Chapter 11

The final answer

Rei and Kira were silent as they entered the hospital together only to be met up with a group of five people standing in the hallway chatting in their British accent, the couple figured right away that they must be friends/family of Kenji "excuse us" Kira asked as she approached the only woman among the three young man and the older man in his mid-forty. She appeared to be in her mid-forty like her husband next to her with Kenji's eyes and nose "are you Kira Aso?" the woman asked with her tears flowing down her cheek but tried to compose herself in front of Kira "yes I am, you are Kenji's mom?" Kira answered and asked the woman with Rei standing next to her, Mrs. Kamaji whipped her eyes as she extended her hand out to Kira "yes I am, is good to meet you at last" she said as Kira took her hand and shook it gently "I just wish it were under different circumstances" she added. Mrs. Kamaji cleared his throat as he stepped toward and introduced himself to Kira "I am Kenji father Mr. Kamaji and these are Kenji's mate from London" he said as he showed the men near them "hello, this is Rei Kashino" Kira introduced with her hand holding Rei's hand "hi, sorry to hear about your son" Rei said. But the three young men looked like they were offended by Rei "Kenji talked about how special you are Kira" said one young man as he approached Kira with his hands in his pocket, Kira felt flattered the same way she felt when Kenji compliments her "Mrs. Kamaji?" Kira said as she stepped away from the friend of Kenji's and she walked to Mrs. Kamaji "what happen exactly to Kenji?" she asked.

The five British people and the Japanese couple walked to the waiting room where the all sat down calmly on opposite sides of the couches there "our gardener came at around 5:00 am in the morning and he noticed the German Shepard barking hysterically" Mrs. Kamaji started out with her husband holding her hand "he had keys to the house so he went in to see what was bothering the dog,..he lead him to the up stairs bathroom and he found Kenji laying on the floor unconscious" she explained in voice that was breaking. Mr. Kamaji held her in his arms while Rei continued to hold Kira's hand as a show of comfort "I just don't understand why he wouldn't tell us what was bothering him" Mrs. Kamaji said in a sobbing voice, Rei and Kira looked at her in confusion but Kira "Kenji never tried to talk to you?" she asked. Mr. Kamaji decided to speak on behalf of his wife "Nope, only that he needed space away from us and even his friends" he explained in an angry voice, Rei knew that these people who may be sad over their son's suicidal attempt but they were taking their anger out on Kira "we're sorry,..we just can't understand how one moment he was telling us about finding a Light of Hope and then telling us he lost it" the young British man explained. Kira was more guilty then she did before they arrived at the hospital, the part of the story where Mr. Kamaji explained about Kenji found a Light of Hope brought her to when she last spoke with Kenji "That's what you are Kira, my Light of Hope" Kira's heart grew heavier with the past few seconds "how is he now?" she asked in a trembling voice. Mrs. Kamaji cleared her throat while whipping her tears away "they pumped his stomach awhile ago,..we went in to see him but he wouldn't talk to us" she explained as her tears began over flowing again, "it's my fault" Kira said with tears flowing out of her eyes. Rei took Kira into his arms in a warm embrace "no it's not, you couldn't have known that he was going to hurt himself" he said while stroking her hair, "maybe he wouldn't be in here if you had not refused him" said one of the young British friends of Kenji in a very angry tone almost like he hated both Kira and Rei for even showing up.

Rei didn't like what he said and how he said it to Kira "you want something pal?" he said as he rose to his feet along with Kira trying to hold him back and the other two young friends were holding the outburst one back "yeah you wanker! I want you and your tart to stay away from my mate!" he said in a loud angry voice with the other two holding him back and Kira doing the same with Rei who didn't like that name he called Kira.

Mr. Kamaji stepped in between the young men who wanted to tare each other apart "stop it! you have no right calling Kira that" he ordered like a father to a son "besides you both are to be blame for his suffering as well as his mother and myself, all your solutions to make Kenji feel better is to bring him some paying tart to satisfied him" he added. The three young men bowed their heads in shame "we didn't know how he was feeling" one was brave to say in all three of their defense "oh that's bollocks!" Mr. Kamaji said in his angry tone "please!" Mrs. Kamaji said in a loud voice trying to calm everyone. Rei calmed himself after seeing Mr. Kamaji defended his girlfriend "Kira has nothing to feel sorry for" he said as he approached her with an arm around her for comfort "he is right,..but we cannot blame each other for what Kenji couldn't tell us" Mrs. Kamaji said as she rose to her feet "just read this poem he wrote as his last words" she said as she held it out the folded paper that she pulled out of her bag.

People like me sit on our asses

for some cosmic sign that tells

us that there is a light of hope.

When we don't see it coming, we

go off in search of it until BANG!

It's there clear as day.

After so many storms passing by

suddenly a bit of light stabs through

the clouds like a knife through flesh.

I thought she must be my light of hope

that I have been waiting for, because

all I could do was do my best to please

her, but I painfully learned she wasn't.

