The young man in the fast car

Chapter 1

Rei and Kira moved into a new apartment after Kira convinced Rei's father to releasing Rei from the Corporal business life and re-entering the life of racing the tracks which is Rei's true passion other then Kira. Their new apartment wasn't fancy and it wasn't like the old apartment Rei lived in, but it was home to the couple. Kira did her best to make it a home while Rei was training himself for another final race, it was the way it was when Kira first started living with Rei Cleaning the apartment doing the laundry, or she would go and watch Rei practice. But Kira wasn't living in the apartment alone all day, Kira and Rei adopted a stray German Shepard whom Kira came to call him Bruce. The dog gets along much better with Kira since it was her he befriended first then does with Rei the dog only seems to live to torment Rei but even with their intolerable differences Bruce have at least one thing in common which is they love and want to protect Kira.

While Kira was hanging the laundry Bruce was laying on the ground close by her, she was startled by his loud bark but she remembered that was his signal that either someone was at the door or on the phone. Kira slide open the window door and headed toward her cell phone which was the only phone they owned, "Hello?" Kira answered "Miss Aso?" the woman on the other line asked.


"This concerns your fiancé"

Kira's heart almost stopped at that information, an image of Rei's death came into her head and it frightened her. "He is alright Miss Aso but he is in critical conditions" the nurse explained calmly, "oh well then I'll be there in a little while thank you" Kira said then quickly hung up and grabbed her purse with the cell phone in it. As she headed towards the door Bruce comes running along side of her indicating that he wanted to come along "alright Bruce you can come but when we get there you are waiting outside" Kira explained to the dog who was waging his tail for joy and gave a happy whimper to her. Kira quickly called Harumi and Tatsuya for a ride to the hospital with Violet along for the ride.

When they got there the three friends offered to watch Bruce while Kira goes in to visit Rei alone, as she entered the room the nurse explained to her that he was out of it due to the drugs they gave him from surgery. Kira walked to the side of the bed and gently took Rei's hand into her hands, she did her best not to cry by rubbing he face on his hands but was interrupted by a doctor standing in the door way, "Miss Aso, may I see you in my office whenever you can please?" he asked politely.

"This is a lot of money" Kira said as she scanned all the medical bills that the doctor gave her, they stunned her completely along with a flow of ideas on how to pay for the bills. "Yes, it is but I am extending on the payment whenever you can pay for it" the doctor explained then he sat back in his chair and adjusted his glasses "Is uh Rei's father going to assist you?" he asked. Kira shook her head "he is on a business trip I am unable to reach him" Kira explained.

"Have you spoke with his wife or servants?"

"His wife no and his servants don't know where he is either, but I left them a note to give me a call whenever he gets back, even I don't know when that is"

The doctor agreed to wait until Rei's father returns for the bills to get paid, Kira thanked him profusely. Then the doctor volunteer to escort her back to Rei's room, as they entered the room Rei was awake and a bit groggy but he saw Kira with the doctor next to her. "Hey doc you trying to steal my woman?" he asked in a humorous voice the doc and Kira laughed calmly at his joke, "I tried to be she is very good at resisting my charms" the doc explained in his own humerus voice Kira giggled as she pulled a chair near the side of the bed. "Hey my wild man" Kira said as she took Rei's hand into both her hands, "hey yourself my angel" Rei said then patted the small empty space next to him with his seductive smile, luckily Kira knew how to resisted his charms "I don't think so Rei" she said with a witty sly smile. "Aw come on we don't get opportunities like this" Rei explained like a whining child, Kira knew he was talking about the fact that ever since she and Rei adopted Bruce he has been taking the pleasure of trying to piss off Rei, "anyways how's everything?" he asked in concern but Kira knew he was referring to the medical bills, "everything is fine" she said with a smile but Rei noticed a twitch on the corner of her lips, "Baby I love you but you are a terrible liar" Rei said bluntly. Kira was stunned at how talented he is at reading people especially her "how did you know?" she asked in an enthusiastic voice, "every time you lie on the corner of your cute lips make a twitch" Rei explained. "I am sorry I just didn't want to worry you" Kira explained in a bit of a sad tone "I know, come here" Rei said as he sided over the side making that small empty space a bit bigger for Kira to fit, she thought he was trying make another move on her. "Don't worry I am not going to try anything I just want you to relax and let me hold you" he said as he tugged at her hand gently, Kira surrendered to him only because she was tire from all the house work she did around the house while Rei has been a way training. She laid her head on his chest with his arms rapped around her "everything will be okay but I don't want you to work yourself hard got it?" he said while stroking her hair, "alright I won't work hard I promise" Kira said then started feeling sleepy due to all the strokes from Rei has given her.

After spending a few more minutes with Rei Kira was treated by her three good friends for an early dinner at a café near by the hospital, their table was outside since they had a dog with them "how long will Rei remain at the hospital?" Harumi asked as she took a huge bit of her muffin Tatsuya was a bit embarrassed by her cow like behavior. "Just for the week" Kira responded while giving Bruce a pieces of her biscuit "can you get your old job at the restaurant back?" Tatsuya asked in concern for the girl he at first fancied before he started dating Harumi, Kira nodded her head remembering when the three young man that have been harassing her got her fired. " At least they got what they asked for being mangled by Bruce isn't that right boy?" Harumi said with a bit of laugh in her voice and petted him with her bare foot under the table. "The manager doesn't trust me after the three boys groped me" Kira explained a bit saddened by the memory of that event, "what about your work at the museum, is it being sold?" Violet asked with her coffee mug in her hand Kira bowed her head in embarrassment "No not even a bet was placed on my art work" she said sadly. The threesome felt bad for Kira and the all extended a hand on her for support, "I better get back home" Kira said as she graded her purse but Tatsuya stopped her "oh its alright Kira its my treat" he said. Kira smiled in gratitude to the amazing friends she had made over the course of her life, "thank you" she said to him then rose to her feet with Bruce on his lich. "Wait up Kira what will you do about the bills, I mean let us know how we can help you" Violet said, Kira was touched by their generosity, oh I'll figure a way to getting a job that pays well" Kira said then was about to exist the door when Tatsuya stopped her again "hey let me give you a ride back" he offered. "No thank you I need the walk to think, I'll be alright and besides Bruce is with me" Kira said politely with a traditional bowed to thank him for his consideration and stroked Bruce's head, finally Kira said her goodbye to her friends then existed the café with her dog.

