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Oh, the guys aren't mine. Neither is the title. I believe it's a poem and also a movie.

Title: The Watcher

Author: Hearts Desire

Wow ..

He's beautiful ..

He doesn't know it .. but he is ..

A the moment, his long curly black hair is loose around his shoulders, held back from his face by a single red bandana. It's folded perfectly into a thin line, tied in the front.


Those dark brown eyes of his are looking from person to person. He looks at them carefully, eyes not wandering long enough to cause discomfort, but just long enough to study them and get his point across.

He moves his hands animatedly every once in a while when he talks. He's got these long slender fingers. It feels like there is electricity in them every time he touches me.

His mouth ... definately a favourite. A thin upper lip with a full bottom one. Soft pink.

His voice is another thing all together. It's completely lust-worthy. It's dark and deep with a light accent. I can't hear it at the moment, but I know it exactly. I know how he says each word, each letter, each syllable.

Benifit of being a best friend number one: I can study him all I want without suspicion.

He's so incredibly sexy.

This man has made me hard more times than anyone I know. I can hardly even lay with him anymore. He presses close to my chest. Sometimes he tangles his legs with mine ... damn .. he's getting me there already.

Thank god for restricting pants and long loose shirts

Suddenly, I notice he's looking at me. I can tell he asked me a question cause his left eyebrow is raised lightly. He's smiling too, which tells me he asked it a while ago and he's highly amused that I was spacing.

"What?" I finally ask.

"I said we had a great time, right Kev?" he repeats.

I can hear the laughter in his voice.

"We did." I choke out.

He laughs and and turns back in his seat to rest against my chest. Oh, shit, here we go again ..