Then if that is true then what's the

purpose to continue living in this

fucking world.

Rei suddenly felt an urge to do something to help everyone "Mr and Mrs. Kamaji?" he said in a soft polite tone "would you mind if I speak with Kenji for a while,..I been where he is a long time ago" he asked in a sincere voice, the couple looked at each other for a minute then turned back to Rei with the positive respond for him to go into Kenji's room "thank you" he said with a bow. Kira stopped Rei with her hand on his arm "are you sure that's a good idea?" she asked while looking up to him "don't worry I'll be right back" he responded to her question "where's his room?" he asked Mr. Kamaji who was still next to Kira, he directed Rei to where Kenji was placed and he headed to that direction.

Rei pocked his head through the door frame to see Kenji laying still on his back and staring out the window with his face all paled and white along with an IV on his hand, Rei slightly pushed the door opened which made a squeaking noise that got Kenji's attention "what the fuck do you want, gloat?" he asked in a very envious pissed off voice. Rei ignored him as he walked closer to his bed "no, as a matter of fact Kira is here too if you wanna know" Rei explained as he stood at the foot of his bed "you should talk you're the one that gives Kira everything that she wants and you are exactly the man she envisioned I should be like" Rei said with his sly smile as if he didn't hear Kenji's rude remarks.

"I mean let's face it you got it more made then I do, your mother is alive and in love with her husband, you got friends that are like brothers to you, and as for girls well you even have that made from what I heard from your-" he was cut off by Kenji's shout of protest "SHUT UP YOU BUGGA!". Rei was silent until a nurse stood in the doorway "excuse me gentlemen could you please keep your voices down?" she said in a very pissy attitude, both of the young men apologized then she left them "I didn't come here to piss you off and I didn't come here to gloat either" Rei said as he leaned slightly on the foot of the bed.

Kenji calmed himself enough to control his headache "I know what you feel towards Kira,'s the same ones I felt the first time I met her" he added, but again Kenji protested "honestly I don't believe you" Rei scoffed as he walked to the window with his hands in his pocket "I only met Kira twice in my life and even though I didn't know it but I was in love with her the moment I approached her in the park" Rei explained while looking out the window and recalling that day. "She knew me as the big school jerk, and I never knew her name until our teacher was giving row call" Rei continued "she says I saved her but she's wrong,..if anything she saved me with her artistic magic, her smile, her positive sight towards life. I'm gonna tell you this Kenji if I hadn't met Kira I would still be riding on those race tracks without any damn regrets but with Kira I have something to protect and to live for, maybe Kira has that effect on everyone,..even that stupid mutt she adopted" Kenji gave a brief chuckle at that statement Rei made about Bruce because even Kenji remembers how that dog is protective of Kira. "Well you finally laughing" Rei said looking at Kenji "you know it's funny" Kenji said staring at Rei "I can give Kira anything she wants but all she wants," he added, the two yong men looked at each other until the heard a soft sound of a woman clearing her throat "uh can I come in?" Kira asked standing in the doorway with her hands held together in front of her.

Kenji welcomed her as she walked in "your mother called us and told us everything" she said while pulling a chair near his bed "I'm glad she did, your presence sooth out everything" Kenji said as he smiled at the sight of Kira in the room with a lot of concern in her eyes, but at the same time he felt embarrassed by Kira knowing about what he almost try to do. Rei felt the same old resentment to Kenji return but this time he wasn't going to leave Kira with Kenji, Kira on the other felt that she had to be serious with Kenji "Rei would you leave us fo a minute?" she asked politely, Rei agreed and stepped out of the room "thank you for coming" Kenji said once he saw Rei gone out the door.


"I know what I did was terrible, but the truth is when you walked out that door back to Rei I felt like my old self again,..the same guy who cries in his office, goes off fucking with hookers that his friends introduces him to, but the worst of all is being so lonely which I couldn't bare." he expressed with hopes that Kira would change her mind about being with Rei "but now that you're here I know I'll be alright,..God! it seems you know how to get here the moment I need you" he added. But he didn't realizes Kira was sitting quietly with tears flowing in her eyes "no Kenji I don't" she said as she closed her eyes and shook her head, Kenji was stunned "I can't keep coming to you when you feel like hurting yourself and I can't be with you at all,...I remember when Rei had an ex-girlfriend who asked me to give Rei back to her" she explained in her soft voice. Kenji was now feeling his body become numb because he knew what was up "Kenji I didn't give him up because I loved him and I still do,..I am sorry that I don't have those feeling for you and I am also sorry about what you have been through but things are different now" she explained with a hand on his. Kenji's eyes filled up with tears and he also felt disbelief to Kira "no Kira" he said as he removed his hand from hers "yes it is Kenji, your parents and friends really want to help you but you have to speak with them and you have to see someone or else you will die alone" she said still leaning on the side of the bed, only now Kenji turned over to his side facing the opposite side of where Kira was sitting at.

