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Ray took her hand as they walked together to the parking lot. It was dark now and nothing but foggy and dreary as cold rain dripped down their bodies. He held Alex close to him now trying desperately to keep her dry and make conversation.

"So how's Kai?" he asked, unlocking his Mustang.

Alex hesitated for a moment just imagining her brother dangling from a rope, his neck broken and his eyes dark. "He'll be okay. I'm going back tomorrow. I think you should come to though since he and I would both feel safer with you around. Would you Ray?"

Ray came to the passenger side of his car as he put his hand on the roof looking into his fiance's sad green eyes. They locked lips for a few seconds but there wasn't as much feeling in it like there usually was. It was more depressing than comforting.

"Tell you what." Ray said, backing away and getting in the driver's seat. "Let's go home and I'll make you dinner. Then we'll talk okay?"

Alex nodded her head slowly as she buckled up her seatbelt and leaned against her door. She was tired, angry and depressed all at once and unfortunately she felt Ray couldn't help this time. All sounds except for the rumbling of the car's motor, Ray's soft voice and the pounding rain were blocked out as Alex thought for sure that if this didn't get cleared up she'd go insane. The jail disappeared just as quickly as it had come, and now all that met her eyes were dark corn fields and an odd car's lights piercing the darkness for a split second. Neither spoke for the entire hour and a half journey until Ray's million dollar mansion came into view. A the age of 10, Ray had begun his own beyblading business. One where he fixed other's beyblades and sold parts and even full blades to the community. Over time it had grown until he was making thousands each day. He was just barely a billionaire and along with a huge house, a bunch of cars and a beautiful wife to be he had everything and he was grateful and happy for each item he owned and vowed never to give it up without a fight. A fight of course he would win.

Turning the keys the motor stopped and he jumped from his seat and opened Alex's door. Taking her hand they ran to the front door where they were greeted with an umbrella and a friendly smile from William Ray's butler. He smiled back as Alex only winced and they stepped inside.

The main hallway was huge with a shining chandelier at its top and hardwood floors at its base. A visible twirling Grand Staircase lay in the corner and several doors leading to different rooms stood at the sides of the fortress. William took their coats as Ray grabbed Alex's hand and led her to the kitchen. Not that she didn't know where it was of course since she did live there, but her quiet unsettled mood still lingered. The kitchen was like any other kitchen but messier than most. It was Ray's private area and no one else was to touch it or clean it in the butler's case.

"Now baby listen up!" Ray called, as she lifted her head to reveal a small smile. "I'm gonna make you the best meal you've ever had and you're gonna eat it. Then we'll go outside to the hot tub and talk. No interruptions. Just peace and quiet while we figure out what to do about Kai. Okay?"

She nodded but the mention of her brother's name had reminded her again of what he may be up to. Probably lying in a pool of blood on his face starving, dieing for thirst and wondering when she was coming back. Her eyes glistened with tears as Ray shooed her out and she sat at the table. As soon as he'd gone she found she couldn't hold it back any longer. She just simply sobbed into her arms wanting to just scream out loud how much she hated what they were doing to Kai. Alex wanted them all dead.

Meanwhile, Kai lay on his back in the floor staring at the ceiling as shadows danced upon the walls. The guards had left mouldy bread and a drink of what looked like pond water at his cell's entrance, but he was too weak to even move let alone eat whatever it was even if he'd wanted to. He wanted to sleep but couldn't so he just lay there twitching and shaking every so often and groaning from the pain of life.

Alex and Ray finished eating at around nine thirty that night and once the dishes were cleared away went to get into their bathing suits. They each had different rooms filled with their possessions because if they were grouped together then there'd be no where to sleep. When Alex had reached her room, she lightly closed the door and sat down on some boxes with her face in her hands when suddenly, the phone rang. Jumping to her feet she picked it up.

"Hello?" she murmured.

"Alex Hiwatari?" they asked.

"Yes this is she. May I ask who's speaking please?"

"This is the Russian Jail calling regarding your brother. Due to a recent request by the victim Tala's parents' on a hanging date for Hiwatari, he will be hung tomorrow at exactly 7:30pm so unfortunately your visitation with him is cancelled. Do you wish to witness because it will be an open event?" he asked, as Alex nearly dropped the phone.

