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If it's not one thing, it's another

Chapter One



He saw an arrow coming towards him but could do nothing to avoid it. He was already fighting three orcs.

The blonde elf held back a cry of pain when the arrow pierced his left leg. He finished off two of the orcs that he had been fighting; then he went after the last one when his vision blurred and dizziness overwhelmed him. He fell to his knees. The elf tried to get up, knowing that if he didn't he would die by the last orc. Instead of getting up the rest of his body gave out and he fell all the way to the ground. The elf expected the blow to come; then he heard his companion give a battle cry while killing the orc that was about to strike the elf.

"Legolas?" The ranger asked the elf, concerned. "Open your eyes."

Legolas wearily opened his eyes after an internal struggle.

Aragorn was relieved to see that his friend was conscious but was also worried when he saw the agony the elf's eyes held.

"Hold on, this will hurt. I'm going to pull out the arrow." He broke off the tip of the arrow since it had gone all the way through. After that he pulled the arrow out. Legolas couldn't hold back his cry of pain and screamed.

"I'm sorry, mellon nin."

"Tis alright. You had to do it." Legolas said through pain. The elf went quiet. "We have to move. More orcs approach."

When he stood up another wave of dizziness came over him and he closed his eyes.

Aragorn was concerned for his friend and thought that he should check Legolas' wound out but he trusted Legolas' elven abilities and sensed the elf's urgency in the need to leave.

Finally the blonde elf opened his eyes. He picked up his bow, that had fallen when he had and then he walked on. The ranger went to support Legolas seeing as he was swaying but the stubborn elf wouldn't let him.

"Let me help you." He looked into Legolas' eyes and saw that his friend's pride wouldn't allow Aragorn help him but beyond the pride he could see pain. "If you let me help you we'll get out of here sooner."

Aragorn went to help him again and got no protests. This worried him, normally Legolas would have argued further before giving in.

They both had various cuts and bruises covering their bodies, some more major than others. Aragorn had a gash on one of his arms that prevented him from doing much with it since it didn't have any feeling. He hoped that they would get away from the orcs before they could attack. They were at a major disadvantage, not only did he have the use of only one arm but by the looks of it Legolas wouldn't be able to help him, he would have to protect him too. He really needed to bandage Legolas' injuries, especially the one from the arrow. He also highly suspected poison to be in one or more of the elf's wounds. It wasn't uncommon for the orcs to use poison. How else would the elf go down so quickly after the arrow? Sure it had been a hard battle but Aragorn would have gone down long before the elf.

Legolas was breathing heavier and the ranger could tell it was getting harder for him to walk.

'We have to get away from the orcs and find shelter, fast.' He thought, desperately looking around for anywhere they could escape their pursuers.

Legolas gasped as his legs buckled from under him and he fell against Aragorn when he sank into unconsciousness.

The ranger almost lost his balance in surprise at the shift of weight. He quickly stopped himself from falling and on instinct he checked for a pulse. He was relieved to find one, it was very erratic.

Their pursuers were gaining on them. Aragorn quickly looked around and found a cave not far from them. 'If I can move fast enough maybe I'll be able to make it without the orcs seeing us. I'll just have to hope they don't search very hard for our tracks.' He thought while picking the elf up, ignoring the pain in his arm. He ran towards the cave.

Aragorn made it to the cave with the orcs still behind them. He carefully layed Legolas on the ground, making sure not to further injure him.

The ranger looked around the cave to check for any dangers. The cave extended farther down with nothing inhabiting it, luckily. 'The only thing that's gone right so far.' He thought dryly.

He went back to Legolas and picked him up once again to bring him farther back into the cave so as not to attract as much attention as it would if he were close to the entrance.

Aragorn made it to the back of the cave when he heard the orcs coming closer. 'Don't look in here.' He thought desperately.

The ranger heard the heavy footsteps stop; then turn back. He wondered what had happened. When he heard no more steps he looked outside making sure that he wouldn't be seen, just incase.

All confusion left when he saw that it was dawn.

He went back to Legolas to check on him. He frowned at what he saw, not only had the elf not regained consciousness, which he usually would have by now, but his breathing was shallow and ragged. He was also sweating.

Aragorn checked for a fever and found that Legolas had one, that disturbed him even more. Elves don't get sick. 'Definitely poison.' Legolas had his eyes closed, which was also a bad sign, for elves slept with their eyes open, unless in pain or exhaustion.

There was very little light in the cave and it was hard to see what he was doing so he decided that he was going to have to get some wood to make a fire.

"Legolas." To his surprise the elf actually opened his eyes. He had a confused look on his face but it was soon replaced when he remembered the orcs. Legolas tried to conceal his pain but the ranger could plainly see it. "I have to get some wood but I'll be right back."