Kira was about a block away from the café where she left her friends, as she continued to walk on her sandals were hurting her feet , she realized that she didn't tell her friends that sh threw her work in the garbage. "Ouch these damn sandals" Kira said as she sat on a bench and Bruce sat next to her. She gently removed her shoes and saw the red, skin pealing blister on her heels and her toes, she made a sharp quick inhale "and these are my second and only pair" she said quietly. Kira sat on the bench and thought about how her father tried to sale his work but he never made it. "My father never got depressed over something like this" Kira declared to herself as she rose on her bare feet with pride and confidence, "he always told to never give up my little Di Vinci" she said to herself again then looked down at Bruce who looked concern about her for a dog. "Well we'll think of something" Kira said in a positive attitude as she placed her killer-sandals in her bag and was ready to walk on her bare feet.

Suddenly a raven black Mercedes came by Kira so fast that the impact threw her off her feet and she landed from the side of her knee to her thigh, "Ahh!" she screamed as she scraped her left knee-cap on the side walk. The Mercedes stopped dead in its track then backed up to where Kira was laying. Kira saw the dark car parked in front of her while the engine were still on the driver opened the door fast and practically leaped out of the car to rush over to her "MY GOD! are you alright?" the driver asked in a British accent. He was young around the same age as Rei, he was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves folded up onto his elbow, black pants with the shirt untucked and dark sun-glasses, he looked like a business man on his day off, Kira thought he was just as attractive as Rei. She was crying but tried not to burst into a river "Yes I am fine" she said in a breaking voice. "Let me help you up" he said as he was about to approach and give her a helping hand but Bruce's defenses were on by the driver's approach to his princess he gave a loud bark to him, he was startled and backed up against his car. "Bruce down boy" Kira commanded as she brought up her knees to her face so she could see the scab on her knee, the young man knelt beside her "let me see this" he said as he placed a hand on her knee to check the scab. "Ouch!" Kira cried out in a teary voice with tears rolling down, the young man removed his sun glasses and slipped it in his shirt pocket, "sorry I am a bit shaken by what I almost did" he explained as he pulled out his bandana from his back pocket. "Its alright it was an accident and I am just clumsy" Kira said still in pain from her blistered feet and her scrapped knee, the British man wrapped his bandana gently around her knee without trying not to hurt her. Kira felt comfortable and unshy to this stranger "You look like you are having a bad day" he said with a little chuckle to make the situation funny,"I am I-I-I mean I was but your kindness made up for my miseries" Kira said who now became a bit shy because she didn't want him to feel that he made her day more worst then it already is. But he seemed to sense something was bothering the young woman and he wanted to know, as he tightened the handcar shift he couldn't help but stare at her face "I offer you a ride but I feel like of done enough" he said trying to make her laugh, as he helped her up on her feet he saw her giggle a little bit. He was relieved to know he surceased in making her laugh "well at last you smile" he said with a smile of relief.

"Yeah it feels good to laugh a little"

"I agree especially with a smile that beautiful"

With that compliment Kira realized that he was flirting with her, "I better get going" Kira said as she tried walking sole to pick up her purse and Bruce's leash at the same time trying to excuse herself, "I can walk you to wherever you live at" he offered insistently as he picked up her purse for her and handed it to her. "Oh no thank you, that not nessacery my apartment is just over there" Kira said declining to his offer of assistants and pointed out to an apartment complex across the street from where they were standing. "Well at least let me help you walk there" he offered insistently again with his hand on her arm keeping her on balance, "Okay thank you" she said as she twined her arm around his. "No wait I have a better idea" he said as he removed his arm away from her, he gathered her legs into one arm and her other half of her was in his other arm, Kira was surprised but she wasn't afraid of him she felt that she could trust him. Kira felt a bit strange having another man carry her to her apartment and she wondered how would Rei react to this man being such a gentleman to her.

The British man carried her to the front door of her apartment while Bruce quietly walked along the side of him, "thank you" Kira said as he gently lowered her down the door step of her apartment. "Your welcome, I hope there is anything else I can do?" he asked as Kira unlocked her door, she seemed a bit desperate for something "no I just wish the garbage truck will get here sooner then later" she said with a bit of a sad tone. "Here is your Bandana" Kira said as she was about to take it off from her knee, "No please keep it" he said with his hand up to her.

After she walked into her apartment, the young man walked over to the pile of garbage on the corner of the street suddenly a portrait of a beach and a sunset caught his a attention. He was blown away from the sight of the image and the other two portraits that were behind the first one, "What an inspiration" he said to himself then he saw the signature on the right corner of the portraits "K. Aso?" he read. He pulled out a cell phone from his belt "Grant get the best art dealers you can find then try to find the name of an artist with an signature that says 'K. Aso' alright?" then he hung up, "I knew there was something else I could do for you" he said as he looked up at Kira's window.