I'm revising all my stories so I'll be deleting the old versions of my Yu-Gi-Oh! one-shots and posting the revised versions in this collection.

Duel Deck

Card 01: Kitty Love And Kitty Heartbreak

(Parenthesis) represent the point of view of the cats, which humans cannot understand.

(For the last 45 minutes my master has been standing on the exact same spot. His sister is talking about a rock with strange drawings on it. The rock is behind glass. Maybe that's actually her scratching post and she's upset because she can't get to it. I think my master is starting to fall asleep; listening to his sister always makes him sleepy, she must be very good at lullabies.)

(I remember when my mother sang to me at an animal city in Egypt but then master's sister took me away from my mother and siblings. I was scared at first, she said I was a birthday gift and put me in a box. It was so scary; I was just a kitten at the time. Master saved me, he got me out of the box and hugged me, he's so nice! I love my master!)

"Marik, pay attention this is a very important artifact!" Ishizu tried to keep her brother awake during her boring speech about Ancient Egypt. "There are things that every Ishtar must know. Now come, I must show you a few new artifacts that I recovered during my latest trip back to Egypt." Marik wondered why she called them artifacts and not rocks or hieroglyphics or something. Then again, he named his sphinx cat Mr. Fluffy. Ishizu stopped in front of a large door, she unlocked it but before opening it she turned around and looked at her brother. "The cat waits here."

(No! The evil sibling of my master is trying to separate us again! First she takes me away from my mother, then she puts me in a box, and now she is trying to take my master away from me! No! Master put me on the cold floor of the 'must-eat-you' I think that's what humans call this place. But now I'm not a defenseless kitten anymore, I shall go find master!)

The hairless tan sphinx cat with green eyes, ran after Marik only to be hit by the door as it was being closed by Ishizu. Of course he didn't give up; he tried to find another way to get to his master. However, he ended up going outside of the museum and getting lost in Domino city.

xoxox xox xoxox

In Kaiba Corp. Seto was working as usual when a fangirl came running into his office at the top floor Kaiba Corp. "Hi Bishie-kun! I brought you a present because you're the cutest, sweetest, nicest, yummiest bishie in the universe!" Seto blinked and stared at the odd girl. "Sorry I can't stay for too long, I promised Puzzle Boy I would help him take care of the game shop, anyway here's your gift!" Before Seto could say anything, and definitely before the fact that there was a cat sitting in his deck clawing at his important papers sunk it, the girl had already left.

Seto sat there in silence for a few seconds until the current situation sunk in. "My papers!" He quickly picked up the cat and placed her on the carpet covered floor. It was a very cute female white cat with blue eyes and fur so soft it made you want to pet her. In other words she was too cute to stay mad at. Seto petted the cat on the head and grabbed a blank sheet of paper from his desk. He made a paper ball and gave it to the cat. Soon the cat was happily playing with the paper ball and Seto was typing on his computer.

xoxox xox xoxox

(Where am I? I went too far. I don't think master's here. I better go back but I don't know the way and I can't ask for directions. The cats around here are different, they're all hairy. They're so mean to me! I wish master was here. He would defend me from those mean hairy cats, he says I'm cute. From this day on, all hairy cats will be my enemies! Hey there's a big building. If I go to the top of it I'll see the entire city and I'll be able to tell which way master is, he must be worried.)

xoxox xox xoxox

Meanwhile, at the museum Marik was crying and pointing his finger at Ishizu. "It was your fault he ran away! You where always mean to him!"

"Don't point at me Marik! Don't forget I gave you that cat in the first place. Actually I gave it to you because I couldn't afford anything better and I'm starting to regret being so cheap." Ishizu had a headache by now, from listening to his brother complaining about his beloved missing cat.

"So you admit it? You never loved him!" Marik ran out of the museum to search for Mr. Fluffy, ignoring Ishizu who kept yelling at him to stop.

xoxox xox xoxox

At Kaiba Corp. the employees where going crazy trying to catch a sphinx cat that snuck in. Their boss would not be happy if he saw the cat, and it looked as if the cat wanted to reach the top floor. Of course, since cats don't really know how elevators work he just used the stairs making it a lot harder for the employees to keep up; after all, they came to work to sit in front of computers, not to run after rampaging cats.

xoxox xox xoxox

Seto had been working for three hours in his office and needed a break. For once, he actually admitted he needed to rest, but only to himself, to the point that he waited for his new cat to fall asleep in a corner of his office before he went to get his snack. Where there are humans, there are vending machines.