The tired elf just nodded slightly and closed his eyes again.

'He must be really exhausted, not to mention in a lot of pain for he didn't even say anything.' His worry for his friend made him rush to find some wood.

He returned surprisingly fast. The ranger wasted no time in starting the fire and getting the herbs that were needed. He made some tea for his friend that would lessen his pain.

He winced when he tried to use his injuried arm, he had forgotten all about it in his haste to help Legolas.

Unknown to him Legolas had been silently watching him for he couldn't get to sleep because the pain was too great. He saw Aragorn wince when he had tried to use his arm. "You should take care of that."

Aragorn jumped in surprise, almost dropping the tea. "Trust you to worry about me when you're in far more danger and pain than I am." He said when he had regained his wits. "My wound is but a scratch."

The blonde elf didn't believe him but didn't press the matter. He had a splitting headache. He unconsciously tried to bring his hand up to his head but winced when he felt a stabbing pain in his arm and stopped. He realized that he had injured his arm too.

Aragorn frowned but didn't say anything, he would take care of his wounds later. "Drink this. It'll ease your pain." He carefully helped Legolas up so he could drink.

Legolas found that the tea tasted different. Not only did it taste different but it had a different scent too. 'How could I have missed it?' He glarred at Aragorn when he realized the ranger had put something in the tea to make him fall asleep.

Aragorn merely smiled at him. He was concerned on the inside though. The elf could usually tell that he had put something in it before he had even put the drink to his lips.

The archer had fallen asleep soon after he drank the tea. Aragorn inspected Legolas' wounds; he found only one major one, which of course was the one on his leg. The one on his arm wasn't that bad and would quickly heal, especially with the help of elven healing ablilities.

Before he could bandage all of Legolas' injuries he realized that he would have to bandage up his own injury before he did anything more. The arm that was injured was shaking too much and he couldn't do much with it. It had regained feeling though, which was always good.

The ranger quickly put some herbs on the gash and wrapped it; then he got back to work on Legolas.

The wound on Legolas' leg was still bleeding, not as much as before though. He was glad that he had decided to use the sleeping herbs on the elf otherwise he wouldn't be able to do much. Legolas probably wouldn't even let him look at them, saying it wasn't that bad and that it didn't hurt.

"Stubborn elf." He muttered.

He felt bad for Legolas though, what he was about to do would cause a lot of pain, even if the elf was asleep.

Aragorn took out his knife and cut at the arrow wound a little, he had to in order to get some more blood flow. It had to come out more so he could get the poison out.

The unconscious archer moaned and tried to get away from Aragorn but he held him still and whispered some elvish words to Legolas. It seemed to work a little, the elf calmed down a bit but still moaned and moved his head around a little.

After a while Aragorn put pressure on the injury to stop the bleeding. This caused even more movents from Legolas. Aragorn wasn't sure if all the poison was out but couldn't afford to let him bleed anymore, it could kill him.

It slowed enough for Aragorn to bandage it. He put some herbs on it and then bound it.

When he was done with Legolas he looked himself over. He had a lot more injuries than Legolas but they were less severe. Well, the only severe one the elf had was his leg but that was a different matter. He checked his arm for poison, as well as other injuries, and was relieved to find none.

He cursed his lack of being prepared. He didn't have much herbs with him nor bandages, they would have to return home quickly. They would surely run out of supplies soon. Also, they didn't have much food. This was supposed to be a simple hunting trip. 'When is it ever a simple hunting trip?' He questioned himself. Wherever they went, no matter how long, they always seemed to get into trouble. 'If it's not one thing, it's another.' He thought with a sigh. 'Looks like we'll have to endure another lecture from ada when we return.' He dreaded the thought but knew that they had to get back quickly because even if he did get all the poison from Legolas' wound they both would still need treatment.

Aragorn heard the elf beside him stir. He moved closer and asked Legolas, "How are you feeling?"

"Better." Legolas answered. Pain could be heard in his voice but he couldn't help it, especially since it was Aragorn he was talking to. Aragorn had known him too long to enable him to hid the pain. The tea bad dulled the pain though so he wasn't necessarily lying.

"I'm sorry to do this, but we should take advantage of the sun and move." Aragorn said with regret. He didn't want to cause Legolas more pain but didn't know what to do to get rid of it. Besides they needed to start heading back.

Legolas nodded his head and winced as the movement caused his headache to increase.

The ranger noticed his wince but once again said nothing. He helped the elven archer to his feet.

Legolas swayed when he got up and closed his eyes. It took longer than the other times but open his eyes he did.

"I'm fine." He said when he saw Aragorn's worried face. "Let's go."


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