To kiss or not to kiss that is the question

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Chapter 6:The Big Day

Ryou and Yugi raced around the house,putting up decorations everywhere in the house.When they were done they looked around"We did a job well done didn't we Yugi?"Yugi nodded in agreement"Yes we did..where's Bakura?"They went in the backyard,to find Bakura sitting on a lawn chair,catching some rays.Ryou poked Bakura and grinned.Bakura took off his sunglasses and looked up at the two"What do you want?"Ryou smiled sweetly"We're done."Bakura grunted"Thats nice,now get me something to drink."Ryou frowned"Get it yourself lazy ass"he glared at the younger light"Did you just call me lazy ass?"Ryou grinned again"Yes I did."Bakura growled and shoved Ryou into the pool

Ryou came up out of the water and spit some out"Your gonna pay!"he got up and out and tossed Bakura into the pool.Bakura came up and growled"Why you little..."Ryou grinned more"Payback's a bitch ain't it?"Bakura spit water in Ryou's face.Ryou frowned again and pulled Bakura out of the pool.Bakura shook the water out of his hair and kissed Ryou's forehead"Be good,you."Ryou smiled and hugged Bakura"I will."At that Bakura went into the house.

Later on in the day,one by one Ryou's friends came over to his house for the party...Joey,Seto,Mai and many others.Ryou greeted his friends with a smile and a handshake.Everyone went outside,with their swimsuits,into the pool and played around in the water. Joey splashed Tea and ran,hiding behind Yami.Tea sighed and got out of the pool,going into the house.

Ryou later came out in a blue speedo accompanied by Bakura with a speedo on aswell.Joey grinned at the too and whistled"You two are smokin'!"Ryou blushed and burried his face in Bakura's chest.Bakura blushed too and stroked Ryou's hair reasuringly.Ryou looked up at Bakura and smiled,kissing his lips.Bakura kissed him,grinned and pushed him into the pool.Ryou yelped and fell into the pool.Bakura grinned more and pulled Ryou out"Refreshed?"Ryou growled and pushed Bakura in.Bakura grabbed Ryou's arm and pulled him in with him.Ryou giggled and hugged Bakura.Everyone else laughed and clapped at the two.Ryou blinked and looked at Bakura in confusion.He looked down at his light and smiled,hugging him close.

Later on when everyone was out of the pool they went into the living room for snacks and tv.Ryou chatted with his friends while Bakura sat back and watched tv on the recliner.Yami watched Bakura intently while he was watching tv.Bakura looked at Yami and raised a brow"What are you staring at?"Yami blushed and looked away"N-nothing."Bakura sighed"Right..."When they were done it was time to par-tay!!