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Chapter 1: Nightmares

            I had another nightmare last night. They seem to be happening more frequently now. Before this latest incident I almost never had them. Now I wake up screaming every night. Sure it's nice when Mina comes running in asking what's wrong, but even she can get annoying after awhile. Especially when she starts scolding me like a child. Luckily it's usually pretty easy to make her think I'm all right. I think she's starting to get suspicious though. I think she knows why they happen. Of course, I guess the reason isn't that strange. Most people tend to have a couple of issues after being burned to a crisp. I think the others know as well.

            I guess it's not really normal to them when I, Rodney Skinner, gentleman thief and joker extraordinaire suddenly starts waking up at two in the morning in a blind panic. Of course, this is the Nautilus and we are the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (plus woman). Everyone should really be used to unnatural things by now. But nobody else seems to act any differently around me; well except for Tom, but he's the kind of guy who couldn't keep a thought or feeling to himself to save his life. Not that I'm complaining or anything! Anyway, I suppose this means that Mina hasn't said anything. Bless her heart for that.

            The nightmares are always the same. It is always one of two things. It's either about the fire, oh god that hurt, or about the fact that I'll never be visible again. Last night just happened to be the fire one. Ever since we beat "M" and saved the world a week ago I've been having it. I know that I wasn't thinking when I ran through the fire trying to save Sawyer, but at least he's safe now. Everyone's been treating me like I'm some sort of bloody hero. Well I'm not! Why can't they see that? I mean, I love Sawyer like a brother, but I'm, not even sure if I'd had saved him had I'd been thinking properly and knew the consequences. I swear every time the pain starts kicking in, I start regretting saving the American. The he stops by and tells me that he's sorry and that I have to get better because it's boring around the ship without me.

            Occasionally he'll stay with me for hours on end, even though I sometimes wish he wouldn't. Mostly because of the guilt that washes over me after thinking that I may not have saved him if given a second chance. How could I have thought that? Of course I would, after all, he's the only member of the League that can stand me. But I also hate him staying so log 'cause it's getting bloody hard to keep my feelings in check.

            Yesterday I finally broke down. Sawyer had come to visit me yet again and he was sitting by my bed, holding my hand, and rambling about some prank or another. How did he know where I was you ask? Well you see, Mina and Jekyll put their heads together and came up with this…formula; I suppose you could call it. The stuff tastes awful, but they force it down my throat anyway. Turns out it makes me slightly visible, enough that they can see the burns at least.   

Anyway Tom kept telling me of all the plots he was scheming to terrorize the crewmembers once I was up and around again. I remember Mina was standing in the background, smiling softly and rolling her eyes at us. I could just imagine her growling at us after one of our pranks. Right as Sawyer was about to leave it happened. The pain was so bad, I started to cry. I guess the painkillers they've been shoving down my throat had finally worn off. Now I knew why they were making me take them.

"Skinner? Skinner, are you all right? What's the matter? Oh god, are you crying?" I shook my head "no" but considering he could see the tearstains streaking my face, it didn't really do much to convince him I wasn't. I was definitely cursing the minor visibility formula by then. Not trusting myself to speak, I had remained silent. Obviously that wasn't the best solution however. I remember seeing Tom yell over his shoulder at Mina, and seeing her head shoot up and her hair bounce so beautifully as she hurried to the bed. Then everything swam out of view and my world went black.


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