Kira felt her heart break at the idea that someone hates her "Kenji please,..please don't hate me" she pleaded in a trembling voice "Oh God Kira what makes you think I could ever hate you?" he said in an angry voice but not looking at her "you should, I know that I wish I could give you something,..some words or proof that you can pull through this jam, and find a way to be happy without trying to steal lights that are not yours to take" Kira continue to explain. Kenji felt his stubbornness infuses him "I know it will be hard but I can promise you this, will be happy in the end" she added, when she waited a few minutes for Kenji to respond she got up from her chair and met up to Rei who was leaning on the door frame of the room "Kira!" Kenji finally called out, the couple turned around to face him. Kenji turned over on his back so he could face them "I know I shouldn't say this but I just need to say it before you walk out of my life,..I love you and I always will no matter what" then he looked at Rei "and if you hurt her I swear I'll kill you without any regrets" he said in a firm voice but at the same time his tears over flowed his face. All Rei did was scoff in a annoying way because he heard it from Tatsuya and defiantly from the mutt " fair enough" he said then the couple finally walked out of the room and met up with Kenji's family and friends.

Jumping on a three months later after Kira and Rei's last visit with Kenji at the hospital the couple moved into another apartment with an attic that Kira uses as her own studio, she has learned to sell her work without Kenji's assistant, Rei was back in the tracks racing like the maniac that he always is, and Miya became involved with Kuga just like Rei predicted.

Kira was finishing up the last touches of her latest work in her studio with Bruce laying on the floor quietly as her company, she wanted to be done in time to met up with Rei after he finishes his training at the racing track "Kira, honey are you home?" Miya called out from down stairs of her "I'm up here mom!" Kira called out while still touching up her work. Miya walked up the stairs to the attic "honey I um have something to tell you about-" she was saying in a very nervous voice but was cut off by Kira "shh! I am almost done" she said, Miya stood silently behind the portrait until finally Kira placed her painting supply on the table next to her "can I see?" Miya asked as she was about to approach Kira "no, not yet it still needs time before anyone sees it" she explained. Miya understood her daughter's desire "what's wrong mother?" Kira asked as she removed her paint stained apron and hanging it on her stool "well it's about me and Kuga, we uh,..we are uh" Miya just couldn't find the words to explain to Kira but only by judging her mother's behavior Kira figured it out quickly "mom are you and Kuga officially a couple?" Kira asked in a tone that indicated that she already knew "yes and I think I might be in love" Miya responded in a bashful voice. Kira smiled at her mother "mom don't worry I know that you haven't been happy since dad died and even when you were remarried you still weren't happy" Kira explained with a hand on her mother's shoulder, Miya gave a big smile of joy on her face as she gathered her daughter into her arms "I love you Kira" she said and with that statement Kira smiled back "I love you too mom". The two ladies held each other for a while until Kira had to break the moment by saying "we better get going before Rei gets pissed" Miya laughed remembering how her son-law is not use to waiting around for anyone.

As the ladies opened the door to the outside of the apartment they were greeted by an afternoon pouring rain "oh darn it" Miya said then rushed to get her big umbrella, Miya held the umbrella over Kira while she locked up the apartment "have you heard anything from Kenji?" Miya asked as Kira slipped her keys in her purse. Kira didn't realizes how long it's been since she even heard his name "I got an email from his friends yesterday, he says that Kenji had himself committed to a center for people who are severely depressed and that it would be best that I didn't try to contact him at all" Kira explained in a calm and positive voice.

The two women walked on the sidewalk to where the bus stop was "I can't believe we had a little British envision over this summer" Miya complimented while still holding onto the umbrella "yes I know, Kenji's friend informed me that all the British visitors are returning to London now that the summer is over and Kenji has resigned from racing until he gets well" Kira explained. Suddenly the woman noticed a man walking in the rain on the opposite direction of theirs wearing a light brown over-coat with a black umbrella to shield himself from the rain and he was reading Japanese translated into English newspapers, they also noticed he was crying like a woman. "I just cun't believe it" he said in a British accent which stunned the woman at the fact that there are a few British visitors in Japan "it's the most incredible thing that's ever happen to me" he added as he stopped in his tracks, the women did the same when the noticed the headline read "Britain's famous race car driver is in center for depression" with an image of Kenji underneath the headline. Both the women figured he was crying over his hero and they sympathized with him, but the man suddenly noticed the women staring at him with concern in their eyes, he bowed to them then showed them what he was really reading which read "Baby Booms in wedding" Kira and Miya stared at the article with a stunned look on their faces "Oh, it'll ruin his career" he said in a very sad voice almost like a friend of his died. He walked passed by them "oh these British people I'll never understand them" Miya said as they continued their walk, Kira just stared to laugh at the poor old fool soon enough Miya joined Kira in her laugh.

Back at the studio Bruce was sitting and staring at what Kira was painting which was of herself laying in a bed with Rei laying next to her while holding a new born baby together and Bruce was laying at the foot of the bed, both of them seemed to be happy,..can you guess what's up next?

The end