Simple Submission

Chapter 1

Rogue smiled as Bobby slid his hands around her waist from behind and pulled her into him. She had been in the rec. room alone and she was starting to get bored until he came.

"Hey stranger," she whispered and pulled his arms around her tighter. "What you doin in here?'

Bobby buried his head in her neck, which was covered by a light scarf, and said. "Oh nothing much. Just looking' for something to occupy myself with."

"And ah was the first thing that you thought of? Gee, how sweet Bobby. Now I feel really special." She said dryly and walked out of his arms. Bobby laughed and walked after her.

"Awwww come on Rogue. You know I love you." He reached out to grab her before she walked out of the room but all of a sudden she ran. Bobby smiled and ran an after her.

She ran through corridors and into a room and out the next until she came to a dead end. She turned to find Bobby closing in on her, grinning like a jackal. "No where to run, no-where to hide."

They weren't alone in the room, even if no-one was paying attention to them, but Rogue came up with an idea. She waited until she was at least in Bobby's reach and then vaulted over the coach running over beside Kitty. She pulled her glove off and used one finger to touch her friend for the tiniest of seconds. Just long enough to feel her powers run into her own pale fingers and then she took one last look at Bobby, who by now had realized her plan was running towards her, and ran through the wall facing her.

She didn't stop until she was sure she had 'shadowed' enough walls, and people, to keep Bobby looking for her for a while. Rogue ran into a room laughing and congratulating herself on her ingenious plan. She turned to look at her surroundings. She had ended up in one of the adult visitor rooms on the east-wing of the school. It contained a bed, a locker, a small black lamp and through a door she supposed there was an un-suite toilet. There was also a cupboard, chest of drawers, and the ugliest pair of curtains she had ever seen.

Rogue walked over to them and took in their completely unique and effectively disgusting design. They were covered in white kittens that were dressed in boots and hats, each having its own colour of bow tied round its neck. Thus, she did not see the door open and close behind her. She had the rugged fabric in her hand and was starring at it completely stupefied as to how it got past Storm when she was decorating the mansion when she heard a voice behind her.

"Remy was thinking of getting a girl tonight, but no matter how good he looks he did not expect one to be here waiting for him." Rogue spun round to find a man standing beside the door looking quite amused with his own joke.

She quickly dropped the curtain and blushed furiously. "I-em-I was…sorry I'll go." She managed to get out. She rushed towards the door, but the boy put his hands out to stop her.

"Remy be jokin' chere. He did not mean to frighten you." He smiled down at her and she blushed even more furiously.

"Yah didn't frighten me," Rogue said stepping out of his reach. "Ah just thought you might have been a friend." Rogue found herself not wanting to tell the stranger Bobby's name or even that he was her boyfriend. She would think of a good enough reason later.

The boy smiled and shook his head. "De name's Gambit or Remy Le Beau to de ladies." He winked at her and went over to the bed to drop his bags. "I be a friend of Stormy's. Stayin' here for a while. You must be one of the gifted students non," He asked.

"Eh…Yeah." She muttered. He took off his trench coat and through it on the bed, giving her a chance to take a better look at him. He could've passed for twenty-five, but couldn't have been more than nineteen. He had on a black top that was tight enough to show off his six-pack to perfection, baggy jeans that had the look of being used many times before, black wrist guards, combat boots that could have only been issued by the army and sunglasses that looked to damn comfortable to be from a trade shop. His hair was long and messy with the colour of rusty brown. It gave off the attractive look of a rebel. Rogue let her mind wander until she realized that Remy had stopped talking. She looked up and found him mirroring her first thoughts.

His eyes were effectively roaming her body, straying on her upper half and then back down to her legs. He took time long enough to have Rogue blushing at the thought of what he might be thinking. She caught his eye and he smiled at her. A smile that told you he was thinking the exact wicked thoughts that she thought he would be thinking, the kind of thoughts that Rogue wanted to grant him but didn't know if she had enough of a wild side to do it. "Mon Dieu girl," Remy whispered walking towards her. "Where have you been all my life?"

He was about two stride's away from her when Rogue put her hands out to sop him coming any closer. "Sorry sugah, but I'm taken." He took her hands that were on his chest and bent them in until their faces were close enough to touch. "Dats never stopped me before, chere."

"Well maybe the fact that my skin will suck your memories, mutant abilities and effectively your life force, will." He starred at her and grinned again. " You think I'm joking swamp rat?"

Rogue get to hear what he thought at all because she heard Bobby come through the door laughing. "Rogue I know your in here I heard-" He stopped as soon as he saw that Rogue was practically in the arms of a stranger.

Rogue knew what it must have looked like to Bobby. His girlfriend being this close to some guy was probably building up the jealousy that all boyfriends have. She jumped out of Gambit's arms and took Bobby's hand.

"Bobby you found me! What took you so long?" She cried, desperate to take his thoughts away from the boy.

"There's a lot of rooms in the mansion Rogue. I had to go into every one of them to find you." He never looked at her, choosing instead to keep his eyes on the boy in front of him. "Who's this?" There was no doubt in who he was talking about.

"Eh…this is-" Rogue wasn't actually sure it was a good idea to have Bobby knowing the new guys name since he was pulling the whole protective/jealousy thing that her friends had told her about when she had been back in Mississippi.

"De name's Gambit mon ami. Et toi?" Remy smiled as he said it, but it didn't reach his eyes.

Bobby drew himself straighter and said, "My name's Iceman. I'm Rogue's boyfriend." Neither offered to shake each other's hand.

Remy cocked his head to one said and looked at Rogue. "Rogue did say something along the lines of bein' taking during her…friendly welcome."

Rogue glared at him and placed herself in front of her raging boyfriend.

Bobby was silent as he tried to work out the Cajun's remark in his head, who was, she assumed, doing some kind of gesture to piss Bobby off even more. "What did he mean?" He growled, making her shiver.

"Nothing Bobby!" She said exasperated. "Ah was just talkin' to him. Nothing happened!" When Bobby didn't back off she started to get annoyed. "God Bobby. It's great to know you have so much faith in our relationship." Rogue said sarcastically. "You not only don't trust me, but now you think my mutation has up and left, leaving my skin nice and touchable again!"

Bobby looked down at her in surprise. "Rogue, I'm sorry I didn't think."

"Well next time try to Bobby, really try!" She hissed. She turned to Gambit and said. "Goodbye Mr. Le Beau. Congratulations in succeeding in making my boyfriend jealous. I'm sure you enjoyed every minute of it Swamp Rat."

"Gambit can assure you chere, he did." He grinned at her, but after his actions it had absolutely no effect. "Swamp Rat?" He asked.

Rogue laughed. "Ah know you're from the swamp's of N' Orleans. The name seems to fit you."

He grinned at her and took her hand. "Well den, it seems to fit if Remy named you River Rat. Since he knows you must of come from the Mississippi."

Rogue shrugged. "It's not exactly may best preference." She heard Bobby behind her making strangling noises and she turned to him. "Problem?" She didn't even wait for an answer. She just walked out leaving the teens to themselves.