She had been feeling inside the drawer before her for some time now when she felt a metal object caress her fingertips. Looking in she lifted up her beyblade Dagger and brought it to her eyes as a thought passed through her mind. She had an idea.

"No I couldn't. I can't watch you hang him thank you." she replied, hanging up the phone.

There was no way that they would hang Kai while she was around so getting on her bathing suit and grabbing her cell phone, she headed out to the hot tub to meet Ray.

He was already out there and had wine for them and everything. He just simply smiled trying to look sexy as Alex stepped in and sat beside him leaning against his broad left shoulder his soft tan skin rubbing against her face. For a few minutes she absorbed the moment of her fiance's arms around her when she remembered her idea. Sitting up she looked into his soft brown eyes and smiled explaining her plan and then she called for reinforcements.

"Hello?" the person on the other line answered.

"Hey Ty! What's up?"

"Alex? Hey how ya doing? Long time no talky eh?"

"Yeah but there's a big reason I need to talk to you. You see a few years ago Kai went to jail for killing Tala and now he's going to be hung tomorrow night but I have an idea to get him out of it. You willing to help me?"

"Kai's in jail? Yeah sure I'll help you. Go on and tell me your plan Hiwatari."

So she told him and once she was finished he said that he would meet her at home for 6:00pm and he would bring everything needed.

"And make sure to call Max and tell him to come too. Okay?"

"Gotcha! See ya tomorrow."

She hung up quickly after saying goodbye and enjoyed the remainder of her time in the tub. Kai would be seeing the outside world for the first time in years tomorrow and the Bladebreakers would be at his side. His torment was finally over.

Ray and Alex were up early the next day prepping their weapons for battle and waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive. After a full day of training, Tyson and Max came and the four of them headed out to the jail together hooded and cloaked with their hidden weapons clasped to their belts. The two of them hadn't known that Ray had gotten so well off and Alex could have sworn that their jaws touched the ground upon their entry. Tyson too was engaged and Max had a girlfriend but they still lived with their families and were in either university or college. If you can believe it Tyson was learning to be a math teacher and Max a scientist like his mom. Overall they were doing equally well.

Nobody laughed and nobody talked for the entire way until the grey stoned jail came into view. Alex gulped as Ray seemed to drive only faster and Max stuck his head out the window.

"Is that it?" he asked, as a snow flake hit him in the eye.

"Yup. That's it. Now when we get in there we have to act quickly. As soon as they drop him we work. Got it?" she explained, turning to look at Max and Tyson.

"We got it. I can't wait to actually use my beyblade again though." Tyson chuckled softly.

"Ray, you do the talking. Do you remember what to say?" Alex asked, grasping his hand.

He nodded as if going over his lines again in his head. He was to talk because "A" he had the best memory and "B" they'd never heard his voice before so they'd be able to get in, do their job and get out in a hurry without any suspicion. Within seconds of the conversation, they reached the gates of the jail as two guards came to Ray's window.

"You here for the hanging?" one asked.

Ray simply nodded as they let the foursome in and they parked. It had been snowing ever since they'd left but it had suddenly stopped as if realizing the occasion. The four got from the car and softly closing each door in turn, they walked through the iron doors and inside. Alex led the way through the halls to Kai's cell since out of boredom, she'd memorized the exact path. Upon their arrival at his cell they found that he was still there as if they'd forgotten about him. It seemed that he had heard their footsteps since once reached he had his torn face pressed against the metal bars and his hands clasped around two of them.

"Kai!" Alex shouted, running to him and grasping his hands. "You're cold."

"Hey buddy how ya doing?" Ray asked, taking his left hand as Tyson and Max did the same.

"Kai you okay?" Max and Tyson questioned.

He nodded looking into each pair of eyes in turn as if he'd never seen another human being before.

"I am now." he replied, but his voice was faint and far away and shaking. He was frightened. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Here to rescue you of course." Alex whispered, as she heard more footsteps approaching. "Kai we have to go before they recognize us. Don't be scared. We're right here and we won't let them kill you."

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