Ruin by the lady Arianrod

Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto. I do not.

a/n: this is a completely (well, somewhat) random little thing based on Naruto's rejection from the village.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~`~~~~

See how he runs, confused and afraid of the voices. They don't love him and he knows this well, but repetition never did do him any good. He stumbles away from the town and into the wild, scrambling like the animal that he is.

Stay away from us! We don't want you, you filthy... demon...

**There is no longer any question as to why the call you that. They don't see you get up in the morning and whisper to the empty room, that ever- judgmental silence that lies just outside of ourselves...**

What would they care? What would they want with him, a little disgusting good-for-nothing? He was just wasting space, expending their precious air, defiling their precious earth......

What does he care? They are nothing to him as he is nothing to them. And yet...

Why does he reach out to some of them? What is it in their smiling splendor that calls him back?

He knows that it is not worth it, not even for a second.

It's all over.

It was over before it began, he assures himself. He failed, disappointed them, ruined the world.

It was always his fault.

But... no one will tell him that. Not one person will approach him with scorn anymore.

He is starting to miss their scowls and slander, their disdain and contempt.

**Why don't they yell at me anymore?**

Perhaps the answer lies out here amidst the ageless trees and unreachable sky. Maybe nature itself can guide those too lost in the expendable world of humans.

But what has the grass to offer? What wisdom can the owl give beyond its forlorn call?

He falls further into confusion, stumbling again, disrupting the tender grass and trailing chaos.

Again he follows the tradition of destruction, always ruinous, as he crushes newborn flowers underfoot.



End notes: That was very, very random and not very cohesive. Oh, well. Comment anyway ^-^