The Ultra Crystals

By Megazord Master

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Eltare – Zordon's War with Rita.

With a mighty clang, the hammer came down on the anvil once more. The figure looked at his work and used a pair of tongs to drop the metal into a pool of cold water. Outside him he heard the sounds of battle, the fire of lasers, explosions, and people screaming. He heard a commander screaming out orders before screaming out in pain. He fished the metal items out of the pool by hand and carried them out of his workshop to where his mentor was waiting.

"Are they ready?"

"Yes, sir. They need to be infused with energy and then they will work."

"I hope so, Ninjor. We need the extra firepower if we are going to survive in this war."

Ninjor bowed his head, looking at Zordon. Brown eyes met an opaque visor, Zordon looking away at last a shudder running through his body. It was because of him that his best friend Ninjor was confined to wear restrictive armour for the rest of his life. Granted, the armour did have a pretty cool battle mode – but Zordon wished that he wasn't in the armour at all. The darkening of the sky alerted their attentions to outside.

"This is it. Ninjor, infuse the coins."

With a crackle of arcane energy, the Ninja Master energised the coins, where they fell into Zordon's palm. He looked at them carefully. Six colours, six animals of Eltarean Mythology. Black Mastodon, Yellow Sabre-Toothed Tiger, Blue Triceratops, Pink Pterodactyl, Green Dragon and Red Tyrannosaurus. Suddenly, the sage looked up again, his steady gaze meeting Ninjor's. his voice was low, but calm.

"What of the…other project? Have you completed it?"

"Yes, Zordon. I have, but before they could be tied to Eltare, Goldar attacked the lab. I was forced to send them into space."

The mentor looked grim. His hand automatically went to the sheath on his belt, where he drew out a small white sabre with a tiger's head on top. He looked at the sword sorrowfully. He knew who this weapon was and what it held inside.

The soul of his father.

His father had always told him that he saw great things in his destiny, great victories and also crushing defeats. He had fought side-by-side with the sage during the early years, where the battles had been fierce, bloody and brutal. His father had challenged the commander of the assault force, a fledgling witch by the name of Rita Repulsa. They had fought tooth and nail against each other, even switching to using magic, until they fought to a stalemate. But Rita always had a trick up her sleeve. Calling on the Supreme force of Darkness, she had unleashed a torrent of magic at Zordon's father, destroying his physical body and encasing his soul and spirit into a nearby crude scimitar. Then, she had razed the grounds with millions of putties, together with her fearsome monsters and henchmen – the apelike Goldar and the scorpion woman Scorpina, until they had broken off the attack, mercifully – choosing to let their victims bathe in their defeat.

Except one.

When the battle was over, the Zordon had run amongst the dead, calling out his fathers name. he had sensed his presence, but could not find where he lay. He fell to his knees and cried openly, until he saw the transformed scimitar. He had plucked the weapon up off the ground, staring into its feline features carefully. Then, the eyes had opened and the wonderfully lustrous sound of his father's voice had erupted from the toothed maw. Ever since that day, Zordon had worn the sword into battle – granting him glorious victory every time. Now, he stared at the sword once again, before placing it in a wooden box, which he then held out to his friend. Ninjor looked at him quizzically.

"My friend, it is time that the Prophecy came true. I, the mighty Zordon – son of Dorzon, must challenge the vile sorceress Rita Repulsa to a duel. I might not come out of this unscathed, so I wish to give you my sword until I am able to use it again."

Ninjor nodded gravely, as the full effect of Zordon's words sank into him. He placed an armoured hand on the sage's shoulder, causing him to look at the ninja warrior.

"Do not worry about me. You have your own battle to face, your own demons to conquer. I will await your call in the future."

With those words, Zordon smiled. Then, summoning up his willpower, he streaked off in the direction of his arch-enemy. Watching him go, the noble Ninja master felt a sense of grief overcome him, then forced himself to walk down the steps to the battle.


The twelve crystals continued to drift in space for a very long time. Shifts in their structure allowed the lead crystal to separate from the other twelve, while pieces of the crystals broke off, forming flat discs that dissolved into the lead crystal. They were completely cloaked from any radar, working on their own power to fly through the empty air.

After seemingly decades of flight, they came across a planet similar to the one they left behind. They entered the atmosphere flawlessly, with not even any orange fires to mark their entry. After a while, they moved towards their chosen home.

And where the first Champion was waiting.