhaps that is why I dream of her. Perhaps she is a harbinger of my own destiny. Or maybe I am prone to wishful thinking.

I am happy when I dream of her. I do not know her name, or why she is always in my mind, and my heart, but I feel a connection with her. Something restless in my heart tells me that this nameless maid and I have destinies too similar to avoid becoming intertwined, though I do not yet know how fate shall deal out our meeting.