Chapter 1:The Party

Ryou paced around his room wondering where his dark had went.His yami had left a while before and hadn't come back for a while now.Ryou was getting very worried,speaking to himself softly"Where is he..where could he be".Then suddenly he heard a door slam open and footsteps come into his room"It's pouring like hell out there."Bakura sighed in relief and hugged his yami close"I was so worried."His yami scanned his eyes then hugged him back"It's gonna be okay..I'm here now."Ryou sighed in relief and let go of his yami and smiled at him.Ryou thought a moment before speaking again,"Hey why dont we throw a sleep-over party and play cool games and stuff?".Bakura raised a brow,then his lips curved into a smile"Sounds like fun,we can invite everyone and play spin the bottle",he grinned evily.Ryou blushed faintly at the thought of kissing his yami,then nodded in agreement.He quickly picked up and dialed Yugi and Yami's number,waiting for them to respond.Yami rushed to the phone and picked it up,"Hello?"."Hi's Ryou,I was wondering if you can come to my sleep-over party tonight,its gonna be a blast!""Hang on I'll ask Yugi.."he put his hand on the phone"Yugi wanna go to Ryou's sleep-over?"

"Of course!",he said with enthusiasm.

"Yes we can",he replied curtly.

"Great see you tonight then!",hangs up the phone.

"So? is he coming?""Yup!""Great!".He hugged his light softly and picked up the phone"My turn!"he dialed the number and waited."

Joey ran and picked up the phone"Hello,Joey speaking"

"Hey Joey will you come to our sleep over?"

"Will there be food",his eyes shone.

"Of course!"he grinned.

"Then I'm there!",he smiled.

He hung up"Joey's coming for sure",he laughed softly."Well duh if theres food involved!".They called everyone else and everyone agreed to come to their party."This is gonna be the best party ever!",Ryou jumped for joy.A couple of hours of decorating and the part was ready.Soon after the door bell rang and Ryou rushed to the door to be greeted by his friends,as he hugged them all."Thanks for coming,please come in and go into the back to swim in the pool".They all rushed to the backyard and Joey ran and dived into the pool,getting everyone else wet."HEY JOEY!"Yugi screamed,as he got splashed.Bakura growled,he got splashed too"If you do that again I will hurt you mutt!".Ryou turned and looked at Bakura stunned at what he said"Bakura..please calm yourself..",he wrapped a towel around his yami's shoulders to dry him off.Bakura glared at Joey,then turned and hugged his light"I hate him..".Ryou stroked the back of his head and hugged him back"It will all be okay""I hope your right..",he replied bitterly.

A few hours passed and it got dark so everyone dried up and went inside to play a game."So Bakura..what do you have planned for us to play?"Yugi asked curiously.Bakura grinned"Spin the bottle of course!".Everyones eyes widdened and stared at Bakura.He smiled gingerly"Since it was Ryou's idea for this party he gets to start",he grinned.And so it began...

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