By the time Seto returned, he saw three of his soon to be ex-employees in his office. "You, you and you! You're all fired!" Without giving them a chance to explain, Seto made them get out of his office and closed the door. It was a company rule that if the unauthorized foot came in contact the inferior side, commonly known as floor, of the inside of the boss's working area, usually referred to as his office, the owner of said foot would immediately became unemployed. To put it in simple terms, as Seto would say: "Set foot in my office without permission and you're fired!"

What Seto didn't know was that those employees, who where now being dragged outside by security, were only trying to get rid of the sphinx cat that managed to get in. Seto dropped his half finished bag of Cheetos on his desk and was about to resume his typing when he noticed that his fingers where orange and decided to finish his Cheetos before washing his hands, because otherwise his fingers would just become orange again.

Maybe the cat was hungry, he looked at her and saw that she was still sleeping but there was another cat there, a strange cat whose green eyes where looking right at his cat. "Hey you, who ever you are! Stop staring at Blue Eyes White Dragon... I mean Blue Eyes White Cat like that! Yes, you, are you listening to me?"

(I've never seen such a beautiful cat in my life. I take back what I said about all hairy cats being my enemies. I like her even if she's not of my kind. Maybe I should go say hello-ow! What's this? It's a small orange object. It smells like cheese and it hit me on the head! Ow! Another cheese smelling small orange object hit me on the head! It's that human, he's the one throwing those small orange objects that smell like cheese at me, he's so mean! Hey! He's going to get that cute cat. Oh, no he picked her up, I have to save her! Wait a minute... She seems to be happy that the human picked her up. Maybe that's her master.)

Seto placed his cat on the desk, picked up the green eyed, tan sphinx cat and exited his office. He pointed at a random employee and yelled, "you're fired!" Security immediately dragged the recently fired man outside. He then pointed at a secretary who was typing on a computer at the other side of the room. "You!"

The secretary jumped in surprise and accidentally swallowed her bubblegum, almost choking in the process. "Am I fired too?" Before Seto could answer she started crying.

"Actually I wasn't going to fire you, I was just going to ask you to take this sad excuse for a cat outside, but since I don't like crybabies when you take the cat outside you can stay there because you're fired!" Seto dropped the cat in her desk and walked away.

Time and again Mr. Fluffy managed to get to the top floor of Kaiba Corp. with at least half the total employees chasing him, but none fast enough to catch him. He had temporarily forgotten his master and thought only of his lady. However, when he got to the door behind which his beautiful cat lady awaited, it was always closed and he could not open it without the help of a human.

Of course no human except his master ever helped him, so he had no choice but to keep running, make the humans follow him, lead them away, and run back with hopes of finding door open next time. Those hopes would be crushed by the cruel realty, the door was closed and that was not all, his lady's master hated him, as did every human he met except his master.

Finally at lunch time, the employees where so tired of chasing Mr. Fluffy and so behind in their work for the same reason, that they went back to their respective desks and worked on their respective computers. Seto left to have lunch with Mokuba in his mansion, due to return in an hour. As Seto walked outside with his new cat in his arms, his mood improved when he saw all the employees working. Maybe lunch wasn't a must for them; he had to seriously consider eliminating the lunch hour.

As Seto got on his limousine, Mr. Fluffy, who had gone outside, noticed he had a chance to try to talk to his lady again. But before he could, someone very familiar picked him up.

(Master! My master found me! But my lady... I didn't get to talk to her.)

Marik and Seto did not notice each other's presence. Before the limousine's door closed, Blue Eyes White Cat threw the paper ball she had been playing with earlier at Mr. Fluffy. He caught it and thought he saw her smile before the limousine drove away. This was goodbye, for they could never be together. She was destined to live in a mansion, eating caviar, hearing from everyone who saw her how cute she is, and always being loved by all who ever laid eyes on her kitty cuteness.

Sadly, he was destined to live in a must-eat-you, I mean a museum, eating regular cat food, hearing he's ugly from the neighborhood cats, hearing he's annoying from his master's sister and hearing he's cute only from his master, being truly loved only by his master. But that was all Mr. Fluffy needed, Marik, his lucky paper ball, and the memory of his first kitty love and kitty heartbreak.

End of Card 01

Disclaimer, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Additional disclaimers and notes that apply to Cards 01 and 02 are included at the end of Card 02.

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